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Contest -- Tell Insider Viewpoint About Your Dream Las Vegas Vacation and Win CASH!
(Contest started August 25, 2004 and ended November 10, 2004)

The following are contest entries, send us your entries today.  Enjoy reading and enjoy entering our contests.
Richard Reed  
CEO / Editor
Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas   

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(Please note the following text contest entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.)

The dream trip I envision is a first-class flight to Vegas, a nice suite, and a trip to the cemetery where my ex-husband lies in his pauper's grave. I would take our daughter with me so she could finally "see" the father that abandoned her as a 4-year old and maybe even spit on his grave (just kidding about that). Elaine Burdette  Nashville TN


I would love to go to Las Vegas because me and my boyfriend have been together for over 10 years now and I have a son from a previous marriage that is now 12. He has been around him for 10 years, since he was 2. We have been talking about getting married for a long time, but have never been able to. We would love to go to Las Vegas to get married. It would be a great trip. We have not had a vacation in over 2 1/2 years. Not even to go somewhere on the weekend for a quick getaway. This would be a dream come true.  Rebecca Brock  Flowery Branch GA


I have never been to Las Vegas. I would love to go there just one time to experience all the things there are to do. All the casinos, all the lights, etc. It has always been a dream of mine to go to Las Vegas so I hope I win, thanks.   Jade Byrne  Anderson IN


I met Dustin Hoffman. and we ate McDonalds.  James Chapa  Westerville OH


My husband gave me the best trip to Las Vegas this August on my birthday. He has been in medical school and we hadn't had a vacation in forever. He told me to pack a bag for a HOT vacation. He told me the day we would leave. We indeed left and drove to Memphis where we got on a plane to St. Louis. I wondered what could be fun about going to St. Louis. We then stood in line for a flight to Washington DC. All I could think was that he would love to spend the weekend at the Smithsonian.....but not me. At the last minute he pulled me out of line and we boarded the plane for Vegas. He treated me to a day in the spa, out to eat at one of Wolfgang's restaurants, and then to a show for my birthday. But the best thing was ....there was no Pepsi at our hotel and he walked three blocks to a Walgreens to satisfy my Pepsi addiction. Now that's love in 100 plus temperatures. My only regret is that we had only a weekend so there was a lot of Las Vegas that we didn't get to see. With my husband now in his last year of residency, hopefully there will be more vacations like this again real soon.  Jodi Sorrels  Tupelo MS


I need this vacation.  Bob Young Hamilton NJ


That vacation would have to start with a big-time fight! It doesn't get any better than a main event at the MGM Grand. After some much needed recovery time I would spend the days doing some endless sightseeing and follow the days with some major attraction shows. There are shows and then there is Las Vegas, almost every show is a must see! Then of course everyone in Vegas has to travel where else can you see Paris, New York, etc. all in one day? Oh, and then there might be a little gambling as well! That would be my Las Vegas Dream Vacation, sounds pretty exciting to me!  Chad Willer  Moville IA


Las Vegas is filled with the best entertainment and attraction venues in the world. My ideal vacation would include touring the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon (one of the greatest architectural designs), attending a boxing championship match at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, watching Celine Dion sing her hit songs at Caesars Palace and Lance Burton perform captivating magic tricks, eating expensive meals and looking at famous memorabilia and buying incredible one of kind merchandise at Planet Hollywood, seeing the Sphinx of Egypt, visiting UNLV (the place where my favorite quarterback of all time, Randall Cunningham attended and had one the greatest college basketball teams of all time, the UNLV Running Rebels in the early 90's),and just walking down the strip. I hope to God I will get that opportunity someday. Joshua Hampton Baton Rouge LA


I could only WISH I could afford to visit Las Vegas, but if given the opportunity, I would gamble like CRAZY, see all the gorgeous lights I only saw on television, take in every show that I could, dine like a princess, and be pampered like A Queen! Ahh the big breath-taking dream...  Heather Clouston  Sault Ste. Marie ON Canada


I have never been to Vegas and a " Dream Vacation" would be to visit Vegas see the shows and have a good night at the slot machines or tables. My wife and I have not been able to afford a vacation since our children started College. We have borrowed a second mortgage twice and still have 2 more students in College. So our dream would be to have a big win and be able to pay off our student loan obligations prior to retirement. Seeing all of the shows would be a bonus. Mike Kelleher  Bellefonte PA


The best Las Vegas vacation would be one where I'm a winner! I wouldn't have to be a huge win, but just enough to have some big fun and great memories, and maybe pay off a few bills after I returned home.  Cheryl Shirokey  Cleveland OH


My Dream vacation is : I would love to take my 93 year old uncle, Bus Chenoweth, back to Vegas. He plays poker in the Oregon casino three or times a week. He can stay up all night while I sleep. I wish I had his energy. He is always telling me that all the "old" people are not quick enough to play their cards in a timely manner. I would love to take him to Las Vegas one last time and treat him to the one thing that he talks about so much. Thank you, Jan Nizic Boring OR


My Wife and I where married in Las Vegas in 1981. We had planed on spending our honeymoon there. But we where called home right after the wedding. My wife's Mother had suffered and stroke. My Mother-in-law lived till 2002, she lived with us till her death. So as you can see we never got a honeymoon or a vacation. I feel my wife could use a vacation, and there is no better place then Las Vegas. Thank You. Robert Sullivan Coquille OR


The Vegas of my dreams is all love and luxury. With a little thought I might be able to pack it into a week. A different luscious lovers suite each night for me and my man: a night at Bellagio, Treasure Island, Paris, The Venetian, Caesar's Palace, The Luxor, and New York, New York -- but not necessarily in that order. We'd arrive at night to see the glow of the strip, hit a party in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues, go back to our first room and stay up all night. Whenever we woke up the next day we'd get star treatment at the best spa in town and then spend like maniacs on a Caesar's Palace shopping spree. Gamble into the night and hit the next room. The next day we'd see "O" and get a backstage tour. Afterwards we'd each get a makeover and put on some of our new duds. That night we'd see "Zumanity" and use it for inspiration in our next suite. We'd go whitewater rafting the next day through the Grand Canyon, and the next we'd go horseback riding and eat dinner at that great steak place where they offer buckets of peanuts and encourage you to throw the shells on the floor. More gambling that night, with significant winnings. A late morning in our jacuzzi tub the next day, then maybe some tourist stuff like Coke world and the Liberace museum. A private evening gondola ride at the Venetian and then who knows, we might actually pick a chapel and tie the knot! Take our love, winnings and memories back to the real world. Carolyn Janis Santa Cruz CA


A dream vacation in Las Vegas would include staying in a premiere suite at one of the fine hotels on the strip. With this stay not having to worry about money, and having a babysitter for the kids. In LV, we would be there to relax and party, attend multiple shows of big named performers, and finally winning a giant jackpot with money given to us by somebody else. Jeremy Haumann Mesa AZ


Been my dream to visit casinos and sights for 30 years since my parents' love for Vegas was so evident. I swear we'll be there just as soon as I get these six children out of the house, right now it's a two-day vacation locally every now and dream lives on.
Marymargaret Worley  Saxonburg PA


Oh my dream would be to stay at the Caesar Palace in the most expensive luxury suite with full amenities no fees on the mini bar...going to see any of the many wonderful live shows...and gambling the night away...  Marilena Diaz Waterbury CT


Break the bank at the casino. James McFarland  Lake Hiawatha NJ


My dream vacation. Well, I would have to say that would be a vacation in Vegas with at least my sister if not my whole family. My oldest sister is a married mother of 3 daughters. She has a 7 year old and a set of twins that are 3 years old. She works so hard to try to be the perfect homemaker, wife and mother. Sometimes it gets the best of her. She has wonderful intentions that sometimes don't work out for one reason or another. She tries so hard to keep her cool but sometimes gets into such a depressed and anxious state from all the pressure of being an at home mom. She revealed her dream to me once of getting to Vegas to see Celine Dion, one of her most favorite performers. Knowing that her and her husband will most likely never have the money to get there, I started checking online for prices to maybe give them an anniversary gift or something of tickets to go to her concert and airfare. Well, I quickly found out that being a single mother with one income, I couldn't afford those prices either. So much for the dream vacation. I wanted so much to give her some relief from everyday duties and to be able to relax. I also wanted to enjoy the trip as well if just her and I ended up going. So in a nutshell, that's my dream vacation. Being able to give my sister the ability to unwind for just a little while by the soothing sounds of Celine Dion and the wonderful surroundings of Las Vegas. Thank you!  Bethanne Reinert  Boyertown PA


Fun.  Cameron Koorangi  Montgomery AL


My dream Las Vegas vacation would require me to stay up for many days. I want to be able to go to every casino give me $100 to play slots, or poker. After sleeping for a day I would want to go head to head with the 2004 Texas Hold'em winner. Then go home and sleep for days.  Judith Goldberg  Saginaw MI


Thinking of my Las Vegas dream vacation is like planning what I would do with a million dollar lottery win! My husband and I would leave the worries of the world behind. Upon our arrival, we would check into a luxury hotel to relax for a day or so before we began any nightlife. Jacuzzi, heated pools, and sipping champagne would be the only thing on our minds. After our romantic and relaxing time together, we would be rejuvenated and ready to go! First, we would head out for a day of shopping. I'm sure we could find something for everybody back home at the numerous shopping malls, factory outlet stores, discount centers and casino retail malls. It sure is going to be fun looking! We would then head out to see the sights. We would take a helicopter trip to view nature's majesty. Throughout our visit, we would dine at the most exclusive restaurants. A limousine would deliver us to exciting shows, casinos, and nightclubs. Who knows, after our exciting and romantic Las Vegas Dream vacation, we might even renew our vows!  Jacquelyn Jones Vinita OK


Me and my wife and lots of gambling and buffets, buffets, buffets.  Tyler McKinney San Luis Obispo CA


