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Reader Polls Feedback for: April 5, through April 14, 2008

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

For anyone not visiting Las Vegas in the past year it seems like each week another mobile advertising truck cruises the famous Las Vegas Strip displaying provocative pictures of females. The purpose of these advertisements is to attract people to adult clubs and dancers to your hotel rooms. These mobile adult advertisements have caught the eyes of some who are now trying to get the city fathers to outlaw these near naked images from the Las Vegas Strip. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . should provocative advertisements of female images on moving truck advertisements, about 30 ft long and 8 ft tall, be allowed to cruise up and down the Las Vegas Strip advertising adult clubs and more?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I feel people should be allowed to advertise their business, but a little taste is a good rule of thumb.  Since kids are walking up and down the Strip I think these trucks should only be allowed late at night.   Renae    SC

 I think that these trucks should be banned, but not for the reason you give. They are a traffic hazard and clog up the streets! As far as content, I do not mind the posters as, after all, it is Las Vegas. If tourists are offended, they should vacation someone else. Winnie Kubin  St Louis, Michigan

I am not offended or distracted by the mobile billboards. I consider the advertisements an addition to the Vegas ambiance. The biggest nuisance to the strip are the sidewalk vendors slapping those cards into my face! Get rid of them!  Nick Ogle  Knoxville, TN

There are lots of other ways to advertise. Running trucks up and down the streets are not helping with the environment, plus its pretty tacky. If I wanted to go to these places ,I would not have a problem finding them. Mexicans handing out escort cards is a problem. Last time I was there, a couple of them followed me for 30 minutes, after I refused a card. Had to find policeman. Vegas is a great place. Hate to see it get messed up by all this. Roger Bourgoyne  Walker, La

I do not think these advertisements should be allowed to cruise the Strip. While these are 'supposed' to entice adults to pursue certain activities that may seem legitimate, they are forcing people, especially underage and Very impressionable people, to be exposed to matter that their guardians might prefer they not view. I would present an analogy that this type of advertising should adhere to the standards that apply to movie advertisements and previews for 'all' or 'general' audiences.  pat mountain  knoxville, tn

Since LV tries to attrack families with children, advertising on trucks along the strip should be regulated for content. Adult advertising is already provided through the handouts on the street. People who want to use these services are well aware of how and where to find them. If you want families with young children to visit LV and its child-friendly resorts, the smut needs to be eradicated at the blatant advertising level. Children already have more than they should see on TV.  jean enright  royalston, ma

The trucks cruising up and down the strip are a better option than trying to run the gauntlet of smut peddlers handing out their crap on the street all along the strip.  Chuck Merica  Omaha, NE

I was on the strip last week and one of the trucks passed by. I don't remember what was on it nor did I care. The people on the street are handing out cards which are more provocative than the adds on the trucks. Years ago this was only done after dark now it is a 24 hour event.  What was more offensive is the cab drivers have a heavy hand on their car horns. Honking at and for everything. Now the taxis are speeding off at the lights and beeping at the pedestrians in the crosswalks.  Mike Z  New York, New York

They should not be allowed.  Sandra Golec  Highland, Indiana

no leave then alone. instead ban the people who are all over pestering people about time share sales, they are the real thorn in everyone side.  carl m. popovich  butte, mt

I don't think they should ban those advertisements until they ban people from handing out brochures with even more provocative material printed on them! To me those are far more offensive and in your face than anything I have ever seen on any mobile billboard in vegas!  Tammy Turnbill  Tipp City

At 30 feet long and 8 foot high they not only take up alot of room on the strip but it impeads your view as your driving. Something smaller like vans would be fine with the thoughts I have. And they are hey its vegas. Scantilly clad woman abound. On the street, on bill boards and in every casino.eye candy is everywhere.every magazine cover has beautiful woman on the cover or inside. Whereever you turn there are honies. But those big, long, high trucks are a bit to much over the top. Ralph  Hamden, CT

Las Vegas is supposed to be an Adult! vacation and I think it would be okay if it is only allowed to drive up and down the strip Only, the adult clubs have a right to advertise, not really sure about the advertisement for women to come to your room but the clubs are okay with me.  Janet Baumann  Bolingbrook, IL

I don't like them. They are worse than the big signs on the back of the taxis with the 5-6 women's butts in thongs. I know that Vegas is trying to get away from the family-oriented vacation, but a lot of families still visit. I know I have to go every year with my daughter for a dance competition. In the past 8 years or so it seems like Vegas is getting sleazier and sleazier. I think you can attract adults without the sleaze. The majority of us aren't into that kind of "adult" entertainment.  Susan Ruzzamenti  Moreno Valley, CA

this is vegas if you don't like it don't come here. this is fun for older group.  i love vegas.  jim miller  worcester ma

Yes because while most of the women featured are not terribly attractive and unlikely to get them business, the trucks interfer substantially with traffic flow.  Stan Johnston  Mentor, Ohio

It's Vegas baby, why not? Prudes stay home! These signs just add a bit more colour to Vegas. Once they start this banning thing, it will never stop. I am a 61 year old female and it doesn't offend me and if it did I would stay away from Vegas.  Vegas Queen  Toronto  Canada

The trucks really do not bother me but I can see where if you have children it can be really repulsive so they should tone it down on the taxi's is enough. It kind of makes it look like hooker trucks.  Barbara Knick  Normal/Illinois

If this is taking the place of the people standing on the sidewalks snapping cards and trying to hand them to you then I am all for it. (This was my experience two years ago) I would rather see a rolling advertisement of flashy bodies go down the street than to have someone blocking the sidewalk forcing you to take a card. And seeing all the trash on the sidewalk of people taking the card and then throwing it down. My opinion - you can look or turn your head at the rolling advertisement.  judy  asheville, nc

No, No, No, leaflets are bad enough but at least you can look the other way. Looking the other way with vehicles might not be wise.  S Hampshire  UK

I have heard that Las Vegas is striving to become a family destination. If this is true then allowing these provocative advertisements are not at all appropriate. Perhaps they should only be allowed after 8pm or 9pm when most families with children will be back at their hotel for the night.  Gail  Harrison, NY

This is Sin City. The traveling billboards do not expose any more skin then do the women (tourists and locals alike) who walk the Strip having a good time. Please, if the powers that be can't get the the advertising boxes and the people that hand out the sex cards off the street, what chance to they have of keeping sexy and barely tasteful billboards from cruising the Strip area? I think there are a lot more important things to devote precious time and resources to.   Dan Aldridge  Las Vegas NV

yes, it's las vegas if you don't want your kids to see them take your strolers and go to disney world. vegas is for adults,  al  brookfield , wi

It's Vegas! the adult playground. Vegas has been trying to get away from the family-resort image of several years ago, and this sort of advertising should not be unexpected. (Let's also keep in mind what's available in the other counties.)  Michael Wallace  Taylorsville, UT



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