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Testimonials From Affiliates Regarding IVLV Affiliate Program

Once I signed up for your affiliate program I had no idea it was going to be this easy to make money every month.  I followed your instructions, sent you a few emails which you answered immediately and I was on my way to making money.  Then a few months ago I added the Vacation Presentation program to list of items I offer on my web site and that makes me great money also.  Best of all, I have never been to Vegas and make money every month.  Thank you for this perfect opportunity to make money.  Randall S.

At first I was reluctant to sign up for your affiliate program, I am glad I took the no risk chance.  You were right, it costs me nothing and all I have done is make money every month.  Thanks.  J. Ramos

Today I received my second affiliate check from your company, thank you.   It is actually larger than I expected and then I checked online with your affiliate administration and you were right.  Thanks for being an honest company to work with.  Victoria H.

* It is a pleasure working with a professional company like Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas.  I have been an affiliate for a couple years and it seems you are constantly giving us new ways to generate more money each money.  R Teller

* It is like Christmas once a month, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work from home and make a few extra dollars each month.  My family and I have put the extra money to great use and it has been a blessing that your company offers us little guys a chance to share in the Internet wealth.  Gloria B

* This is the fourth Affiliate program I have signed up for in the past three years.  This is the only program that I make money at.  Thanks for giving me a small income without any work.  Tanya J

* Today I received my monthly check from Insider Viewpoint.  Thank you for being a company that does exactly what they say.  I have received six checks from you in the past six months and they are always for the right amount and on time.  It is a pleasure working with your company. Mike Conners

* My last commission check you actually sent me more than I thought I had sold.  I went to your online accounting area for Affiliates and you were right.  Thanks for being an honest company.   Morris C. 

* Thanks.  I am finally comfortable working with a company on the Internet.  I have joined dozens of Affiliate programs and yours makes me the most money.    Wayne P. 

* I placed the link and banners on my web site late Friday afternoon.  When I got back to work on Monday, I had made two sales already.  Your information said all it takes is to direct people to your web site and they will buy and you were right.  THANKS  Donald G.

* I am sending this email to give you a report of my experiences with your company.  First, I placed the images on my web site and I had the link incorrect.  Your tech people were kind enough to help me.  Second I did not have the images/links in a prominent location and my sales suffered.  Third, I decided to follow your instructions and placed the link correctly, what a difference.  This affiliate program generates more money for me than all my other affiliate programs that I belong to combined.  It is a pleasure working with Insider Viewpoint.  Abe C.

* Just a quick note to tell you that I am very pleased with your company and how I am making sales.   Lance T.

* What outstanding commissions, thanks.  I never understood fully the difference between your Affiliate program and the other Vegas programs.  I made more in the first month than I did with some of these companies all year.  Harold S.  

* I received my third commission check from your company today.  It arrived on time as you promised, it was for the right amount and I am sure it will clear my bank, just like the first two.  I have worked with other Las Vegas affiliate programs and to date almost all have either been late in sending my check or the check did not clear the bank on the first try.  It is great to work with an honest company.  Sharon W.

* This has to be the easiest affiliate program I have ever seen.  I made more sales in the first 56 days than I did all last year with other affiliate programs.  I think you have a real winner.  Frank R.

* It is a pleasure doing business with a reputable company that you have on the Internet.  Helen Y.  

 * Finally a company on the Internet that delivers what they say.  I have gone through 40+ affiliate programs and each one has a major flaw, EXCEPT yours.  Stella V.

Insider Viewpoint has made it possible for me to have a new car.  I take your check each month and pay it towards my new car.  At this rate it will be paid off much sooner than even I anticipated.  Jose R.

* Making money with your company could not be any easier.  I placed the links on my page and got a sale the first day.  I decided to write my experience with your company on my web site and it brings in even more sales.  THANKS  Marshall P.

* A friend of mine introduced me to your company.  What a blessing that was.  Now I am making money and he is also receiving a commission on my sales.  You have made the best affiliate program on the Internet.  Congratulations!!!  Beverly I. 

* Allow me to thank you and tell you of my experience with your company.  The first month (really it was only the last five days of the month) I was with your affiliate program I made one sale of one show ticket.  My commission was under your $30 minimum check so I did not receive a check the following month.  Honestly I forgot about the link on my web site and another month went by and I never even checked my sales.  Then I opened todays mail and your had sent me a commissions check for all my sales, $213.  Your company did exactly as stated and I thank you for being a respectable company that treats their affiliates honestly.  I am your biggest supported now.  Roger A.

* The Insider Viewpoint Affiliate Program is the first affiliate program I have ever joined, my cousin told me about it.  I followed the instructions and every month I received a check for my sales.  This went on for about 8 months and then I decided to join several other affiliate programs.  Wow was I surprised.  Most of them I never made a penny with and the few that I did make sales I either never got my check or it was late or in some cases it did not clear the bank.  Now I realized what a great service you offer to the buyers and the affiliates.  My sincerely appreciation to a quality operation.  Candice F.  

*  I hardly ever write someone and tell them thanks for doing a good job, but your company is outstanding and every one should know about the superb service you offer.  Everything you posted on your web site came true and your check arrived on time for the correct amount. It is a pleasure doing business with a professional.   Amar


If you have additional Testimonials from your sales, please email them to Insider Viewpoint and we will rotate the Testimonials from time to time. Send an email. 


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