Flying in on the red eye we expect to find the city sleeping. Vegas is anything but. The lethargy from flying fades quickly as the plane lands and a taxi shuttles us to the Bellagio where we arrive to the graceful water ballet. The night awaits and we head out to visit the many performances that are unique to each hotel; erupting volcanoes, sinking pirate ships, statues coming to life, amusement parks. Each hotel becomes alive and we forget their functional purpose. Tee time never seemed so early as the sun woke us. No humidity and perfect weather make for great golf. The long day in the sun sends us running to the open arms of all you can eat buffets. Again the night will not let us sleep and we head off to take a gondola ride and to see Wayne Newton. Noon already. How great it feels to sleep in. The tintinnabulation emitted from slot machines calls our names and we head down to play a few games. Luck is not our friend today and so we decide to head to Fremont Street. What magnificent merging of the past with the present. The nickel slots were much nicer to us and we left with an extra five dollars in our pockets (which looks like you won the jackpot in nickels). Evening comes quickly and we decide to see Cirque du Soleil´s "O."  Thursday (the last day of the trip) we decided was nature day and we headed to see the natural bird and wildlife habitat and the white tigers. It is hard to imagine we are in the middle of a desert. We finish our night off with a little Mystére and head off to bed since our plane leaves early the next morning.  Amanda Bost  Wilmington NC


A dream vacation would be , all by itself, "Just" a visit to Las Vegas...after watching new Las Vegas shows on television, it appears all people visiting have fun with entertainment, gambling, hotels, and the city in general [plenty of beautiful women]...the Vegas skyline, lit up in the middle of a desert, looks like some Atlantis lost utopian world unlike the forest mountains of cold Pennsylvania. Steven Zaremba  Scranton PA


My dream Las Vegas Vacation would consist of going to see Wayne Newton perform and eating at Harrah's Buffet and playing deuces wild video poker in every casino on the strip.  Margaret Stephens  Okahoma City OK


LOTS OF FUN!!!  Jessica Jones  Big Sandy TX


My dream vacation would be my wife and I alone in Las Vegas for a long weekend. We would have drinks at the Fontana Lounge at Bellagio while watching the fountains. We would enjoy a gourmet meal at Emerils and then take in a wonderful show like Mystere or Mamma Mia. We would play whatever games we wanted to and do whatever we wanted to whenever we wanted to. Best of all, we would be spending time together in the greatest city of all, Las Vegas.  Frank Mark North Royalton OH


Las Vegas! What can be said about the 'Sin' city. Although I've never had the opportunity to leave the great white north for such a hot, fun, and romantic place I think Las Vegas would be the 'fuel' my wife and I need to survive the cold winter nights up here. I've seen many programs about the city and now we would like to experience the strip, the food, the shows, the atmosphere, the gambling, the hotels, the people and of course, the fun Las Vegas has to offer! We've been married for eight years and still haven't had a proper honeymoon. Yikes! It's about time I'd say. Staying anywhere on the strip would be such a treat. My wife would be so surprised and excited she may even let me go to see some live showgirls perform. Ok, that's pushin' it but it's worth a try!  Michael Peteski  Kitimat BC Canada


I'm going to keep it real simple. My dream Las Vegas vacation would totally involve winning Big Time and going home to brag about how GREAT Las Vegas is.  Judi Mark
 Maineville OH


Last year I helped with the New Years Fireworks Show in Las Vegas.... It was kickass. I also won a little money it was an awesome trip.  Justin Bruster  Lawrence KS


Excess! That is Vegas to a tee. From the brilliant lights that greet you to the lavish hotels that await your every whim. Excessive buffets where you can gorge on every sort of food imaginable. Excessive hospitality from the folks in the hotels to even the everyday natives of this dream city. Every good dream has the things that you crave and plenty of it, much like the city of Las Vegas.  Clelly Johnson  Odenville AL


My dream vacation to Vegas would be to drive down with three of my closest friends for my birthday. The drive would be half the fun. when we arrive in Vegas we would go straight to the strip and walk around seeing everything Vegas has to offer. Of coarse we would stop at a table or two in casinos to try our luck and hope to win. After losing the money we prayed to the gambling gods to double we would spend the rest of our vacation on a super tight budget and drive back home talking about the great time we had and all our priceless memories.  Sam Conley  Butte MT


We went to Las Vegas on our fourth anniversary last year. I had been getting sick on and off for four weeks and had no idea as to why! My husband and I decided to save even more by driving there. Amazingly I did not get sick the whole way it seems. Well we get there and after fighting bad traffic, finally haul our luggage to our room. The room itself was not as advertised and no kidding, unsanitary! There was no cable, but who comes to Las Vegas to watch TV?!  My back was aching very badly and I was getting sick every 10 minutes! We visited every casino (won't rent a room from Circus Circus again!) and decided to walk to the Stratosphere. It was actually a long walk, extremely windy. Well we get to the Stratosphere and are so thirsty!  Didn't have the right change for soda machine and they said we couldn't go in the Stratosphere w/o buying dinner. The trip itself had many, many problems, but it was one we will never forget! When we got home, we found out the reason for all the sickness, I was pregnant!!! She is a beautiful, healthy 1 year old.  Candy Crandall  Glendale AZ


Any vacation in Las Vegas is a dream vacation for me - I love Las Vegas! If I have to narrow it down, the most important thing would be to share it with the love of my life, my husband. Then I would love to stay at a luxury hotel as I never have been able to afford that before. There are many, but if I had to pick, I would pick the Bellagio. I would love to dine at a five-star restaurant, indulge in wonderful spa treatments and, of course, go shopping at some of the great shops. Then for the icing on the cake, I would, of course, love to get very lucky at the crap tables, which is my favorite game.  Pat Krasnowski  Tolono IL


I think meeting the perfect man in the perfect place would be the perfect vacation.  Beverley Mooren  Shelby NC


My dream vacation would be to see all the great shows that the hotels have to offer, like the Blue Man Group, Circus de Soliel, and to eat at all the great restaurants. It would be neat to take a Helicopter ride down the strip at night.  Michael Hyneman  Wyomissing PA


My husband works 14 days on and only gets 2 off. He was crushed under a crane and almost died a few years ago. I would love to see some fabulous shows in Vegas and have him forget about work and his aches for awhile.  Vicki Dahlstrom  Saint Paul MN


Arrive in Las Vegas on First Class Air, Stay at the Bellagio Hotel in A Strip View Suite, Get pampered at Mandalay Bay Day Spa, Have dinner in Paris at Mon Ami Gabi, See a great show like Danny Ganz at the Mirage, dance the night away at MGM's Studio 54, throw some cash on the roulette table and have fun!  Sarah DAmbrosio Canyon Lake CA


A week of relaxation along with the excitement. Day spa and the evening shows. I have never gambled so I would love to try it once. Maryellen Kerin  Rockaway NJ


My Las Vegas Dream Vacation would be to visit the city and take in all the sights and sounds described to me by travelers from my office. I made the travel arrangements for many years but was never permitted to travel there. I knew all the phone numbers and names of wonderful places to stay and visit and felt as if I knew them as the travelers returned with their stories. Make my "Dream" come true. I have since retired and think of Vegas often. Sylvia Miller  Trinity AL


This is my DREAM trip to Las Vegas: For me and my husband to fly first class from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas. To be picked up by a limo at the airport - return trip to airport by limo also. Stay in a suite at Caesars Palace for 4 nights, maybe 5, and have dinner at Nero's every night. And if lucky enough win BIG. I would also like to get free tickets to some of the best shows in town. It may not be much to someone else but that's my dream trip to Las Vegas.  Karen Berinsky  Pittsbrugh PA


Thinking of my Las Vegas dream vacation is like planning what I would do with a million dollar lottery win! My husband and I would leave the worries of the world behind. Upon our arrival, we would check into a luxury hotel to relax for a day or so before we began any nightlife. Jacuzzi, heated pools, and sipping champagne would be the only thing on our minds. After our romantic and relaxing time together, we would be rejuvenated and ready to go! First, we would head out for a day of shopping. I'm sure we could find something for everybody back home at the numerous shopping malls, factory outlet stores, discount centers and casino retail malls, and it is going to be fun looking! We would then head out to see the sights. We would take a helicopter trip to view nature's majesty. Throughout our visit, we would dine at the most exclusive restaurants. A limousine would deliver us to exciting shows, casinos, and nightclubs. Who knows, after our exciting and romantic Las Vegas Dream vacation, we might even renew our vows!
Jacquelyn Jones  Vinita OK


I have lived in Los Angeles for just over four years now, and have heard fabulous stories from my friends about their trips to Las Vegas and how much fun they had while there. Sadly, before now, I have not had the time or money to go. Circumstances have changed in the past few months and I am finally getting to plan my first trip to the Mecca of gaming. My ideal trip is to be in a spot on the strip, allowing me to walk and see as many of the amazing things as I can while there. To finally get there with all the shows, food, and of course, casinos, are all I need for my ideal trip.  Cristi Rickey Culver City CA


Be Wonderful to even have a vacation, never been that fortunate.  Las Vegas would be great! Thanks.  Donna McManus Greeneville TN


Las Vegas is a dream. It's a whirlwind of lights, love, and luxury. My Las Vegas dream begins the moment the night hits. Neon lights up my imagination, and I'm transported back to golden days watching Wayne Newton perform while an Elvis impersonator offers to take a picture with me. I try my luck in the casino and double down on a sure thing and leave richer. I soak in the steamy night in my skin to save for later and eat, eat, eat robustly. I don't need to dream about Las Vegas--Las Vegas is a dream. A brightly colored panoramic fantasy that shines forever in your mind long after the sun comes up and long after you leave. I love Las Vegas!  Leanne Valeriano  Rochester MN


Las Vegas to me is a luxury, even though I have been there countless times.  I feel that everyone should make the trip at least once in their life.  To see the lights, feel the excitement and play in the lavish casinos is a real treat.  On my last trip I had the pleasure of meeting some of the staff of Insider Viewpoint and that was the topping to the perfect day.  Roger Wadell  LA CA


