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Reader Polls Feedback for:  August 15, 2013 through August 24, 2013
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For unknown public reasons, the Las Vegas monorail system does not connect the Las Vegas Strip area to the Airport. If the Monorail would travel from the airport to the Las Vegas Strip area would you use the system?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!  (See other readers’ opinions below.)

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the exact words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I would prefer to use a monorail rather than the very expensive taxi system in las vegas.  Donna J.  Denver CO

The monorail would need to stop at every strip hotel. otherwise, you would be lugging bags or taking taxi from one stop point to your destination. If indeed every strip hotel was a stop, the time to most destinations would be too long. Nope, I will taxi or limo to get direct to Paris or Ceasars.  Mike Berryman  mayville, wi

I would absolutely use it from the airport to the strip.  Especially if the $5.00 one way price was still in effect.  Gary Keller  El Reno , OK

This is a no brainer. There should be more public transit options everwhere in Vegas. Moving people to and from the strip and its hotels would be good for business and easier on the tourists.  Ron Shoemaker  Morrisville, PA

yes  Tony Franchi  Ottawa ON Canada

If less expensive than shuttles, we would use the shuttle from airport and return and downtown and return and would not spend less money on the strip. We do not trust the taxi system at all.  Jerry Bennett  Chillicothe, OH

I might consider it if it went to the airport. We always rent a car to get around when we come to town because it is more convenient than taking public transit. If the monorail also went to Freemont St. it might be a better option, depending on the price. Still it does not go to the off strip properties that we stay at like the Orleans.  Chris Koch  Ashland, OH

There is no way I would haul my luggage on the monorail from the airport when you realize the fact that once you arrive at your destination you still could be half a mile from check in. Considering the cost of a cab may be $20-$25 , the cost would be the same as the monorail when ftraveling with a family...if you were going to the MGM, you would need to travel quite a ways to check in. The cab drops you much closer to your endpoint with less muss and fuss...a no brainer.  robert scott  pomfret,md

I would certainly use the Monorail to go to the airport, it would save the long waits for shuttle buses which take longer than promised most times.  Daryl Wright  Halifax, N.S. Canada

Does a bear S*** in the woods? This might be the answer to long hauling once and for all. Oh, I forget they are the ones lobbying against the monorail from the airport. Maybe we would have more of a chance by having Scotty beam us to the strip.  Howard   Indianapolis, IN

Yes. Of course I would use the monorail system from the airport, as I am positive that a lot of others would as well. It is by far the most inexpensive way to get around on the strip, especially if you are staying several days and you purchase a multiple day unlimited ride pass. I am sure that part of the reason it does not go to the airport (or downtown for that matter) is the taxi cab companies would lose revenue if the monorail went to these places and they have probably had their say in it.  Gene  Thornton, Colorado

yes I would use it.  ron houskeeper  layton ut

I come to Las Vegas about two times a year. I always drive, so the airport would be out for me. Las Dec. when we were in Vegas, we road the monorail just for the fun of it. It would be nice if the monorail would go down town. We would use the momorail a lot then  Steve  Sedalia Mo.

If the monorail traveled from the airport to various locations on the strip and increased its route drop offs and pick ups I would use it every time I traveled to Las Vegas as well as would most of my friends and family. As of now it is of very little use to tourists.  Elizabeth LaZella  Gold Bar, WA

Of course Anything that would make the trip to the airport less expensive ,faster and user friendly would be a plus for a lot of users.  Stephen Samac  Brooklyn,Oh

As you have mentioned "for unknown public reasons", which leads me to believe they don't want it to! I ask you then, "What's new"? Yes, people would ride it....I would ride it. But I believe it was meant to be a money pit! That's just what it is!  Ben Stewart   Las

I would certainly use the Monorail if it connected to the Strip. A connection to Downtown Las Vegas would be great too.  Stephe Fegley   Missoula Montana

Yes! I could avoid the Shuffle/Drag of the Airport Cab line. (Shuffle feet/Drag luggage - Repeat for 1-2 hours until get a cab)   Kurt Rickhoff   O'Fallon, IL




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