IVLV Membership Discount Card Testimonials

Following testimonials are from Members who used their Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas Discount Membership Card and the results they received.  These are satisfied Members sharing their great experiences of their Discount Membership with others.  Thanks for using our IVLV Discount Membership Card and please email us your results.
Richard Reed - CEO

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I'm leaving for Vegas on the 14th and will be there for to weeks. I love your discounts and will be using them. This membership is a true value. Keep up the good work and thank you again
Tom Potter

I live in Vegas and I thought the discount card was only for tourists, was I wrong.  I saved daily on food, household items, dry cleaning a ton of over needs.  I am so happy my wife bought the card for my birthday, it is going to save us thousands of dollars this year.  Thanks.  M/M Toliver

"I saved $266 above the cost of the discount card on my first two days in Las Vegas and was treated like a VIP." Abe C.

Being treated like a VIP and given discounts was more than I could ever hope for, you Las Vegas discount card made a believer out of me.  My wife and I travel to Vegas once a year.  She wanted to buy the card last year but I told her since we were going to be in Vegas only a few days why spend the money.  This year she bought the card without asking me and when we arrived in Vegas we started saving every place we went.  At the end of our three days we saved $389.  Great product, thanks.  Michael & Deborah K.  

My wife and I just returned from our annual Vegas trip.  Your discount card saved us $437 over the four days.  It was easy to use and it was great being treated like a VIP.  M/M Robert Cohen

I wanted to thank you for such a great product and service.  I was skeptical when I ordered my first discount card last year, but I kept accurate records on every dollar saved me and I am very happy to report that in three trips to Vegas, I saved $713.50.  Enclosed is my check for my renewal, thanks again for helping us visitors enjoy Las Vegas.  Pete & Joyce W. 

I have never sent a thank you note for anything I have ever bought, well today I have changed my rules and please accept this letter as a true testimonial to what a great product you offer.  I could not believe how easy it was to use the card and receive discounts.  Thanks again for making the best Las Vegas trip I have had in the past 23 years.  Wayne P. 

Best money I ever spent, lived in Vegas 25 years. John T.

Our limited income and your discount card gave us a Las Vegas experience that we could have never accomplished on our own.  Mr & Mrs Oliver

Simply saying Thank You is not enough for such a wonderful trip you gave us to Las Vegas.  Our annual trip to Vegas is great, but using your Discount Card saved me enough money that I can now make two trips per year.  I sincerely want to thank you and hope you continue the great service you give all the Vegas people.  Arnold Wilcox 

I was given one of your Vegas discount cards for my birthday.  I go to Vegas once or twice a year, so I thought this was not going to be a very good item for me.  What a mistake it was to think it was not going to be an asset.  I went to Vegas twice and I saved $234 on the first trip and $338 on the second trip.  I will never go to Las Vegas without your discount membership card, thanks for saving me and my family a bundle.  M / M Clark,  CA 

I attended the Tributes to Frank, Sam, Dean & Joey on our recent trip (2/22 - 2/26/04)  to Las Vegas with the free tickets I won on Insider Las Vegas.  This saved me approximately $100.00 and the show was really great.  I was also able to use my card at Terrible for breakfast, Ellis Island for a dinner and Ben & Jerry's at NYNY for ice cream. Jeanette Wilson

What a great product, I saved more money than I could have ever expected.  Thanks!  Jean  France

I was given a discount card by my friend for my birthday. . .  we went to Vegas the next week and got discounts on food, shows and even a tour to the Grand Canyon.  What a birthday to remember, and best of all I saved a lot of money.  Wayne T.  NY

Best money I have ever spent.  At the end of the first day in Las Vegas I had saved the cost of the one year membership card and put an extra $20 in my pocket.  That was just the beginning.  THANKS!   Lance H.  CA 

It was my first time in Las Vegas and I would have been lost with your discount card.  The card saved me more than $165 over the purchase price by the end of the second day.  Thanks for making such a great product, keep up the good work and I cannot wait to get back to Vegas.  Estelle E.  TX

I hoped your Vegas discount card would be good, but I never dreamed how much money I could save.  It sure made our vacation memorable and less expensive than any Vegas trip before.  Helen D.   AZ

