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FREE Cell Phone Antenna Booster -
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Are you frustrated by dropped cell phone calls caused by the poor reception in your area?

Are you afraid of getting cut off from important phone calls while on the road?

Do you have to try really hard to hear and to understand the words from the other caller simply because of too much static?

We have a solution for you!

Internal Cell Phone Antenna Booster

  • Studies show at least 30%-100% increase in reception
  • Works as an extra length antenna on your cell phone
  • So small it fits just about any cell phone on the market
  • Easy to install, maintenance free

 "Give it a try. . . you will be surprised at the difference it makes!"

This small yet effective device is designed to expand your antenna's ability to "grab" signals even in those areas where signals are weak or interfered. It fits under the cell phone battery so it doesn't change any original cosmetic characteristics of your cell phone. Many of our customers have responded positively with the noticeable improvements of the call quality and range. Many scientific studies have also confirmed the effectiveness of this product, see below.  Go ahead give it a try! 

Retail Price
Comparisons of what Other Companies Are Charging for the Same Product

Cell Phone Vendor
As Seen On TV
Direct Marketing
Local Mall
Mail Catalogs
Online Store
Online Accessory Store
Electronic Store
Please note:  Most prices above do NOT include the standard $3.95-$7.95 Postage & Handling fee.  

User Comments & Research Findings

Thanks, greatest product I have ever used! -- Kathy, CA

Wow, cannot believe how good it works! -- Alice, NV

Great product... I want two more. -- Walt, CA

Never has my cell phone worked so good, thanks! -- David, TX

Bought my first one online from another company, paid retail, it is hard to believe you are giving these away FREE! -- Joel, NY

Was not sure it was going to work, seem them advertised on TV, but when it was FREE, I had to try it, thanks, you made me a believer!  -- Laura, IL

Greatest thing since the cell phone, not sure how you can give these away FREE, but my cell phone has never worked better--  Mark, FL


Based on a recent scientific study, the chart above illustrates the significant difference that the antenna booster has made. In the chart, the cell phone with the antenna booster installed (in purple color) constantly produced better reception quality and stronger signal strength than those without the booster installed (in blue).

According to another study, the researcher stated: "To our surprise, we found that the internal antenna helped most of the phones gain roughly one bar of signal strength."

Therefore, there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that the cell phone antenna booster is effective. This cell phone internal antenna booster will enhance your cell phone reception in places where you get weak signals. The Cell Phone Antenna Booster fits any phone on the market: analog, digital, and tri-band phones. It measures only 1 x inch.

Give it a try, you will hear the improved reception!

Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas
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This site is called Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas, the #1 Informational Guide of Las Vegas. Insider Viewpoint has over 3,500 web pages of Las Vegas information and deals.  Also, they  created a Las Vegas Discount Card which has 100's of Las Vegas Discounts for food, shows, tours, and many other categories. They are located at: and 


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