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Reader Polls Feedback for: April 25, through May 4, 2009

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


The 100+ degree temperature days will soon be upon us here in Las Vegas and that means the opening of many pool parties and adult swimming / sun bathing spots. We were requested this week by one of the major casinos to ask our IVLV Readers the following . . . When selecting a Las Vegas hotel, how important is it in determining what hotel to stay by whether or not the hotel offers adult swimming pool areas catering to either topless and/or total nude sun bathing?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I personally have no use for topless or any other type adult pool area.  With my aging body, I really dont think it is something I want to share with strangers.  Ann. B.  St Louis MO.

I am going to Vegas to gamble and shop, so the pools (topless or not) don't mean anything to me.  Cynthia Zullo  Ottawa, Ontario Canada

No - Topless/Nude Sun Bathing is irrelevant. However easy access to the regular pool area from the hotel is at the top of my list. Sam's Town requires a hike thru the casino to a tiny pool area. Rio is a hike thru the casino from the Masquerade Tower. Hotel/Casinos need to make the access to the pools easier. We do not want to parade thru casinos in our bathing suits. However wouldn't it be cool to watch the nude and topless sunbathers parade thru the casinos to the pool area!  Rose Marie Mezzapeso   Poland, OH

Yes. Nude sun bathing will work.  norm monson  bremerton wa

I could care less either way. I don't vacation in LV to lay by the pool. The casinos, restaurants and shows interest me much more than "getting a tan"... or, more likely, watching someone else get a tan, LOL!  J Hewitt  Sun City, AZ

I do prefer a pool area that has no children at play, so if the casino has a adult only pool area that is where I go. I am not going to go topless, that would not be a pretty site. But a kid free pool area with a cocktail bar and a few card tables is part of going to Las Vegas
heaven. Thanks for asking.  Judith Ketchum  Willoughby

You've got to be kidding! First we hear Las Vegas is trying to make it a family friendly town and now this...No, I don't worry about a hotel having a pool, as they seem to be geared for the younger generation who usually don't gamble as much as we older visitors. In other words, the casinos wouldn't see too much money coming in from these people. It's a choice that must be made by the casinos themselves.  Pat   Paul, MN

Topless is an option that would be nice. More important to us is that it's a quiet adult only pool area without kid's, toys, splashing, or music. We enjoy reading and cocktails.  Hunter Murray   Anchorage, AK

Personally as a married, 40 something year old female, I couldn't think of anything worse! My topless bathing days are definitely behind me (you know, what they say is true - gravity does take over at some point no matter how hard you try to fight it!!) However, IF I did win enough on the slots this visit to be able to afford the multitude of enhancements needed to make me want to go topless bathing, my opinion might change - but that's a very big if!!   Deb Battle  Reynella  Australia

I am visiting Vegas for the first time in June. While I am very interested in seeing the sites Vegas has to offer, both man-made and geological, I am not at all interested in seeing nude strangers. Also, if I were bringing my family along, I would need to know which pools catered to nudes, as I would definitely avoid those hotels all together. Hotels would benefit by keeping their establishments inviting to all the public, not just those who wish to lie around nude.  Carlene Bucchi  Burkburnett, TX

Not Interested! Adult swimming pools are not needed at the hotels. If anyone is interested in partaking of such an action, put the pools in the adult clubs where all the other adult festivities are! Leave the hotel pools to families.  Virna C. Simpson   Eatontown NJ

When visiting Las Vegas in the summer which we do Every year for the past 14 years the pool scene becomes very important. We stay at Harrahs every year but travel down the block to the Flamingo to take advantage of the fabulous pool area. The main pool is fun and beautiful. the European pool is private and quiet and the pool parties are great. We
are not teens ie 60ish but still love the fabulous pool scene in Las Vegas.  John Del Bene  Hammonton, NJ

I live in town. To all who come and can wear it well... less is more.   Kenneth Flickstein  Las Vegas, NV

While not speaking for myself intirely, I would have to say that topless/nude sun bathing pools would play a major factor in determining where one stays. I'ts vegas, where people can do things they wouldn't normaly do at home like being nude and not worrying if they will be seen by there fellow friends or neighbors. Secondley You do have some people
that want to see or be seen at those areas for the risque taboo factor. Lastley if the staff were nude/topless too, you got a hot destination.  Chad Wright   hinsdale, N.H.

P/U at airport in limo.Drive to Hover Dam for lunch.Back to Ceasars to suite. Dinner and coctails there. Spa there in morning, then limo to visit 1 hr in each hotel on strip.Dinner on top Eiffel tower after dark. Next day cabana in pool at Ceasars during day. Afternoon in sportsbook with 500.00 betting cash. Evening at nite club there. Yes! i have done this and it was wonderful.  Shelly Haynes  Chaska MN

No, I don't need to worry about whether or not there is topless or nude bathing at a resort that I visit. At least that's what my wife tells me. What we do want is an adults only area. If someone wants to get topless than Ok. Just as long as my wife doesn't notice.  Bill
Sheneman  Red Hill, PA

Whether or not a hotel offers topless or nude sun bathing is not important to me one way or the other. I prefer to stay at hotels that offer a variety of adult environments and entertainment. If that includes topless or nude sun bathing, then great, I have one more option to consider when playing in Las Vegas.  Sheila Rushworth   San Marcos, CA

If I new of a hotel that not only offired ,but did have topless or nude sun bathing . I would pick that hotel to stay at.I see nothing wrong with this, as long as everyone knows this is going on.  Steve  Sedalia,Mo

Yes, we look for clothing optional choices. We prefer this option especially somewhere like Vegas. Herb McCaulla  Omaha, Ne

Topless bathing should not be the main reason for choosing a hotel to be a guest at. I would rather opt for type of room choices, cost, gambling choices, comp rewards, restaurants, available entertainment, travel convience, walking distances to other casinos, housekeeping, cocktail service on the floor, customer service and atmosphere in general.
All of which I would choose over adult pools.  Chuck Middagh  Tucson, Arizona



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