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Contest -- Tell Insider Viewpoint About Your Dream Las Vegas Vacation and Win CASH!
(Contest started June 26, 2003 and ended August 22, 2003)

The following are contest entries, send us your entries today.  Enjoy reading and enjoy entering our contests.
Richard Reed 
CEO / Editor   
Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas   

(Please note the following text contest entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.)

My dream Vegas vacation begins with me and my family catching a Lear jet in the middle of the night, for the best view of the glittering strip of course! When we arrive there is a Hummer limo waiting for us, no need to go into the airport, that's for normal people...we get picked up right on the strip! Next we get whisked away to our penthouse suite at the Bellagio to drop off our luggage. My two daughters stay in the adjoining suite with my parents and younger sister while we get ushered into the high rollers section of the best casinos in town. We can’t be too long though, we have VIP seating for Oscar De La Hoya’s bout at the Mandalay Bay, my gift to my husband for our anniversary. After the fight, Oscar himself invites us to his suite for a victory party…OH!, rubbing shoulders with the highest profiled celebrities in town is just fabulous!!! The next day my husband catches a helicopter ride to Area 51 with my dad, they’re going to find out what really happened with those aliens!!! We girls take the Caesar’s Forum shops by storm, there is nothing else I can possibly want from the Bellagio boutiques…Where are the girls?…of yeah, enjoying their unlimited shopping spree at FAO Swartz. Being the avid Elvis fan that I am, my husband, for our anniversary, presents me with a special vow renewal ceremony performed by Elvis himself where he presents me with an astonishing princess cut $200,000 diamond ring inscribed with… to my Priscilla, with love. For the next week all we do is eat at the finest restaurants, watch the best shows, and enjoy the best of Vegas attractions with my family.  Nayeli Quintana  Hialeah, FL


My dream vacation: To obtain a trip to Las Vegas for me, my wife and three grandchildren from Houston, TX. The trip would include free airfare from Houston to Las Vegas for all of us, as well as three free days at Circus Circus. My grand kids would be given free passes to the adventure dome for three days, and my wife and I free Buffet deals at the Hotel (Circus Circus). After Three days at the hotel (with $500 free gambling chips) Me and my tribe would fly back to Houston free and think about the fun we had for the next year. Clennis F. High Houston, TX


My dream Las Vegas vacation would be to have free airfare, free hotel room, and free buffet coupons so I could spend all my money on the slots. Paula Gray  Medway, ME


Ok- we are chauffeured to Oxnard Airport. There we board a private jet ( no waiting for security cks.) for Las Vegas. We land at McCarren Airport, there's a limo waiting just off the tarmac, with champagne chilled, of course. We head to Green Valley Ranch for Lunch. Then it is out on the strip for gambling, sight seeing and dinner and topless show (say.. Jubilee late show at Bally's) Then head for a nice new Jacuzzi suite in the new Caesar's tower, where the spa is 103 degrees, turned on with a bottle of champagne next to it, and the bed is turned down. The rest of the week we have a rental car- a new Ford Explorer, or something comparable- to go do the rest of Vegas. Courtesy of the staff at the Las Vegas Advisor, we have a full, complete up to date list of all the video poker and blackjack tournaments in town, the exact whereabouts of all the full pay video poker in town, along with the current payouts on all the video poker progressive games everywhere. At all casino restaurants we have passes that immediately take us into the comp lines, so there's never any waiting. We also take time to an afternoon at wet and Wild, do a quick run down to Laughlin for dinner at the Pioneer, and some serious beer drinking at the Colorado Bell- dark amber brews only, please!! Also on this trip the wife finally agrees to the roller coaster ride on top of the stratosphere, and I finally get the guts to do the vertical ride off the top of the stratosphere, too, and survive it. We sleep all the way home on our private jet, and clean up with hot towels before our descent to the airport.  Mark Rathz  Oxnard, CA


My dream Las Vegas Vacation would be, to come to Las Vegas, and, tour the city (and Grand Canyon ), by helicopter. Then, visiting one of the city's old mining towns (and, hopefully, finding a gold nugget)! Next would be to meet a celebrity (in person), such as Wayne Newton! Or, the Smothers Brothers! I have enjoyed them, for years. Also, I would like to see the "Blue Man Group". Because, I have heard so much about how good their shows are! And, last but not "LEAST", I would like to hit "THE BIG JACKPOT", on the slot machines. That would be the "ULTIMATE" Las Vegas Dream Vacation! Stanley Angel  Andover, OH


