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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for April 15, through April 24, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

The new Wynn Casino is scheduled to open in less than two weeks.  Rumor has it a ticket to the grand opening will cost $1,500 per person.  This week's Reader Poll asks . . .  Would you attend the Grand Opening and pay the $1,500?  WHY or WHY Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I would not pay $1500 to visit any casino, grand opening or not.  James T.  NY.

I believe Mr. Wynn has been reading to many of his press clippings, charging people to come to his casino and gamble is really a far out thought.  Not with my money.  Jeanette Towers

*  They must be sick 1500.00 dollars that is way to much money.  I will keep my money and go to Stardust.  G.J. Smith

No way would I even consider paying that amount to come to a grand opening. but I'm not one of the filthy rich. they can and will attend to hob knob with the celeb's who want to be seen in public and probably are invited for free , just to mingle . being a average guy who comes to Vegas 3 times a year to try my luck and chill out that $1500 is over half of what I bring with me. I can't imagine even thinking about going. but more than likely since Vegas is a money town with several high rollers (some who will be comped to go) I'm sure the grand opening will be just that. GRAND. but in May when I come to town, I'll go see it for free. (well not for free, as I'll probably dabble a bit in the casino)  Watcherboy

* No way would I pay just to go into a casino -- no matter how new and how great.  What's Steve Wynn trying to do?  Joanne K

* To answer Absolutely not! Why...well lets start out that the will be making money from me anyway! Any grand opening should be an event, granted you may not want to just start letting anyone in. If that is the case the opening should be by invitation. There are two way I would pay for a grand opening. First if the proceeds would go to a worth while charity, second if I was grand opening something.  Terry B.

* No, because I can go there for free after the grand opening and it wont be as crowded.  Art Aleman  El Paso, TX

I don't think I would pay the $1500 because I'm still in school and tuition is getting more expensive by the semester, so I would rather pay the $1500 towards school stuff, since I'm almost done.  Raquel Fimbres  Las Cruces, NM

Yes I would. And it would be worth every dime. Las Vegas is always changing and wonderful. Each new casino should be celebrated. As should the 50 years Riviera has been in town. I'd also pay to be part of that event. Celebrate it's Las Vegas and it's all good.  Respectfully submitted, Judi Ketchum


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