Fun. Gambling. More Fun. Relax. Fun. Getting to do at least one thing that no one gets to do when they go to Vegas. Renew Marriage Vows. Fun. Relax.  Barry Thornley APO AP CA


The BEST Las Vegas Vacation I can dream up is one where an average person like myself would be treated like a movie star. I would be picked up by limo and whisked away to my hotel, where the door man would run out saying "Welcome Ms. Lisa! Is there anything I can get you?" A bit tired from traveling would answer "Yes Darling, a Bloody Mary please." and he would have it sent to my room (which would be fit for royalty, by the way." The rest of the vacation I would be pampered and taken care of- and there's no doubt that some spa services would be included too. I'd be buffed. polished and shined for a big evening at a show and some gambling. Afterwards. I'd head back to my room where my blanket would be turned down- with the gratuitous mint left on my pillow. I'd love to feel like a glamorous movie star- even if only for a short while.  Traci Lisa  Kings Park NY


Win big.  Martin Myers  Batavia IL


WIN! WIN! WIN! I would like to spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Las Vegas in comped rooms with comped meals and hit one large jackpot each day. Hopefully I would be able to take some of it home with me so that I can come back soon. Katheryn Williamson  Clovis CA


My wife was shot in the head in 2002 and has went through 14 surgeries in the past two years. Earlier this year in May we was able to go to Las Vegas and it was fun for both her and me. It was a place she always wanted to go.  Lyn Adams  Prattville AL


I am 39 and never married. I will be 40 in 2 months and want to spend it in Las Vegas with my best friend. All night slots and drinks. Long girl talk with my best friend and maybe a concert or two. Lots of great food and fun. What could be better on your 40th birthday?  BobbieJo Babb  Monticello FL


After arriving in Las Vegas via a first class flight, my fiance and I would start our dream vacation in Las Vegas at a luxurious cabin with a picturesque view of the glorious terrain of Las Vegas. During the day there, we would go on day hikes in the area to experience first hand the Las Vegas environment. At night, we would sip champagne while in the hot tub off the porch of the cabin basking in the spectacular sunsets. After a couple of days at the cabin, we would head to one of the grand hotels to stay for a couple of days. We would sleep in and then head for a different kind of hike - a hike of the strip soaking up the glamour and glitz of Vegas. We would then try our luck at the casinos and delight in winning. We would take in the Blue Man Group show as well as a comedy show. Then we would hit the dance floor until the wee hours of the night. Our last day in Vegas would be spent lying by the pool reading or writing postcards as a way to recuperate from all the Vegas stimulus.  Cheryl Ellefson  Orlando FL


Stepping out of the airport into the bright sunshine of the glorious Las Vegas day I am transported by luxury limo to the wonderful Bellagio Hotel. Here I am treated as a VIP guest and given run of the house in their exclusive high roller penthouse overlooking the fountains and the strip. Treated to a day at the spa I am relaxed and ready to enjoy my evening at the tables. Sliding onto a stool at the roulette wheel I make my wager on "19". My favorite number comes up on the first spin making me a big winner. I play for another hour just enjoying the atmosphere of the casino before I'm whisked off to take in the delights of Cirque de Soleil and "O". Immediately after the show I am given unlimited access at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. All the chocolate I desire - heaven on earth.  Sharon Thierry  OFallon MO


I've always wanted to go to Las Vegas. never been on a trip. This would be a dream that came true. I pray every night to the lord that my dream would come true.  Debbie Cox  Claude TX


If you knew Stan, you'd know this is a dream. I would drag Stan to the drive-in chapel and marry him. I would then spend one night at every honeymoon suite in Vegas. While Stan is recovering, I would play every game in the MGM Grand (even the ones I don't really know how to play). I would stop occasionally to eat anything I wanted without regard to calories. By this time, I would wake up Stan and take him shopping at the Forum shops where he would insist I buy every pair of shoes I fancied. I would have to show off my new stuff, so I'd go to the best shows on the strip and then off to dancing at the Luxor. This is a dream so Stan knows how to dance. Donald Trump spots me from afar and cuts in. This upsets Stan and a fist fight ensues. Stan wins and Trump gives him a large cash prize for this "spunk" with the warning that Stan better treat me right or he'll be back. I live happily ever after on my gambling winnings.  Sheila Chase Spokane WA


Just pulling the big bertha slot machine all night at the Stratosphere.  Ana Gomes Plymouth MA


I was in Las Vas Vegas years ago when New York , New York was being built. Boy for the first time being there I sure Loved this city. My husband @ I stayed at the Mirage and Loved every minute of it . The people there were wonderful and did we have a good time spending time on the poker tables and on the slots. Hay we the money we spent didn't matter to us, we had quality time together. My dream is to go back to see the different city See you Again You Some day.  Karen Vidal  Rapid City SD


The dream would start with a couple of cocktails at the bar overlooking the lake at Bellagio. Then, I'd go hit the links at Shadow Creek. After golf, my wife and I would hit the spa at Canyon Ranch. Then, we'd have a romantic dinner at Nobu. Finally, we'd drop a little cash on the craps table at Binion's.  Kyle Iboshi  Portland OR


The most ideal Las Vegas trip, would involve renting a really cool SUV with a moon roof. I'd have all my photography equipment and I'd head out to Red Rock Canyon! The area around Vegas is so beautiful. After a couple days photographing the surrounding areas, I head back to the strip and take candid shots of casino life! To make this the most ideal trip ever, I'd not waste even 1 quarter on a slot machine! If I could visit Vegas and take only photos while I was there, I'd truly be in heaven!  Shelly Lewis  Metuchen NJ


My dream vacation in Vegas would consist of casinos and love. I would like to arrive with $1000 and leave with 1 million. I would like to experience love at first sight for the first time with a stranger who shares my insight on life. Then, I'd like to come home with my million and my love and build a house for runaways and abandoned children, so that one day we can all go on a Vegas vacation. I am a teacher with no children, but my goal is to love as many as possible. Vegas is a dream vacation, but I just want to gamble on a better life.  Martia Faulkner  Rochester NY


My husband, son and I drive down to Las Vegas. We stay free at the fanciest casino on the strip. All the food is free and we are given 20 dollars a piece to play. My husband wins a couple million dollars and he never has to work again.  Dawn Risley  Tunkhannock PA


To have fun.  Margaret Hunt  East Stroudsburg PA


I have only been to Vegas once on business and loved it would love to return.  Greg Roberts  Owensboro KY


I would stay at the Flamingo, my favorite casino. Take in the Celine show at Caesar's. Go to the sumptuous buffet at the Rio. Finally hit the jackpot of my life and get the star treatment.  Susan Bialek  Larksville PA


Going to Vegas would mean a real honeymoon for me and my husband. I moved to Canada from the states to be with my husband in 2003 and with immigrations and such we never really had a wedding nor a honeymoon and this trip would be one for us.  Sharon Sharen  Mississauga ON Canada


My dream Las Vegas vacation would begin with taking the trip with my new husband. We did not have a honeymoon and so any trip together would be a dream. My husband has never flown nor been to Las Vegas. I would love to stay in one of the top hotels such as the Mirage, Circus Circus or Luxor. Any would be a delight! I am a very simple person so just having enough money to play the quarter slots for the days we are there would be so fun! I also would enjoy sharing a helicopter tour of Vegas with my hubby. To top it all off, we would naturally love to have delicious dinners and to attend some "family" shows.  Renee Gallazzi  Jacksonville FL


I want to eat lots of food, sleep in a NICE room and win lots.  Regina Midgett  Fulton MS


Me and my husband where married 5yrs ago in February and never had a honeymoon. He is a hard worker and very kind hearted. If anyone deserves a getaway it is him.  Jennifer Johnson  Gordonville TX


Las Vegas would be a dream come true adventure from my ho-hum existence. I am a homebound invalid who can only fantasize about experiencing the awe and wonder of such a fantastic city with such a reputation of glitz and glamour. Paul House Humble TX


I would arrive in Las Vegas from the airport in a limo to stay at Bellagio. I just love flowers. Then I would walk as long as I could up and down the strip to see the sights, playing slot machines as I go. The last day I would like to go to Hoover Dam. Victoria
 Seastone  Aurora CO


I want to see the sights, hear the sounds and taste the great food.  Bonnie James  Tularosa NM


To stay at the Luxor and eat like a queen and gamble, winning millions!  Janice Williams  Staten Island NY


I would love to be able to go to Las Vegas and see the horseshoe I have heard so many things about it and well due to recent death in the family we have adopted 3 children on top of my 3 so it is not very easy to get away let alone have the money to do it with my hubby and I would also like to go to the white wedding chapel we were going to go when we got married but the funds were just not there.  Paula Johnson  Fairfield TX


My son-in-law and his wife have always enjoyed going to Las Vegas each year, it is their favorite place in the whole USA. Well, he has terminal cancer at 46years old and one more trip would be a dream trip for them. They would have this one last trip to remember, they could not afford it this year unless they won the dream trip. Their Las Vegas trip is the high point of the year, they look forward to it for 11 months, these memories might last a lifetime.  Sharon Davis  Trinidad CO


A vacation where I can rest , and relax , and have no worries of the money I spent , especially after taking of my mother with terminal cancer , that would be a great time to just remember how much she and I used to enjoy just dreaming on having a vacation without worries.  Cristina Clements  Tehachapi CA


A vacation where you can drink alcohol in the day time, gamble 24/7, party like there's tomorrow!!!  Judy Tan  Kuching, Sarawak


My "Las Vegas Dream Vacation" would be to be treated like a "whale" (which I'm definitely not!). It includes being flown in on a private jet, met at the airport by the longest stretch Limo in town and transported to the "Rain Man" suite at Caesar's Palace Hotel.
After a helicopter trip over the Strip, top seating at the Celine show followed by a seven course dinner, it's time to retire to that fabulous Suite. Morning would bring breakfast in bed and a day of pampering in the spa. That evening would be devoted to gambling in the "high roller" area using markers I only have to repay if I win. (This is a Dream, right?)  The next morning (late) would be a repeat of that breakfast in bed and a Limo tour of the Strip. I hate all those walks from the parking lots. That night, Randal Keith, currently touring with Les Miserables, would come and do a special concert where I would have front row seats. Oh yes, did I mention I would have my best friend Ron with me for this entire trip. After breakfast the next day, I think that Limo and private jet would have to take me home, because even dreams have to end.  Joyce Blume  Baltimore MD