Hello. I usually don't do this but here it goes. Why I would like a dream vacation in Las Vegas is because we work so hard and never have time for each other as a family. We have never been to the beach or to any mountains since we live in the hills of West Virginia. We are farmers and we work all the time. We have heard how great it is to go to different many places but can't enjoy them. It would be absolutely great to experience the joy of going to Las Vegas and see the lights and the shows that are preformed there. The only reason I am doing this is because my mother has had it so ruff. I feel she deserves something special. If I won I probably would feel like a star and wouldn't know what to do. I hope that you make a dream come true for me and my family. Someday you will have a dream and I hope it comes true for you.  Alisha McIlvain   Camerom, WV


My Dream Trip to Las Vegas would start by flying First Class from Vermont (during the winter) with family members. At the airport, a white limo would pick us up and take us to the Rio because all its rooms are suites and it appears to be a wild and vibrant setting. We would have mid-theatre seats for Thunder Down Under, the male review, so we could watch other women’s’ reactions as well as the show. We would gorge our way through the buffets at the Rio. After those, we would be chauffeured on different nights to the MGM buffet, Mirage buffet and Golden Nugget buffet. We would also watch the 5 different shows from Freemont Street while browsing through those casinos. We would watch the new Treasure Island pirate show and view the dancing water fountain show at the Bellagio. Then to the Mirage with front row tickets to watch the skillful and artistic Siegfried & Roy White tiger show. This would be followed by visiting the dolphin habitat and getting a close-up look at dolphins playing. At the Venetian, we would walk through the plazas, have our pictures taken with the "white statues", take a gondola ride and listen to the various singers and musicians. Walking through the halls of Caesar’s Palace and watching the ceiling change while shopping is something to look forward to. Of course tickets to the Celine Dion show would be the highpoint of that site. While we’re dreaming, if would be fantastic to be in the studio audience of a Las Vegas taping of Drew Carey’s show, "Whose Line is it, Anyway?"  Louise Mongeon  Winooski, VT


It is a beautiful Saturday morning. I just got out of a cool shower, am getting dressed, and throwing last minute stuff into my suitcase. My best friend will be by in about 1 hour to pick me up to catch our flight to the City of Sin, otherwise known as Las Vegas baby!  While waiting to begin my adventure to Las Vegas, I begin daydreaming. Oh, what wonderful, luscious thoughts I have of my coming week of vacation. When we arrive in Vegas we will be met at the airport by a chauffeur and limousine. We will be driven to one of the posh hotels on the strip while we sit, giggle, and sip champagne in the limousine. When we arrive at the hotel staff are lined up to greet us and make sure that we have every little luxury possible to make our stay comfortable and pleasant. While walking through the hotel lobby, I spy a large progressive slot machine. I can not resist the urge! I have to put money into the machine or feel that I will die. I feed a $20.00 bill into the machine, hit maximum bet, spin and the wheels are off and running. All of a sudden the song "We're In The Money" starts playing, balloons and confetti fall from the ceiling, bells are ringing, and money starts dumping out of the slot machine. I've done it! I hit the Grand!  Progressive Jackpot and just won 2 1/2 million dollars!  Suddenly I come to my senses when I hear a horn honking. It is my best friend. She is here to pick me up to go to the airport....and, guess what? She brought a limousine over to pick me up! Maybe my dreams will come true!  Shawn Fechner  San Antonio, TX


I was in Las Vegas as a little girl. This was 40 years ago it was 1:00am we stopped for gas it was 110 degrees. I wanted to walk up and down the street and see the lights but my parents said it was too hot. It seemed like this town was alive I thought to myself does anyone ever sleep? Someday I hope to make my dream come true, I still want to walk the streets at night and see all of the twinkling lights that I have thought of so many times over the years.  Charlene Grigsby  Sacramento, CA


