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Reader Polls Feedback for: April 5, through April 14, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


National language is headed for Las Vegas casinos? Yes, it was only a matter of time until this discussion arose and now we want your opinion . . . Should Las Vegas casinos also have signs, slot machines, table games, etc., throughout the casino in multiple languages in addition to English signs? If you do think we need multiple languages in a casino, which languages do you suggest? What is your opinion?  Why or Why not? 

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

Wow, what is next, using all types of currency on the craps tables?  Enough is enough, politically correct or whatever, if a person cannot read English then dont gamble.  William D. NY

No way, stay like it is , we have enough changes in this town.  Caroline T.  Las Vegas.

I believe it would be helpful to have signage and slot machines in several languages. Some of the newer machines are difficult to understand and this will allow people of all origins to enjoy these games. The most common languages and the ones that should be included are spanish, russian, chinese and japanese. I feel that this will make the most sense in an international destination.  Nir Lorant  San Luis Obispo/CA

*  NO!  They should all be in english.  After all - this is America. Let them all learn Our way of speaking.  Mary  Franklin, IN

In order to keep competitive Las Vegas Casinos are almost going to have to begin, at a minimum, having signs in both English and Spanish. Hispanics are growing in population and this cannot be ignored. At this time, I do not believe that other languages would necessarily be required. However, I do understand that the tourists in Vegas are wide in scope and not just Hispanic or English speaking.  Lisa Trudell  Omaha, NE

We feel that this is still america and all signs should be in english if we go to a different country we take the time to learn enough of the language to get by.  lonnie knick

*  No, you are in America.   Florence Burchell  Elk Mound, Wi.

O god please no no no no!  not in my beloved casino, the last place where i can get away from political correctness, this is America and Las Vegas should keep the standard it always has , please lets not let this happen to one of the few places Americans can go to escape the burdens of an ever changing world based on correctness , its not correct Its always worked before. Like a wonderful saying goes, " If its not broke, don't try and fix it" Nuff said!   Darren Fine  Fort Collins, CO

*  I dont think multiple languages are a big deal. The world has become a much smaller place. As well, the more accommodating to visitors who speak a foreign language the more likely they are to return or recommend the hotel to friends, family, etc. I think hotels and casinos do need to be carful about making english speaking customers feel like the minority when the visit as well. As a whole, multi language casinos, are a good idea.  Richard  Louisville/Ky

English. I don't mind signage being multi-language, but all spoken word needs to be english.  After all this is still america.  Cyndi  Ohio

No...This is America. Our language is English. Why do we have to make so many changes for other cultures? If you want to live in America, learn our language.  Debbie  Michigan

 No. The signs would be for the international toursit. I beleive that most international tourist, have a least a "basic" English. ie: bathroom, eat, exit, etc. I think a greater development and us of international symbols would suffice, similar to the symbols on restroom doors to indicate gender.  Pat Lynch  Corrales, NM

*  Obviously Las Vegas is increasingly becoming an international destination. i would think it would make sense to let our foreign guests know on the front of the machine, in brief that there are help menus in their language in the machine. I'd think spanish, french, german, japanese, and vietnamese would cover most of the folks visiting in the western USA. That way the casino and surface of the machines don't get too loaded up. Also help guides could be available at slot club booths.  Mark D. Rathz  Oxnard, California

*  I can agree with multiple languages on products for sale in retail stores, however, I think lets just keep english the primary language other that in retail stores. The USA is a nation composed of citizens who's ancestors moved here from all around the world and we made English our language of choice because we are a proud multicultural nation. Lets keep english the main event in casinos in Las Vegas!  Larry Strehl  Tampa, FL

Not only No!, but H&@% No!   When we travel to foriegn countries, it is up to us to try to learn some of the language so we can try to communicate. Why should we keep bending over backwords to appease foreign visitors. Do you see street and highway signs in different languages?  It is pretty sad when you walk into a place of business, and you feel like a foreigner in your own country.  Chuck Merica  Omaha, NE

no, I don't think Vegas needs anything but english. This is America. Do other countries learn english for us? Nothing makes me any madder than to place a phone call and told push a certain number for english or this number for spanish... Again my answer is No.  carlene trivett  bluff city, tn

 Even though our National Congress is to chicken to make English the United State official language, many States have done so. I don't know about Nevada, but Las Vegas should be English only. Why do we Americans even consider to continue to bow down to those [minorities] that refuse to learn to speak English. This is and English speaking country, Period.  Robert Bliss  Kansas City, KS

*  if this action improves the bottom line then it will happen. The high end casinos will probably have japanese, chinese, spanish. the locals, spanish.  bill wright  indianapolis, in



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