The best Las Vegas vacation imaginable is an eventful one, because in Las Vegas there is so much to do. Usually when one travels to Las Vegas they are going for a weekend getaway. The best vacation consist of going to the Grand Canyon and sight seeing the beauty that it holds. Las Vegas is known for its wonderful buffets and the Bellagio has a magnificent feast. This is a must go to buffet for all. My personal favorite is looking out at the city from the top of the Stratosphere on a ride that is the Ultimate rush! Shopping at Caesars Palace is nice to pick up souvenirs for everyone back at home who didn't get to go to this wonderful city. The thing that would make the vacation the best is winning the jackpot so you could stay forever!  Jennifer Cohen  Racine WI


My dream vacation in Vegas would be to stay at a fabulous hotel on the strip with a view of the Bellagio Fountains, stuff my face at a delicious buffet, and see the Cirque de Soleil show "O".  Wendy Leung  San Francisco CA


I've never been to Vegas so my expectations are very high. I can't tell you how many times me and my girlfriends talk about taking off to Las Vegas. Wow my dream trip would go something like this. We (me and my girlfriends) would arrive in Vegas from first class. Hop into a stretched Hummer with champagne waiting for us there the chauffer would take us to the coolest boutiques, so we could go on a spending spree then go for a total make over and get all dolled-up. When were ready we would go to the hottest night spot for some cocktails and app.'s. And then the moment we all looked forward to hitting the casino's all night long and being treated like VIPs, and that's just the first night. Lets continue after winning millions of dollars we would retire to our penthouse sweets. Wake-up to the total spa treatment we all get pampered like honestly I've never been pampered before (I've never been to a spa.) Do a lot more shopping. Then out of no were we run into and meet a celebrity (it really doesn't matter who I love everyone) Brad Pitt or Jesse James wouldn't be so bad. After wiping the drool from our chins we hit ever casino Vegas has to offer and we do it in style. Man that would be my dream Vegas trip for sure. sorry about the spelling.  Angie Simms  Surrey BC Canada


For me it is simple. I love medieval Europe, Especially anything that has to do with King Arthur. So my dream Vegas vacation would be staying at the Excalibur.  Stephanie Barnes  Cleveland Heights OH


The best Vegas vacations would be to be there for about 4 or 5 days, a nice room with a view of the city and a balcony to sit and watch the nightlife. Enough money to gamble when I want, good food and the company of the one I love by my side. That would be the best Las Vegas vacation I could imagine!  Barbara Arnold  Spicewood TX


On June 16, my husband and I will be married 20 years. My dream vacation would be to re-new our vows with our oldest son Eric as best man, daughter Alyssa as maid of honor and son Ryan as usher.  Mary Schneider  Stanhope NJ


I am wanting to come to Las Vegas to see my brother that I have not seen in many years (18) to be exact. I have 5 brothers and a sister all over the united states. Many I would also like to see.  AnnaMarie Lewis  Greenville SC


My dream Las Vegas vacation would be full of gambling, touring, and staying at luxury hotels, also lots and lots of shopping.   Patricia M Leyte  North Sydney NS Canada


Just going to Vegas would rock. No hotel. No agenda. just me, my pride and a world of opportunities. The only thing I would "have" to do is gamble. Anywhere. Even if I lose it would be great to be a part of the American dream. Wouldn't it?  James Livingston  East Providence RI


I'd like to stay in the penthouse suite at the Venetian and partake in one of the 5 course Pharaoh dinners in the lower level of Caesars. Then it would be nice to go to a couple of shows and have enough money to do a little gambling without worrying about the loss. After all of that a little shopping spree in the stores of the casinos would be like a cherry on the sundae or maybe the gambling would.  Barbara Ipsen Ashland OR


My dream Las Vegas vacation would be any trip to Vegas with my husband. We were just married on Sept 27, 2003. We went to Las Vegas in Oct 2003 for our honeymoon. This was my first week that I had ever taken off work for a vacation. We both agreed upon Vegas and we have now vowed to someday own a home in Vegas! Please choose US!  Hope Bindl  Lone Rock WI


I think any Las Vegas vacation is a dream come true, but given my druthers, I'd like to tie it into the Native American National Rodeo so that I could experience my cowboys and Native Americans as well as the gamblers and pretty women the West is famed for. I look forward to the glamour and dazzle of the night lights of Las Vegas. I will tour the famous hotels I have only read about and make that experience my own. My day will begin at midnight and I will stay up all night gambling! Blackjack and roulette, baccarat and the slots. Ill play at all of them all night long so that I can catch the desert at dawn when I am through! Ill sleep poolside, so I can work on my tan, then grab brunch before shopping and rodeoing the day and early evening away. Just the radical difference between the Rodeo with its riders and animals, the highly competitive events, its rough clad cowboys trying to best one another and the cool sophistication of the hotels, the casinos and the star-studded entertainment offered there would make my trip a fabulous experience. A late dinner and a first rate show and away I'll go, back to trying my table luck. I think I could keep this up for as long as they'd let me. The excitement, the action and the entertainment would keep my motor running. But all good times end, I know. Lucky me, I'd be left with happy dreams of the perfect Vegas getaway.  Sylvia Williams  Clewiston FL


The plane flies low in for a landing and my heart leaps for joy as I look out upon the Las Vegas Strip. I can't believe I am here again! I quickly undo my seatbelt and anxiously await the ok to start my vacation. I hear the bells of the slot machines. I will refrain for now, but can not wait! The Limo takes me and my husband to our hotel and we unpack and begin our Las Vegas adventure complete with shows, fine dining, shopping and of course gambling!  Alissa Ivey  Garland TX


I love the night life, I love the boggie, I love casino, I love the 5 star hotel and love to see the show girls dancing.  I love the desert state.  Candelaria Carter  Summerfield FL


My vacation would start with the hotel check in. My husband and I would get settled in the room and then head down to the pool for some sun and and a dip. After we would get showered and go to a nice dinner and take in a show. We would play some games, him at the tables and me at the slots. Have a late night dessert and then head up to the room. The next day we would have breakfast in the room and read the paper, not being in any rush to get going. We would head out on foot up and down the strip taking in the sights and doing a bit of shopping. We would stop for lunch, after I would pick up a good paperback and we would go back to the hotel. I would get into my suit and head for the pool and my husband would head for the tables with plans to meet back at the room in time to get ready for dinner and another show.  Roshan Larsen  Cathedral City CA


My ideal Vegas trip involves getting off of the plane, walking into a casino, and hitting the jackpot on my very first slot machine. I then spend the rest of the trip diligently putting all back in again, hopping back on the plane with the same amount of money I started with, but infinitely happier.  Jean Kusina  Fremont OH


Money Is No Object! "I would do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted" and...(Sleep In).  Eddie Ryan  Phoenix AZ


In my dreams of Las Vegas, my husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary by finally being able to take our honeymoon. We arrive at the Venetian at dusk in a Limo. The first thing we do after settling into our room is to relax at the spa before renewing our vows at The Chapel of the Bells. Completing our celebration we visit the Voodoo Lounge before retiring to our honeymoon suite. The next day we take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon then spend the rest of the day site seeing at the Madam Tussauds, the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. After relaxing with more spa time it is time to visit the casinos into the wee hours of the morning. The next day brings visits to the Fine Arts Gallery and the Museums as well as Star Trek: The Experience. The rest of our vacation would be divided between the casinos and the shows on the strip.  Sandee Sanford  St Albans VT


Just being able to go to Las Vegas is a big dream of mine. I have seen it on TV and it looks so beautiful and fun! I would love to see Vegas in person to see if its as beautiful and fun as it looks. What I'd LOVE even more is to take the money I'd win and use it on the slots and hopefully win big!  Rasheida Jackson  Kalamazoo MI


My dream trip would be to relive and recreate a visit I paid to mid-1970's Las Vegas, a much more laid back period, simply because it was much less crowded and much straighter to the heart of what the Las Vegas is all about.  John Schick  Chicago IL


Glittering lights, masked performers, mysterious dancers, lions, tigers, the spinning roulette wheels of Lady Luck. Las Vegas is the worlds dream city. Where else can you go from the Eiffel Tower of Paris, France, to the gritty streets of New York City, watch a fierce pirate battle and contemplate world famous works of art, all in one day? My dream trip to Las Vegas would stretch the gamut from fine dining to world-class entertainment to an evening at a glamorous casino. I would whisk my husband away for the weekend, leave the kids at their grandmothers, and prepare for a special, romantic time together. We would probably sample the classic New Orleans fare at Emerils restaurant at the MGM Grand. I would definitely sample the seafood bar. He would order the oysters on the half shell with creamy leeks, house cured bacon with fresh herb bread crumb crust. I would sample the poached salmon salad tossed with lemon mayonnaise on baby lettuces with Kalamata olives and an herb cracker. Top it all off with a crisp Chardonnay, and we would be ready to take in the sights and sounds of the city. For entertainment, wed have to see wickedly funny Avenue Q, which will be produced nowhere, but in (of course) Las Vegas in an exclusive engagement. After laughing so hard that tears came to our eyes, it would be time to head down to the Bellagio for some blackjack, roulette and slot-machine action. Of course, wed win, and win BIG!  We would stay that evening in our suite at the Bellagio, have breakfast the next morning with room service. And know that Las Vegas is truly a magical, dreamlike place to be.  L H  Pasadena CA


I would love to spend a wonderful weekend with my husband seeing the sights, shopping and playing the slots. I have had wonderful trips in the past to Vegas and would love the opportunity to come to Vegas again!  Karen Thurner  Jefferson Hills PA