My wife bought your card and at first I must admit did not think it was a good investment.  After the first day, she saved us more than $78.  I told her that I was going to write this letter and tell other husbands how smart my wife is.  At the end of the four days, we ate prime rib dinners every night, and saw a different show each day, plus a dozen other places we used the discount card.  All together we saved more than $250 above the cost of the one year card on our first trip.  WOW, I am sold...  Respectfully, Dave Collins   

Before coming to America my friend told me that I should by your discount card.  Reluctantly I did and I am sure glad my friend told me about your wonder product.  My wife and I saved more money in the five days we were in Las Vegas than the airfare cost to get there.  Thanks for letting a normal couple feel like highrollers and save money at the same time.  MM Fields  London England

Outstanding discount program, my card saved me a bundle the first night.  Thanks for giving us little guys a chance to be a high roller without costing a zillion dollars.  Brad 

I am not a coupon person and therefore thought the idea of a discount was something only persons with very limited budgets used.  I am writing this letter to inform you of my new attitude to discounts and praise your membership discount card.  On a recent trip to Vegas my boss, a very wealthy man, offered to take my wife and I to dinner and a show, his treat. When he paid for dinner and used your discount card I could have fallen on the floor with astonishment.   Later, he did the same thing when he bought the show tickets.  My wife asked him what that card was and he replied, my VIP discount card to Las Vegas.  This is the last person on earth I thought would use a discount.  He told me that discount coupons are embarrassing and to use one card at hundreds of places was smart business.  I ordered my discount card three weeks ago and received it a few days later.  Last week my wife and I returned to Vegas, alone, and saved over $200 on the weekend.  Now I know why my boss is so wealthy, he comes to Vegas every month and takes advantage of your discounts.  Your newest happy customer.  Mr. & Mrs. Haskins  

A group of six of us came to Vegas in September 2002.  We had all been to Vegas before, but one of the couples had your card.  We all laughed at them.... at first..... until we saw the savings.  At the end of the trip, 3 days, they had saved over $200.  Enclosed please find my check for your card, I want one also.  I cannot wait to go back in November and become a VIP.     Daniel & Sara Conner 

I am a businessman and visit Las Vegas twice a year.  My friends told me about your Discount card but I thought it would not work for me because I went to Vegas alone and only twice a year.  Boy was I wrong.  On this last trip I saved $145 over the cost of the card on the first trip.  Your newest friend....  Michael  TX

My wife and I visited Las Vegas for our second time.  This last time we had your Las Vegas discount card with us and saved over $355 in four days.  Thanks!  It is amazing how with a little bit of planning our trip costs a fraction of the first trip without your discount card.  This is such a great idea.    Alan & Jena 

Great card used in Mar 2002 will be using again in Nov 2002. Hope to run in to you at Ellis island .Thanks Ron 

I like to save money on extras so I can have more to gamble with. Also I really liked being able to purchase front row seats to a show when you have them. If I had not been a member I would have not known about the chance. Thanks for all the great deals and giving me more money for the Blackjack tables I love going to the shows and getting a deal to see top name shows!!!!!!!!!! pritchie 

For months I have intended to buy your card and for some reason I just never got around to it.  Two trips ago to Las Vegas I ran into a couple that presented your card at a casino showroom ticket booth and they received two for one tickets without any hassle.  When I returned home I ordered your Membership Card.  On my next trip to Vegas I got all the deals and that was great.  The first weekend I saved more than $107.00.  Your customer forever.  Barry W. 

I tried some of the other so-called discount packages and coupon deals and they are a joke.  They are usually copies of a discount and the hassle to use them is unbelievable.  I have visited Las Vegas more than 25 times and your discount card is without a doubt the BEST!  H. Montgomery 

Best money I have ever spent.  Your card has entitled my wife and I to add two extra trips per year to Vegas.  The savings are great and each time we go you have more discounts.  I sincerely appreciate all the hard work your company has done to make this discount card the best.  W. Sinclair

Today was great.  I got my card in the mail, got my discounts for dinner and a show and sent you an email from my hotel.  Wow, isn't modern technology great.  Thanks for the great savings.  Ben T.  

I have been to Vegas more than 50 times and your Membership Card got me discounts I never dreamed.  I have seen high rollers get discounts and free tickets but not us .05 slot players.  My first three day trip my companion and I saved more than four times the cost of the card.  THANKS!  Carmine T.  

