The following represent just a few of the testimonials IVLV has received regarding the print products we have supplied our clients over the past few years. Please send us your comments regarding our products and service. IVLV would like to hear from our clients.

Richard, I just wanted to let you know that we've received all the cards and they look great!  Thanks for all of your time and effort. Thanks, Gabrielle Mazayer  Business Manager  Dream Home Concepts

  Honestly, I was originally suspicious about the cost for Business Cards that you quoted me but I figured I'd go ahead and order some anyway. My boss and I were both very surprised and happy with the Cards when we got them. They were inexpensive but still were of the highest quality! Thank you very much! We'll be getting all of our printing done through IVLV going forward.  Andrea M.

  When my church group was putting on an event one of our greatest concerns was getting affordable flyers to distribute. But then we found your company and placed our order. Not only were we happy with the price of the flyers but also in how quickly you got them back to us. Thank you for your prompt deliver of our order.  Gayle D.

  The candidate that I was working for was running out of money for his campaign and we desperately needed inexpensive door hangers for a last second push. My friend told me about your company and the price that you quoted me was not only excellent, the turn around time getting them back to us was fantastic. If it hadn't been for IVLV printing, we would never have won the election.  Dean K.

  We have never been able to find a printing company that could handle the size of our orders. Being a club manager, we always need a large order of flyers printed in a short amount of time to publicize our events. In the past we've always had print companies take our order but we have never been able to get them back in a timely fashion. Not only did IVLV get them back in a timely fashion but several days before we were expecting them and at less than half the price I was accustomed to paying.   Linda S.

  Printing my own Business Cards wasn't working for me. The Cards were of such lousy quality and I was almost embarrassed to hand them to my customers. I didn't think I could afford to buy Business Cards until I saw some business cards your company made for a friend of mine, the quality and price for the Business Cards was great.. I thought for sure there would be some kind of catch (like the card would have your logo on it or something
on them) but there was no catch! They were just great quality cards at a great price!   Thomas W.

  My company had a huge "road show" convention schedule coming up and we had no idea how we were going to get our printing done at an affordable price until we saw the prices that you offered. Thank you!  Roger T.