My Las Vegas Dream Vacation would be to meet my only daughter and twin grandsons and stay at Bellagio, best food and best spa I am told. My daughter is a single mother in Gardnerville, Nevada and I live in Florida. We see each other so rarely and for four of us to be a real family in Las Vegas would be a dream come true, as, when the twins graduate from High School, they will be going to the Colorado Air Force Academy which puts them miles and miles for me to visit being a widow. It would be a trip we all would remember forever. Thank you.  Theresa Pegg  Lady Lake FL


My dream vacation includes finding a dozen people who have suffered loss and poverty and hardship for at least the past year. As a group we would stay at a top hotel casino. We would eat the best food. We would just relax, and enjoy a beautiful vacation. I would expect the casino to give my group some free tokens to play, and of course free tickets to shows, esp. Wayne Newton and free vouchers for buffets and meals. We would all go home rejuvenated.  Jo Ann Rivas  Winterville NC


I think my dream vacation would be to stay at a high end casino like the Bellagio, or Caesar's Palace. I can never afford to stay at those casinos. I would love to use all their amenities, I seen the Caesar's palace poolside on the travel channel. On my dream vacation, I would have my two young daughters with me and we would also visit Circus Circus, and maybe go sledding up at the mountains.  Cory Nicolas  Pearl City HI


Hot sizzling meals, a riverside view and a long continuous winning streak with me and my lady, while watching great entertainment under the stars! That's my idea of a wonderful Vegas vacation!  James Sprague  Rochester NY


Jumping on a jet out of Cleveland with 12 of my family and friends, heading for a memory making experience in Las Vegas. We are all loving the thrill of the experience, anticipating the fantastic sights, sounds and smells that the greatest city that was ever built in a US desert, has to hold. Staying on the "Strip" in one of the first hotels, the Flamingo, has us ooohing and ahhhing constantly. All of our eyes combined sparkle nearly as bright as one of the marquis on a hotel. We laugh, love and eat. We cry only when it it time to leave this vibrant city. We will return we all say as the pyramid and palm leaves disappear under our wings. Candy Quiles  Cleveland OH


My Las Vegas dream vacation would be one where I win a trip for 2 to Vegas, with a stay at a beautiful suite at the Bellagio Hotel. I would invite my ex-boyfriend in hopes he would take me back. We would gamble a little and win a nice amount of money, go to the buffets, and best of all, we would fall in love all over again. Since this is my "dream", he would then propose to me in front of the Bellagio fountains!  Elizabeth Vera  Shelby Twp MI


I Would really love if I could whisk my poor overworked Fiancée away to a n exciting vacation/wedding. For she is a mother ,student and star employee who has little or no time for herself or us to be alone!  Dak Robertson  Gadsden AL


The greatest Las Vegas vacation would be to be able to stay in the beautiful hotel / casinos and see several of the superb shows.  Ines Terway Glassboro NJ


I love Vegas. I would love to have 2 Vegas girls by my side while I shoot up the crap tables. After I win big I go to the high rollers suit and let lose a little bit and have a few cocktails, let the fun begin!  Joseph Christoff  Binghamton NY


The best Las Vegas vacation ever would be a week long getaway trip with my lovely wife of 21 years. We'd fly from cold snowy Toledo, Ohio in mid-February, arriving in warm sunny Vegas. Before visiting the casino, we'd lounge at the pool, soaking up the sun's rays and slurping on tropical creations. Then we'd enjoy dinner at one of the exciting theme restaurants like Rainforest Cafe. After dinner we'd play some blackjack and slots. Winning isn't critical to the dream vacation -- just enjoying the excitement of the action and watching the other people at the tables is fun enough. After spending a couple hours at the tables, it would be time to take in a famous Las Vegas show. We have never been to a Vegas show, so anything would be exciting to us! After a late night snack, it'd be time to settle into our hotel room to rekindle the exciting times of our youth. Over the next few days, we'd love to visit Fremont Street to see the Vegas of the early years. I'd love to enter a Texas Hold'Em tournament to rub elbows with some of the players I've become familiar with on TV. We would love to spend a day enjoying Lake Mead and the beautiful scenery surrounding the city. Las Vegas has so much to offer outside the casinos -- we would need the whole week to take as much of the excitement in as we could! When we left the city to return to the Midwest, we'd know that we had squeezed out as much enjoyment as we could in our week in the most exciting city in the country!  Tim Eichenauer  Toledo OH


My dream vacation in Las Vegas would be one of fun and adventure. I would experience all the lights and glamour that I don't have in Michigan. I would go to some shows. Perhaps I would gamble a little (maybe even through caution to the wind and gamble a lot!). I would walk around the city and enjoy what it has to offer, excitement and adventure. I would not take time to smell the roses, just go and have the time of my life in a city that never sleeps!  Kathy Wells  Mount Morris MI


My dream vacation would be to stay at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort so my children and I could use the wave pool that makes you believe you're at a beach. We'd then love to go to Circus Circus so the children can win toys and prizes. I love to see the smiles on my children's faces.  Sharron Ogomori  Torrance CA


I think a week filled with shows (with "O" at the top of the to-do list), sleeping in, spa treatments and lounging by the pool would describe my Las Vegas Dream Vacation. Short, sweet and to the point.  Heather Cowley  Lake Dallas TX


I would surprise my husband, who works so hard and rarely takes a break. We would stay at the Bellagio and watch the fountains dance to the music, then have a fabulous dinner and see the Blue Man Group. We'd take long walks along the strip and bask in our time together, play lots of nickel slots...maybe even splurge a few quarters! There is so much that we could see and do... Vegas is the perfect place to stimulate every one of your senses!  Devon McCarroll  Snoqualmie WA


My dream vacation to Las Vegas would be a trip with my wife. The two of us would take a limo to the airport and fly on a private jet to Las Vegas. We'd arrive and be taken to Picasso's at Bellagio's. After lunch we'd gamble at each casino as we walked our way to The Venetian where we would stay in a luxurious suite. We'd attend Cirque Du Soleil's Mystere at Treasure Island and following the show have dinner at William B's at the Stardust. That would be our first day.  The second day would involve shopping in the mall on the Strip and going downtown to gamble. After lunch at Aureole we'd take a gondola ride at The Venetian and then go relax by casino's the pool. We'd eat dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and watch the sunset. We'd play in various casinos on the strip till the wee hours of the morning, and then travel back home via limos and a private jet.  Barry Kaiman  Shaker Heights OH


My dream Las Vegas vacation would be to enjoy all the sites and wonderful food without worrying about the cost of the trip. As a newlywed, we wanted to plan a trip to Vegas but due to his recent layoff from work, this has become one of the pleasures we will have to wait for. Winning this contest would be a dream come true right now!  Vicetta Deabenderfer  Ehrenberg AZ


We really enjoy taking the family to Las Vegas. We stay at Circus Circs and the kids LOVE it! There's plenty for us to do together and we always have a great time.  Carrie Hubbard  Buena Vista CO


Visit every casino in Las Vegas with 1000.00 spending money at each casino.  Jim Czajka  Oakdale CA


In 1997 my father had to take a business trip to Las Vegas, and asked if I'd like to join him, since mom had to stay home with the other three kids. Of course I jumped at the chance and packed my bags. Never having been to Las Vegas I looked forward to visiting the mysterious city that was infamously known as "the city that doesn't sleep" When we arrived to at our hotel, we entered into this paradise of people cheering there win at the craps table and the singing of a winning slot machine. The smile from ear to ear lit up the room. I dashed for the first machine and inserted my $20. Just before the first spin could come to a complete stop on the screen, I felt a tap on my shoulder. A security guard asked me for my ID. At the very same moment my machine was singing the tune everyone dreams of hearing...the jackpot was hit on my first spin. Unfortunately for me, I was 2 years short of legally gambling. I haven't been back since, and I can't wait to have that experience come true again...legally.   AnnMarie Macchiusi  Toronto ON Canada


Almost twenty years ago, my then fiancee and I went to Vegas for the first time together. We had talked about getting married while on that trip, but being my first time there, I couldn't leave the tables long enough to bother with a wedding. We did get married a month later. Now, I would love to renew our vows for our 20th anniversary in a Las Vegas Chapel with our 3 children and their spouses in attendance. After the service we would all go to dinner at The Range. We would stay at one of the penthouse suites at our favorite hotel - Harrah's. I would introduce my sons to the fun and excitement of all that Vegas has to offer.  Terri O'Donnell  Wyandotte MI


Easy - seeing Wayne Newton!  Brandn Dodds  Phoenix AZ


Well in this town you can do it all and I mean all. From wine, women and song, to gaming, shows and buffets. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the good times of life with this adult playground. My dream is just going and enjoy what this desert town has to offer. Everything!  Angelo Diliberto  San Dimas CA


There are so many fun and wonderful things to do in Las Vegas that I don't know where to start!  I think that I would visit each of the unique and different hotels and experience the best of each. Among the countless different things to see and do, a tour of the tigers, a certain water show, pirate show, and European circus (that I can't spell) seem to come to mind.  But most of all...I would like to find an inexpensive lobster and steak meal so that I can brag to my friends on how I got such a great deal!  Mary Flynn  Fullerton CA


Its Sunday morning, I am drifting softly in and out of sleep when the sound of the phone ringing explodes in my ear. I have won a contest and am being whisked away to Las Vegas tomorrow morning. I quickly pack in anticipation of my trip and my journey begins. When I am just over Vegas on the plane I am almost blinded by the huge city and exciting lights. The trip begins by dumping my luggage in my luxurious hotel suite that is situated in the cities hottest casino. Never having gambled before I go nuts. Fancy dinners with exquisite bottles upon bottles of wine, slot machines and show girls. I am chauffeured around the city in a beautiful limo. 5 hours of shopping turned out many sexy and fun outfits that I can choose from to wear to the most popular stage show playing at the moment. People are EVERYWHERE bumping into me laughing and singing and I am blown away by the fabulous show. More drinking and partying and I end up in a strip club throwing money and having the time of my life. One my first try at blackjack I win $1000 and dance around the casino happily from game to game. When I am finally home it all seems like a dream and all that remains are the memories along with a few rolls of film (some which are meant for no eyes but my own!)  Carla Sinclair  Nelson BC Canada


