Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Affiliate Program?
An Affiliate Program is a partnership with an online Company who compensates you for any sales you send that Company via links on your site or through other forms of media. An Affiliate Program is an easy way to earn money by directing people to the Company web site from your web site or other media form. 
What is a 2-Tier Affiliate Program?
To generate even more income is the 2-Tier Affiliate Programs. A 2-Tier Affiliate Program enables the Affiliate to market to potential clients AND to other potential Affiliates. You can utilize your knowledge of both target audiences to maximize your earning potential.  Each time you introduce another Affiliate (Web site owner or not) to this program, that Affiliate begins to market on your behalf and in so doing increases your chances of success.  Now you can make a direct profit on all your sales and a profit on all the Affiliates that you have sign up.
What does it mean to become an Affiliate?
An Affiliate is a person who sets their own hours, works as often or as little as they want and makes a profit when a person buys a Las Vegas Membership from your web site or other media form.  Also an Affiliate generates profits from other persons they have sign up to become Affiliates.  Whether you have a website, mailing list or if you are an entrepreneur you can become an Affiliate.  All you need to do is put up a link or banner on your web site, or create a media path for a potential customer to reach our Company.  You can use email and email mailing lists with the text copy we provide to enhance your sales.  
How does an Affiliate Program work?
What an Affiliate Program does is direct persons to help you earn additional income. The way this works is simple: when a visitor to your site clicks on the link you have provided, that visitor will go to the Company web site. Once there, if the visitor buys a Membership Discount Card you earn a percentage of the gross sale in the form of commission.  It's a win-win situation.
What will it cost me to join?
$0.00  Yes, this is right, it is free to join and you will not be out a penny.  All we ask is you follow are proven strategies and help share in the profits.
How many hours a week do I need to work on this Affiliate Program?
It is a direct relationship to the number of quality hours you provide to this program to the amount of money you reap.  The more you work and follow the proven techniques, the more you should make each month.
Do I get an training or support?
Yes, we have posted several proven techniques for becoming economically successful to our Affiliates.  Plus we stand ready to help you seven days a week with a full staff standing by to help with any questions or needs.
How do I join this Affiliate Program?
It is simple, close this pop up window, then click on the icon "Become an Affiliate" and then complete a short form.  Remember, it is free to join. 
What percentage of the sale do I get?
Affiliates receive between 33% to 40% of all sales made directly from their efforts, the more volume each month the higher the percentage.  Affiliates make an additional 10% on the direct income generated by any Affiliate they have signed up.
How can I keep track of my sales / income and the Affiliates I sign up?

Once you join (completed a short form), and you have selected a username and password, you then can click on the top of any of the 1300 pages in the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas web site - Affiliates.  This link will take you to a page that you click on the Affiliate icon and then enter your username and password.  Now you are in the Affiliate Member Information Center.  We provide in real-time online statistical records that are easily accessible, thereby allowing you to evaluate and optimize your performance with minimum effort.  At-a-glance guide you can see your earnings from your sales and your Affiliates.

When do Affiliates get paid?
When an online sale is completed, automatically posts the sale information into your Affiliate Account.  Any calendar month you have earned $30.00 or more in commissions will mail your commission check 15 days after the month end.
What if I do not have a web site to place a link or banner?
Simple, just tell us and we will provide a web page for you, FREE.  It will be your own personal Affiliate web page and anyone you send there will be your customer.  This is an introductory page that captures the visitors identity and when they make a purchase you will automatically be credited for the sale.
Do I earn commissions from my own purchases?
Yes. You can earn commissions on any purchases that you make from visiting through your site's Affiliate link or by entering your Affiliate Registration Number in the appropriate "Promotion Code" box if you do not own a web site. 
How do I contact Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas if I have other questions?
There are several ways you can reach our company.
Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas
PO Box 15110 
Las Vegas, NV 89114-5110

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