Mr. Reed, your membership card is fantastic.  It is almost to good to be true.  When you said hundreds of discounts you were serious.  I am glad the card is good for a year, it will take me that long to use them all once.  S.  Vargas

Recently I bought online one of your membership discount cards.  That was the best thing I ever got from Las Vegas.  To date, three months later I have saved more than $530.00 above the cost of the card.  H. Weinstein  

Really want to thank you for making this discount card, it really helped me on my first trip to Vegas.  The savings my wife and I accumulated is going to allow us to return again in the summer.  Thanks!  M/M Fred T.

The Insider Viewpoint discount card really works, I saved over $200 the first weekend.  I plan on going back to Vegas about every six weeks because of the savings your company has given me.  My sincere thanks!!!!   G. Coulter 

Outstanding discounts, you have really out done yourself with this product.  Please print my testimonial because I want ever to know how great a time you can have by carrying one of your cards around Las Vegas.  The businesses accepted it, gave us the correct discounts and invited us back.  Outstanding!  Barbara M. 

Received my card in the mail on Wednesday, got to Vegas on Friday. By Saturday night the card had already paid for itself and I have many more trips to Vegas planned over the next year. Outstanding program, thanks Scott B.

I am proud to be a Member in your discount program, the savings I received in the first two days made me a believer. Barbara H.

I have lived in Las Vegas for 26 years, best bargain I have ever seen. This is the only true winner in Las Vegas! Stan G. 

Last weekend I came to Vegas and honestly I was a bit apprehensive about all these discounts. Well I was wrong, I had NO problem using my card and getting all the discounts EVERY DAY. In just food alone, I saved enough to buy the Membership Card and money left over. And I saved on Shows, a tour and even flowers that I sent my mom who was back home watching the kids for us. Thank you.....Barbara L.

Hi. I live in Vegas and on the first day of using my card I went to a show, one dinner and saved more than the cost of the card. Thank you for making this card and I want to thank my employer for buying me the card, it is the best! Connie R. 

Awesome concept, unlimited discounts without the hassle of coupons. I went to eat at the same restaurant two nights in a row, saved more than the card costs.... so easy to use Lee H. 

Wow! I cannot believe that all these discounts cost so little, thanks. My family and I visited Vegas this past weekend, saved on food, shows, even my wife got a discount on clothes. Great program, I recommend it to all people who spend any time in Las Vegas. Jerry K. 

I saved more than $120.00 above the cost of the Membership Card on my first trip to Vegas. With more discounts always being added, this is the BEST bargain in Las Vegas! Stephen S.

My personal discount card saved me a bundle this past weekend in Vegas. So many discounts, it may take me a year to use them all, thanks. Tony P.

On my first three day trip to Las Vegas I have already saved four times the cost of the Membership and I have 50 more weeks of my membership. This is so easy to use and really saved me money, thanks Karen B. 

Congratulation Insider Viewpoint, you have made a winning program. Unlimited daily discounts! My card saved me on the first evening more than it cost for the entire year! My sincere thanks. Ira G.

What a great discount program. I saved on restaurants, shows, and best of all, I bought several pairs of new shoes, all with substantial discounts. Vicky G.

I bought the Membership and never dreamed I could save so much.  THANKS!  Bonnie J.

WOW!  I never had such a great time in Vegas...and best of all, I got deals on everything, especially liked the free show tickets and great food deals.  Keep up the good work.  Harold A.  

I just returned from Las Vegas.  On my four day trip I saved over $300.00 with your membership card.  Could not believe how easy it was to use.  I will be back soon.  Satisfied customer from Illinois.  Wayne S. 

My son gave me a membership and I thought it was a nice jester, but never dreamed how many good deals I could get.  It seems like you have a discount for just about everything.  Sure made this senior citizen happy.  Gloria S. 

Drove from Indiana to Vegas and used you card for a whole week.  Next trip I can fly because of the money I save this trip.  And I get to use the card again and again when I return.  It is like getting free airfare when you total all the savings.  Ben W.

My girls friends and I all bought a membership card.  Our husbands thought we were crazy, UNTIL we got to Vegas and started collecting all the discounts.  Shows, food, tours and a lot more.  THANKS, it was the best trip we ever had to Vegas.  Connie Jean H. 

We all joked, but maybe not far from the truth, with these type of discounts and the quantity, we just might move to Vegas.  Cheaper than we can live hear in California.  Alice T. 

SIMPLY PERFECT... we went to Vegas this past weekend, saved a little more than five times what the card costs.  Be back soon.  Julio O. 



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