Our 10 year old daughter has been training as a gymnast 12 hours per week for over three years. She is supposed to go to Las Vegas in February to compete as a level 6, but her entire fall season of competition has been a huge struggle for her. She has worked extra hard, and she is determined to go to the meet in Las Vegas and do well. My perfect Las Vegas vacation would be to take her to that meet and watch her accomplish her goal and do awesome at the competition. I would take her to Circus Circus after the meet to celebrate, and she would get to see that all of her hard work really has paid off. That would be the best Las Vegas Vacation ever for us.  Michelle Bowden  Fresno CA


My dream Vegas Vacation would be to go out there and re-marry my husband and have my family there to see it. I moved from AZ to MD a year and a half ago and got married a few months after moving here. But we didn't have any money so we just got married at the courthouse. My mom was very upset that she didn't get to see it because she, and the rest of my family, live in AZ (and CA). It would be great to have a wedding out there where my family could come because none of my family has met my husband and today we have been married 14 months.  Pamela Dean  Salisbury MD


The "Dream Vegas Vacation" for me would be to go to Vegas for 7 days. I would love to stay at the Luxor hotel. What a hotel. I love that Egyptian stuff. Of course have with me at least $5,000 of gambling money and another $2000 spending. Now as far as the gambling would indeed be a dream to win millions$$$ Dining at the finest of restaurants a must and having someone offer me an indecent proposal. I am sure my husband wouldn't mind if I accepted it. I know that dreams come true.  Rossana M  Mississauga ON Canada


The center of my Las Vegas vacation is a family reunion with my parents. Within the loop is entertainment and dining like only Las Vegas can deliver. I'll sing Via Las Vegas and dance the flamingo. A slow dance is reserved for my wife. My mother still does the jitter bug so dad will just have to cut in. This will be our last fling with my parents but not our last Las Vegas visit.  Floyd Jenkins  Hernando Beach FL


Me and my wife leave the screaming kids at home and take the red eye from NY to Las Vegas we land and make our way to the strip we find a great classy hotel in which they know where coming and as we arrive we are met by a great host of people who cater to our needs, the best dinners the best service and its time to gamble we are given 10,000 of hotel money to gamble and we do 24 hrs straight winning over 100,000 and that's all we need to pay the bills and just that kind of week just to relax  Dale Schultz  Bethpage NY


My dream Las Vegas vacation would include a stay at a 5 star hotel, possibly George Strait's tickets and gambling money for myself and a companion.  Lori Worrell  Orange TX


The best vacation for my family would be a trip to Vegas with my wife and 2 kids. Here's the reason; I have a 7 year old daughter who lives with her mom in Ct. and now she has a one year old brother and is really excited about it.  She has only been able to spend a few weekends with him due to the fact that we live so far away. This would make a true Family vacation. I am fortunate to have a great relationship with my ex wife but I miss my daughter every day and seeing her once a month for a long weekend is never enough. Its critical for me to insure that she has a strong bond and relationship with her brother. This we be a great kick-off for that campaign, Thanks  Nick Merola  Cary NC


Having never been to Las Vegas and having turned 73, I think that now would be the best time for the trip. thank you.  Charles Martin  Nashville MI


I would love to be in Vegas with the cast of Ocean's 11 as a member of their successful heist team. Me Brad Pitt, George Clooney and the boys. And at the end of the day, I'd spend all 1.3 million living large, feeling as smooth and classy as one of Sinatra's ladies.
 Monica Duncan  Newburyport MA


Living in style.  Matthew Baker  Voorhees NJ


Well first a luxurious hotel, is the best starter. A spa treatment every day! Tickets to see Cher or some other great show. Great food, shopping, and a fluffy bed.  Kim Thompson  Loudon TN


I would love to just spend a weekend in Vegas. No particular hotel because I think they are ALL awesome...I would love to enter a slots tournament...and eat at one of the fabulous buffets my friends have told me about. Jayne Burchfield  Debord KY


It would be all paid for with airfare, hotel and a car rental.  It would include a free show package.  Patrick Carson  Media PA


I would start out by booking a suite with a big jacuzzi and a big bed! at a well known resort like the MGM Grand, Caesars, or maybe New York New York (but that might remind me too much of home, which is where I want to get away from!). Next I would shop for some new great clothes to wear there and then make sure I had a flight booked asap! I would get a babysitter for our three rugrats and my husband and I would leave immediately! We would treat ourselves to every show, restaurant and luxury possible! We would gamble, shop, look, eat and relax!!! We would be celebrating our 10 year Anniversary and it would be perfect! We would win a lot of money and my husband would buy me a big ole diamond ring! Hey, it's a dream, isn't it?  Lisa Cerase  Mastic Beach NY


Dear Mr. Reed, The best Las Vegas vacation imaginable for me would encompass the following: My husband and I would fly to Vegas, first class, to spend an entire all expense paid week with two other couples, our best friends. From the airport, we would take a limousine to the Bellagio hotel, where we would each be accommodated in one of the High Roller's suites. Our rooms would be filled with fresh flowers, soft towels and chocolate covered strawberries, not to mention a bottle of Moet. After a quick change, we would go down to the casino to spend a few of our complimentary chips provided in our suites. Each night, we would dine at Picasso, Prime Steakhouse, or Michael Mina, all reservations made for us ahead of time. Additional entertainment would include taking in several shows such as the Blue Man Group, Celine Dion, Cirque de Soleil, or "O," and scheduling spa treatments throughout the trip. Lastly, there would be souvenirs in our rooms to commemorate the trip, such as a mini slot machine. Wrapping up our trip would include a limousine ride back to the airport and first class accommodations back home. Ideally, this luxury trip would be taken during the Spring / Summer season. Thank you for the opportunity to dream!  T. Abrams  Glen Allen VA


My husband and I don't fly, no particular reason, just always have traveled by car and we'll be celebrating our 28th anniversary in two months. We've talked about Vegas for years and have watched Travel channel shows that have dealt with everything from what they do to cheaters to where you could find the best hot dog in this town that never sleeps!  Since I've never been to Las Vegas, which in itself is amazing, seeing as how I'm a hardcore gambler, my Las Vegas dream vacation would be as follows: I'd want to stay in a spectacular hotel suite that was unlike any place I'd ever been in before. After settling in I'd have to walk down the strip at night and stop outside all the places I've seen on television over and over for so many years and gawk open mouthed as only a true tourist seeing them for the first time could. I'd like to catch a Wayne Newton show and get "poncho seats" for a Blue Man Group show. I'd like to see a NASCAR Nextel Cup race while there. I'd like to rent a car and see the city itself and surrounding areas since I'm from Ohio and have never seen the desert in real life. Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to visit as many different casinos as possible and perhaps walk out of a few with more money than I went in with. Although gambling is probably the number one attraction in Las Vegas, with so many other things to see and do it would be a shame to spend all of my time in front of a slot machine. Oh my gosh....did I (who lives in a state where gambling is illegal) just say that?)  Sandy Heidrick  Parma OH


I would love to go to Vegas and see someone famous. I want to learn to play all of the real games (blackjack, roulette, etc...) that I am afraid of playing because I am afraid I will screw up. Vegas would be a great place to learn how to really play.  Erica Sandey  Vancouver WA


That's easy....being treated like a 'High Roller' for one week! Private rooms, personal concierge and laughing, partying and spending time with my best friends without having to worry about paying the tab...would be my dream Las Vegas Vacation!  Stephen Harvey  Chandler AZ


I dream of vacationing in Las Vegas every night. My dream begins with a luxurious airplane ride to Nevada. Arriving at the airport with my limo and champagne awaiting me. I arrive at a fabulous trendy hotel and get ready to take in the sights. I find a spa and get everything polished from head to toe. I then buy the sexiest dress available and start out to the casinos. I first find an awesome restaurant and dine. I then make my way to the gambling and win lots of money. Cathy Mozo  Saint Augustine FL


I would love to go to Vegas for several reasons. I an a huge fan of Celine Dion. I would love to see her concert at Caesar's palace. My fiancee and I would also love to do some gambling and sight seeing. I have never been to Vegas so it would be such a wonderful thing to experience. It would also be a great honeymoon spot)  Terra Ault  Rosamond CA


My only visit to Las Vegas was in 1975, I have always wanted to return but wasn't able to. Since we never had a honeymoon 47 years ago , this would be our dream vacation for sure. thank you.  Judi Wilson  Des Moines IA


Just one trip I would like to visit Vegas and not have to go the the ATM machine!  Vivian Weaver Greensboro NC


I want to take my children to the same water park that my friends vacationed at. They claim that children and Vegas do go together. That is my dream come true. I want to travel to Las Vegas with my children, see the sights and enjoy water activities with my children during the day, and see Celine Dion and gamble with my wife at night.  Sharing in all the lights, sights, and excitement with my children would make my dream Las Vegas vacation come true.  Todd Stenhjem  Fargo ND


This fantastic trip would start for me an my two sisters with an all expense paid trip (air fair, hotel/casino lodging, food....lots of food and $2000 spending cash for each of us. Obviously we would attempt to increase the cash allotment with a big win at one or some of the casinos. To add to the memory of the excursion, a tour trip to the grand canyon would be included. And to treat myself to a special dream fulfillment, the package would include passes to the Grand National Rodeo finals. I should note that if we won enough at the casinos, I would have to say "Mr. Trump say hello to your new neighbors." Paula Holtschneider  Molino FL


