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Reader Polls Feedback for: April 15, through April 24, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


For many years it has been the Las Vegas custom to not have clocks visible to the casino floor patrons. This week during a conversation with several high-ranking casino executives they wanted to know what our readers thought of this tradition. So, this week our Readers Poll asks . . . Would you like to see clocks placed on the casino floor so you can monitor what time it is or do you think this would be a distraction to your Vegas experience?   What is your opinion?  Why or Why not?

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

Now that you mention it, I have never seen a clock in a Vegas casino.  Guess it doesnt matter to me if this is the first time I ever considered it.  Robert Youngston  NY

I would like to see more clocks, it gives me a good feeling to know what time it is.  Babe D.  FL

Clocks and keeping track of time in Vegas dont seem to be very important once you get there and start in living the 24hour life.  Donna Tolliver  TX

I have been coming to Vegas for over 30 years and feel that putting clocks in the casinos would be a great distraction. Keep the casino floors "clock free!"  Pat Berzanski  Budd Lake, NJ

Las Vegas has lost some of it's past lore and traditions. Change is good and no one will argue that the "new" Las Vegas is dynamic and on the rise. With that new growth comes the loss of old properties and traditions. Let's keep the clocks out of the casinos. Everyone should have a watch or a cell phone that can give them the time when they need it! Time flies in Vegas...we don't want a constant reminder of it slipping away!  David Wade  Killbuck

 I like the feeling of not knowing what time it is and I always can look at my watch so I say keep them out it would be too distracting for all.  Lonnie Knick  Normal, IL

*   I need no clock.  I come two times in the year from the cold Germany to Las Vegas and I need only a clock on the day when I am travel home.  Johann  Lichtenfels, Bavarian  Germany

Yes, clocks would help those who have to meet someone for scheduled dinners, shows etc. some don't wear watches and easier than looking in cell phone. Also would help those who may have to take medicines at scheduled times. For my experience we always set a time to meet one another and clocks would be most helpful. It is easy to lose track of time because time flies when you are having fun...and slots are fun!  Bonnie Bowers  Taneytown, Md

*   I think in certain places, clocks would be a welcomed addition on a casino floor. Do them up in true Vegas-style..have a large clock in the center of the casino floor in the shape of a roulette wheel or something. No seriously, I think a clock would serve a great purpose especially around a sportsbook. Game time is Extremely important and knowing the correct time is crucial..especially for people travelling in from 3 time zone away!  Alex Zangotsis  burlington/nc

Clocks would be a great help especially when you are meeting someone for dinner and you didn't realize that your watch was "Broken". Happened to me 2 years ago while on vacation in Vegas. No I don't feel it would be a distraction.   Karen  Pittsburgh, Pa

 If you've got to know the time..... you shouldn't be here.   ken wilder

All these years I've gotten through my gambling without any clocks (other than my watch). As far as I'm concerned leave things the way they are.  Joanne Kammer  Lansdowne, PA

Hi, No clocks! When I'm in Vegas I don't want to know what time it is. If you want to know the time wear a watch.   Gerry North Royalton, OH

No clocks for me! Time slips away fast enough while I am there, I don't need a constant reminder of the hours whizzing by.  Centaurus7  OK

you don't need clocks in casino's if you are that short on time you don't need to be there. I haven't worn a watch since i retired, I don't care what time it is.  Emma Bates  Colona, Il.

*  I have always thought time was important in my life so yes I think they should have clocks but part of the mystic of Vegas is not knowing whether it was day or night when you are playing BlackJack but then again I always have at least two clocks on me at all times but I think time and clocks are important.  Eddie Kilgore

*  I can't see any reason to have a clock on the casino floor - unless I am flying out or have hot show tickets -- then I can usually take care of it myself.  Thomas Turner  Overland Park / KS

Who needs clocks in the casino's? There is only 1 time to worry about it vegas. Thats what time your flight leave.  Richard Robbins  Kenosha WI

Absolutely not. Vegas is the one place I can forget what time it is, Eat breakfast at midnight or whatever strikes my fancy. Leave the clocks out.  Kent Girard  St Clair Shores Mich

*  I like the no clocks tradition. It would be distracting. It also would probably make you go in earlier since you see how late is is getting. Almost everyone has a cell phone or a watch they can look at if they really want to know the time.  Karen Griffin  Lockport/IL

To me, the clocks would be neither a help nor a hindrance. I wear a watch and I use it only when I have a time to meet others in my party at a particular place. With cellular telephones on everyone's hips, clocks are not needed. Keep the casinos the way they are.  Thank you.  Doug Brobst  Virginia Beach, VA

*   The distraction would be if you could find a clock or a window in a casino. It is not to the house's benefit. If you need a time reference, wear a wrist watch or use your cell phone as a pocket watch, since you can't make calls on the floor. A nice time zone or world clock at reception might be an asset to get your personal timepiece on local time. Beyond that, time should be a personal resource not a casino benefit. To be spent, like your gambling stake, wisely.  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

Time Is On My Side ( Rolling Stones) I do not need a clock to tell me that I'm having a good time in Las Vegas! I wouldn't mind seeing a few clocks that blend in with that casino's particular theme, so that it becomes part of the furnishings/decor S.T.   Steven Tillinger  Cleveland, OH

 I think there should be clocks visible to the casino patrons.  Teresa Archibeque  Albuquerque, New Mexico

*  If I want to know what time it is while I am in Las Vegas, I can look at my watch. Part of the fun of being There is I am Not at my desk waiting for 5:30 to roll around so I can go home and park my butt in front of the TV. Part of the mystique of Las Vegas is its uniqueness, and part of its uniqueness is No Clocks. When I am hungry, there is a place to eat, and when I am thirsty there is a place to drink. Let's keep our time on our wrists, shall we?  Ron Larin  Yakima, Wa

It makes no sense nowadays as most people have cell phones. I think making clocks and bathrooms obvious and accessible add to sense of customer service.  j rousso  seattle, wa

*  A huge definate No. Clock watching is surely a distraction. It takes away the spirt of anticipation of winning a jackpot or just the enjoyment of being away for pleasure and entertainment. Already mentioned are cell phones (which I don't think should be allowed in gambling areas) and the ordinary watch. Not hard to look at your wrist. Appointments, medication applications, dinners, shows etc. should be previously figured into your schedule of events.   Chuck Middagh  Tucson, Arizona



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