We wake up at my moms. We start the day having breakfast at hard rock cafe and spend several hours at grand prix raceway, circus circus, by then she's ready to relax so we take her and our child and stop by the museum display at Bellagio. we leave her admiring the art and run over to Excalibur and do their 3d ride, and the riddle of the sphinx at the Luxor tour. stop back by to grab her and head for lunch at the Rio the worlds best buffet. Completely stuffed we take our leisure with a stroll through the mall at the mgm. its off to the pageant put on by Caesars. and a quick jaunt back to watch the show at Excalibur. we have dinner at godfathers pizza and go back to my moms.  Beveanne Williams  Golden Valley AZ


As a horse person, my most incredible Vegas vacation would be in December during the National Finals Rodeo. I would spend 10 days there at one of the finest hotels. After the rodeos I would go to the great rodeo parties. When not being a cowgirl, I would love to gamble and take in the sights. I hear that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It sounds like the most exciting town in the world. I would have to have a limo, of, course to get around in and take me to all the casinos. If I ever make it to this glittery town, I will live it up!  Marcia Taylor  Alachua FL


A limousine would pick up our family of 10 (sons and wives) and promptly whisk us to the airport. Upon arriving at the airport in Vegas another limo would be waiting and would take us on a tour of Vegas and then would valet us to our hotel- and would hope they would continue to come for many years as well the Bellagio. We would be escorted to our penthouse suite where gift baskets would await us. In the baskets would be tickets to see Celine Dion in Concert as well as gift cards to the finer shops in the grand hotels. Gaming chips would be set aside for our use. We would have an opportunity to show our family members why we have enjoyed Vegas for so many years.  Rosanne Morrison  Rockford IL


My dream Vegas vacation would be able to stay at the Venetian hotel in a suite with a jaccuzzi tub. To be escorted on a tour around the Vegas area to see the sites, a helicopter ride, and to be able to see some of the popular shows that make Las Vegas, Las Vegas.  Laurie McGraw  Raeford NC


Girl's Trip to celebrate my Divorce after 31 years of marriage.  Charlotte lapham  Austin TX


My best vacation is to be able to discover the city with my four children at home!  Sharisse Bowen  Narragansett RI


Going to see all the different show and performers live and plenty of gaming.  Becky Michel  Morgan City LA


Shortly after my engagement to a 46 year old woman I surprise here and here three children with a trip to Las Vegas. None of them had ever flown and only one child had taken a trip outside of New Mexico. Needless to say, the trip was an adventure for four individuals that had never seen such sights as are available in Las Vegas. We stayed at Circus Circus and had a couple of suites. These four people were in awe of everything they experiences and since then two of the girls have returned a number of times. A great time was had by all.  Robert Coca  Albuquerque NM


Las Vegas has always been a destination that I have dreamed of visiting. We recently made a short trip from Maryland to Atlantic City, N.J. and although my husband and I love to gamble at the casino's we were disappointed in the other amenities. I would love to fly to Vegas and stay at one of the beautiful hotels with sandy beaches and sip on drinks during the day and catch a show and gamble in the evenings. I think I have always secretly thought it would be great to renew our wedding vows. We're originally from Memphis so an Elvis wedding chapel would be fitting. Although spas and drinks by the pool are my perfect vacation, golf, golf and gambling would be my husbands ideal trip. Connie Powell  Fallston MD


Las Vegas is a true oasis from the arm pit of America where I live now. Getting off of the plane and viewing the glittering lights and feeling the excitement of the strip is something New Jersey cant offer. My boyfriend and I would get into our limo, pop a bottle of bubbly and sail into sin city painting the carpet red. We'd check into our hotel and have them bring our bags to the room so we could start exploring right away. Drinking strawberry margaritas wed glide (literally) on the people movers from casino to casino stopping to admire the buildings and dropping money in the slot machines or playing a hand or two of black jack. Wed run around and see the amazing water fountain show at Caesars, joke with the Elvis impersonators and ride the roller coaster at New York New York until we get dizzy. Wed stay up all night long laughing and playing and in the morning when the sun is rising is when wed finally go back to the hotel and enjoy a massage at the spa and sit in the hot tub and eat fresh fruit. A power nap is all we would need to freshen up for a next day full of shopping, people watching, more gambling and enjoying everything Vegas has to offer. Who needs to sleep? We can do that when we get back from vacation in dull humdrum life in the garden state. F. S.  NJ


Here's To the Best Vacation Ever!!!!! Unlimited gambling monies, unlimited spa services, and unlimited expense account within the designer boutiques, give us the break. Sarah Woods  Meridian MS


My dream vacation starts a airplane ride and a car rental, a trip to red rock canyon, staying downtown at Golden Nugget in a suite, eating at the great restaurants in Vegas and last but not least visiting my girlfriend of 43 years.  Marie Balog  Chippewa Lake OH


My wife and I, have never enjoyed a trip to Vegas, because of my cancer, the last visit to Vegas, I was too sick to enjoy, my wife has been with her mom and sis, and the other times I visited Vegas were on a business here's our dream trip....first, we want to go together, and stay at a deluxe room at the Monte Carlo, never been there....see any comedian show, a fifties show.....any Elvis show, we had more fun seeing La Cage at Riviera, we don't care for lance or the blue man...we would rather see Don Rickles ... also, we want to see Freemont street, each time ive went, never saw Freemont, also we want to stay longer maybe 4 days and visit Vegas the city, not the strip and see how its grown and have a rental car. We want to visit the Grand Canyon with a car not a plane or helicopter.....we dream of playing bingo at the best casino for bingo, and enough time to visit the best casinos for slots....we want to go eat that famous 25c or 5c hot dog, and try to find the best buffet, we would like to visit all the cheap shows, and we would like to stay on the strip for 2 days then get a nice room on Freemont, that way we see all the sites, the car rental would be great ,so wee could go to sams town or other casinos nearby, I guess our dreams is simple and our pockets cheap, so its hard to see everything, but the icing is to see Vegas by car, see the city , how you all live, cause if we lived there, I bet, we would eat out at some casino.  Ron Guerrero  Wichita KS


My dream vacation, would consist of 30 yrs ago in August of 2005 my husband and I will be married. we raised our family of 5 children, and helped people along the way, which was no problem we do what needs to be done. But as for the man I married he has never asked for anything just happiness for the family. I would like to say Thank you to him for being their when we all needed him at one time or another. At the time we married, August 22, 1975, we went to Vegas for a honeymoon, stayed at the show boat, and he took me to see Wayne Newton. in the front row, it was just such an excited time then, I would like to repay him by revisiting the spot to reminisce of all the good times we've concord in the past. Thank You Tanya Thomas. At this time, he is now retired on a limited income, and it would be hard for us to do on our own.  Tanya Thomas  Espyville PA


I would love to have a family reunion in Vegas for my healthy 99 year old mother who will be 100 in march and then one of us hit the million dollar slot and share it. WOW! thanks.  Joyce Beeson  Florence KY


I guess I really am a kid at heart. When I vacation in Las Vegas, I feel like I have been transported to a different world where everything is magical, and anything is possible. A vacation in Las Vegas is never the same no matter how many times you visit.  I actually had the perfect dream vacation this past summer. We stayed at the MGM Grand. My daughter, her friend, and my husband and I spent the day doing all the fun stuff like rock climbing, riding roller coasters, indoor skydiving, and best of all laying out by the gorgeous pool and lazy river. When night came, my husband and I hit the casinos while the girls played games at Excalibur. Everyone had fun doing there own thing. That's what great about Las Vegas. There truly is something for everyone! Where else can you eat a candy apple for breakfast, and minutes later have a margarita if you like? When I am in Las Vegas, nothing else matters, I can forget that I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I can pretend to be anyone I like and the best part is that nobody cares!  Debra Cobleigh  Omaha NE


My ideal Vegas vacation would include so much, I probably wouldn't get much sleep. I would have to see Celine Dion and Tom Jones in concert along with any other show I could get tickets to. Then I would go to the Luxor where my room would be and get ready to hit the casinos. In my ideal story I would enter a Texas Hold Em tournament and be the winner much to the surprise of everyone and would come home a millionaire and be discovered as an actress because I was on TV during the tournament.  Jamie Buseman  Ottumwa IA


My dream vacation would be staying in A great hotel having lots of spending money for food, gambling and shopping. And having a driver to return my purchases to my hotel room.  Angelique St. Gelais  Gatineau PQ  Canada


I was in Las Vegas in 1980. SO I don't have to imagine to hard want a Las Vegas vacation would be like. It would be great to see how it has changed, with the big hotels ,they have now. The next time I get to Las Vegas I would like to take in a few shows , I didn't get to do the last time I was there. Take a tour of Hoover Dam and other places I missed. Got to go back to the slot machines , and try my luck. OH! lets not forget the great food you serve , its wonderful. Hope too have a great time with my family in Las Vegas.  Jeanette Carlson  New Castle IN


A cozy cocoon of a hotel room on one of the top floors of a flashy casino, replete with indoor and outdoor steaming swimming oasis to lull in, exuberant, clanging game rooms with free drinks, awe-inspiring theatrical shows, and lavish buffets spilling with scrumptious seafood. Anjanette Morton  White Plains NY


My dream vacation would include a badly needed make-over and new wardrobe so I can feel like a celebrity. I always dreamed of meeting my Poker idol, Annie Duke and learning some Poker tips from her. Winning a few thousand dollars at Blackjack would not be so bad. Finally, leaving in style in a limo ride to the airport. That is my Las Vegas Dream Vacation.  Jodi Rodriquez  Detroit MI


My dream vacation would be flying to Las Vegas (first class of course) and marrying my long time fiancée. We have been engaged for about 18 months and have not been able to come up with the money to get married or take a trip somewhere where we could get married. We would stay at a nice hotel and spend the evenings going to shows and walking along holding hands calling each other husband and wife. That would be a dream come true!  Susan Kirk  Streator IL


My dream Las Vegas vacation is to go there with my two sisters, my niece who turns 21 this month (my other two nieces and nephew are under 21) and my son for a week of sightseeing, shows, spas, dinners and casinos. We hope to make it a reality in the Spring of 2005, and would love to have it all paid for and free!! Then I'd love to make it a tradition as the other nieces and nephews turn 21. We would dedicate the trip in the memory of our mother who passed on before we could make it a reality, although we know she will be there with us in spirit and thoughts!  Carolann McLaughlin  Langhorne PA


I want to see Tom Jones!  Sonya Acord  Lakewood WA


My wife has never been, so when you talk about it, she gets stars in her eyes. That's probably how it is for a lot of people, so here is mine #1 the dam a visit at least, then I noticed people like one of a kind things or hard to get Items, like a Harley Davidson tee-shirt from Vegas, then you got to see some casinos, you know action-maybe a show. This funny, visit a grocery store-there is slot machines, cool, then a cab ride or tour of Las Vegas and here is the cincher (I've been entering a contest for a new Orleans trip and cant imagine how the winner will be treated like royalty by a big company like that so, maybe a Las Vegas theme, thanks for letting me share.  William Davison  Chireno TX


I would get to see the white tigers. Have wanted to see them forever. also, would get to see the New Cirque De Soliel, in 2006, Beatles. Would stray in the MGM Grand and see the Tragically Hip. and take in Celine Dion.  Janice Cournoyer  Lorette MB Canada


The ultimate Las Vegas vacation would start with a limo picking my husband and I up at our Michigan home and driving us to the airport as we sipped champagne. We be whisked off, first class to the glitzy city. Another limo would drop us off at the Paris hotel and casino where we'd check into the luxury suite. We'd sleep in late for the next four days then take a dip in the pool and head out on the town. Our provided, pre-paid credit card would cover meals at all the casinos and spins on the roulette table. We'd eat, drink, gamble and dance the night away.  Jill Van Hof  East Lansing MI


My dream vacation would begin with a limo ride from the airport to the Bellagio where I would have a penthouse suite. I would go to some of the best shows and eat at the best restaurants. Of course I would have to shop at the Forum Shops, take a ride on the gondola at the Venetian and ride the roller coaster at New York, New York. To top it off, with my heavy pockets (this is a dream), I would visit the casino and play till I dropped. Marta Turner  Murfreesboro TN


My husband and I finally got to the Las Vegas airport. Schlepping our heavy bags to check-in at the gate, we were very weary and tired. You can imagine how everyone around us chuckled, when I loudly said to my husband with a weary sigh, "Howie, are we having fun yet?"  Susan Lee Wiener Spring Hill FL


I'm easy....I just want to see Wayne Newton in concert in Vegas. He's not my favorite, and possibly not the best singer, but he is the ultimate showman, who goes out of his way to please the audience.  Linda Yurkoski  Penticton BC Canada


My dream story is to have a dream trip to Vegas!!  Machelle Oberman  Milwaukie OR


Never been there, would like to take my husband there for our 5th wedding anniversary.  Sharon Bettencourt  Mississauga ON Canada


Best vacation ever would be unlimited money to bet on a poker hand.  Jamie Prusinski  Chicago IL


I could play blackjack all day and night.  Mike Cheser  Margate FL


My Las Vegas dream vacation is to have my fiancee who is in England there and it is August in Las Vegas. We lay by the pool during the day and gamble all night.  Kimberly Evans Indianapolis IN


After over 20 years of marriage I became a single mom with six daughters, I thought I would never marry again, well...dreams do come true, my boyfriend, who has two sons and I have been living together for the past three years. yes, eight is enough kids to drive anyone insane. A Las Vegas dream vacation story for us would include, first and foremost a weekend away from all our wonderful eight children. we would stay up late, sleep in late and do all those things that adults do that children cant. but most of all we would use the time in Vegas to get married at a little chapel, peaceful, quaint, and very personal, we would love to make Vegas the highlight of our marriage ceremony.  Julie Maynard  Omaha NE


Of course, winning a huge amount of money while on vacation to Las Vegas would be the best vacation ever!  Sarah Echols  Hope AR


I have this crazy fantasy for my ideal Las Vegas trip;  It starts at the MGM Grand overlooking the strip. First the manager greets me with flowers and sweets, Then he quickly escorts me to their best luxury suite. I need to relax before each night on the town, So a masseur shows up for a soothing rub down. I'll take in a show and dine like a king-- But, first I hit the boutiques to get a few things. I buy a knock-out dress that's short and tight; Cause I got to look great both day and night. Late in the eve, I strut to the casino-- Got a pocket full of hundreds and I'm raring to roll!  Yep, my trip to Vegas is a mix of pleasure and sin; And the best part is that I get lucky and win and win and win!  Nancy Kevorkian Port Charlotte FL


Upon entering Las Vegas, the flashy lights and constant ringing and pinging fade into the neon background as a strong masseuse kneads the NY knots out of my body in the 5 star Vegas spa. Once relaxed, my husband and I are treated to a culinary delight of lobster tails, champagne and strawberries before wheedling the late hours away by the slots and then the dance floor. We flop, exhausted onto a cushy foamy mattress at the Paris Hotel and dream of million dollar prizes while vacationing in Las Vegas.  Zoe Hunter  Beacon NY


My dream Las Vegas Vacation would be a week long adventure. I would stay at the Bellagio. I've always dreamed of seeing the Cirque Du Soliel Aquatic Show. I would purchase tickets to see Elton John at Caesars Palace. I would catch a show starring Penn and Teller and in between have a few martinis at the Voodoo Lounge.  My next few days would consist of dancing with the Chippendales, seeing La Cage, and the Piece De Resistance, Wayne Newton singing Donka Shane!  Rose Kelty  Brentwood NY


My dream vacation would start off in the year 2005 with a three night stay at the Bellagio hotel with an all inclusive stay. Pampered with a spa treatment each night for my husband and I. We have been married for 32 years and deserve this special treatment. My husband is a workaholic and sometimes has to work long hours. We haven't had a really awe inspiring vacation in years. The trip would finalize at the Venetian for another three days all inclusive with spa treatments each day. My husband works very hard and his dream is to retire a little early but this would help as we cannot afford to retire him early. We are a very cute couple. Please pick us!! Most truly thankful.  Kristy Johnson  Kihei HI


Me and my wife finally having our honeymoon after 10 years of marriage. We would like to stay in the Bellagio for a week of all inclusive. Only in our dreams.  Julian Bradford  Lawrenceville GA


My Las Vegas dream vacation starts out by flying first class to Sin City. Upon arrival a limo picks up my wife and I at the airport a whisks us to our hotel. We check in at the hotel desk for our luxury suite and quickly proceed to our room. We freshen up and head downstairs to gamble. Within a half hour we're winning and having a great time. After a week of partying, winning and eating at the finest restaurants, we head back home with $10,000 in our pockets. No body believes our incredible story.  David Senderling  Warminster PA


Enjoy the Strip.  Claudia Russell  St.Cloud MN


My dream Las Vegas vacation would be getting my room at The Luxor comped, hitting a really big jackpot at the progressive slots, and then cruising The Strip in search of a 99-cent shrimp cocktail.  James Harding  Woodstock AL


The best vacation in Las Vegas would be to stay at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, enjoy a concert at the Hard Rock, try my hand at video poker and 21 and maybe enjoy a show and dinner at the Bellagio. I would love to fly there and have a car rental. That would be groovy. This would be with my boyfriend of 13 years who also loves Vegas (he's a successful horse race gambler); we have many great early memories there.  Jean Schulte  Lake Forest CA


Hubby and I would arrive in Las Vegas via a stretch Limo. After checking in to one of the fantastic hotels such as the Venetian or the Mirage, I would order room service while relaxing in a hot bubble bath. We would eat a fantastic meal and then shop for clothes in which we would renew our wedding vows at one of the lovely wedding chapels. We might even have Elvis as our best man. Since we were too poor to have a honeymoon 30 years ago, we would celebrate by going to a show and enjoying all the excitement that Vegas has to offer-we definitely would be on "sensory overload".  Hubby would take lots of pictures to commemorate the occasion and we would call friends and family to tell them about our experience of a lifetime.  Nan Campbell  Bristol VA


Only in America - No Tricks, just Treats!  Chris Barker  South Saint Paul MN


My dream Las Vegas Vacation would be to go to Vegas during the Christmas holidays. I would love to surprise my wife by renewing our wedding vows. We could stay at Mandalay Bay-do a little Vegas gambling, Spa, dinner and take in a Vegas show. Later I could surprise my wife by having the renewal ceremony driven by carriage to a wedding chapel. If Liberace, Tom Jones or some other celeb could be at the ceremony that would be fabulous.  Buddy Garrett  Jefferson GA


First I would actually GET THERE! Next, I would enjoy all the attractions that my kids so enjoyed when they went, such as Venice canals, the M & M candy world, and the many great shows, and then next I would get one of those free game plays for one chance to play a slot for a free car, and I would actually WIN the new car!  Louise Werre  Monango ND


My Las Vegas dream vacation starts on a Monday evening as my plane is landing. I am watching from the sky all the lights and loving every minute of it. First thing I want to do is get off the plane and try my money on a slot machine to find out if I brought my lady luck with me. Now having done that I am ready to see it all or try to do as much as I can while I am here. I want to start at the farthest end of the Las Vegas strip and experience each casino as I go down the line. I want to be able to say one day that I went on a vacation to Las Vegas and I have been in every casino there and saw a show every night. I know there is so much to do and see but I can never get enough of Las Vegas and all it's beauty. Of course I would like to come home a big winner with money.  Marlys Thoen  Fergus Falls MN


My Las Vegas vacation would be a dream if I was able to stay in the Presidential Suite at the top hotel on the strip and see Celine Dion in concert with my best friend. She has two kids that she is raising pretty much on her own and she is only 21 and I would love to take her on vacation.  Neetu Harrysingh  Houston TX


Being the mother of 4 children, any vacation without them would be a dream vacation. I dream of that one quite often actually.  Laurie Diotte  Surrey BC Canada


To have unlimited spending where I wouldn't come out of every casino "a sore loser"! and have to use money gram to have cash wired to me to get home on!  Cathy Ryan  Phoenix CA


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