Oh, yes, my story is of Jonah and the whale. Wait, I mean its the story of Judy being treated like a "whale". Okay, so I have been watching the travel channel too often. You said to dream! I love Las Vegas, but experience it more like a minnow. My husband and I are rather boring folks, so we just love to wade through the excitement and submerge ourselves in the dream of paying off our wave of bills. No, this is not a tail or even a tale, just a dream of being a "Whale".  Judith Post  South Euclid, OH


Frist class to Las Vegas. Stretch Limo is waiting. Takes me and my husband to the finest Hotel in Las Vegas. Finest room accommodations. A week vacation with no mind to home worries. I look up and my son is standing there. (He is in the Navy stationed in Atsugi Japan for 2 yrs.) Playing and hit jackpot winning a new car or truck. Play some more and win win win. Go to different casinos with Limo waiting at each one for us to finish with no time limits. AWESOME. Did I fail to mention playing with no daily max. WHAT A FANTASY. Just to get away from home and having lots of fun.  Donna Barlow  Huffman, TX


Though any tip to Las Vegas is a dream vacation, to us my ideal would be to be picked us at McCarran Airport by super stretch Limousine, 7 days in the Four Seasons 180 degree strip view suites for us and 4 friends , dinner for at all of the top restaurants including dinner at Delmonico's Steakhouse,with Emeril Lagasse serving the dinner. Front row tickets to the following shows: Celine Dion, Danny Gans, Momma Mia, O, headliners and no ideal vacation would be complete without a romantic Gondola ride at the Venetian, and to have a 25,000 bankroll to gamble and spend as You wish.  Laura Misitano  Ocenside, NY 


My husband and I watch everything on TV about Las Vegas. We can only dream of ever going there. I lost my sister last year in June, and things have been very hard for me since then. My sister was going to take me to Las Vegas for my 45 birthday in August this year, now my dream of going is gone with my sister. My husband and I have been married for 15 years, and we never had a honeymoon. Winning a trip to Las Vegas would be our honeymoon that we never got 15 years ago. The thrill and joy of being in Las Vegas would be the best gift that I could ever want. I just hope that I could win this trip, not for only me, but for my sister also. She would see me from above at Las Vegas, not that we went together but that I was lucky enough to win a trip. THAN-YOU...Shirley Prouty  Post Falls, ID


My ideal Las Vegas Dream Vacation would start with first class round trip airfare from Daytona International Airport to begin our all expense paid 8 day / 7 night stay at Bellagio's. After arriving in Las Vegas and settling in our luxury suite we would begin our dream vacation by renewing our wedding vows in one of the wedding chapels. Off then to a chauffer driven limo ride where we will be taken for a candlelight dinner at one of Las Vegas's fine restaurants. The rest of our stay would be time spent gambling and site seeing at many of the fabulous hotels along the strip, dinner every evening at the restaurant of your choice and breakfast in bed every morning. Taking in some of the fabulous shows would cap off the evenings. Our last night would include a helicopter ride at night to take in the fantastic view of the city we love to visit. Nancy Parsons-Ulrich   Port Orange, FL


My dream Las Vegas vacation would be spent at the beautiful Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. It would occur at a time when Barry Manilow was performing in Las Vegas, and it would include front row tickets to all of his shows.  Judy Bummer Pittsburgh, PA


In my opinion, a Dream Las Vegas would include a great room with a tub big enough for two, great buffets with friendly service, great entertainment at an affordable price, great slot machines which I win lots of money, and of course... great company... my husband -- and we leave the kids at home for a change!!!  Donna Davidson  Martinez, CA


When most people think of Las Vegas, they picture the casinos along "the Strip". My ideal Las Vegas vacation would not only include the incredible shows and sites along Las Vegas Blvd, but I would also explore the surrounding scenery and natural wonders of the area. I would stay at the Bellagio (in a suite, of course) as this magnificent hotel is roughly mid-Strip so I could walk to either end from there. Walking the Strip, especially at night, is an adventure in itself. I would take a gondola ride at the Venetian and catch a pirate show at Treasure Island. Being a bird lover, I would visit the exotic birds at the Flamingo and the Tropicana. I have always dreamed of riding in a hot air balloon, so my ideal Vegas trip would include a scenic ride over the Nevada desert. Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon are a short drive away, so I would visit these attractions in the sports car I had rented at one of the numerous rental sites along the Strip. I would have to spend a year in Vegas to catch all the phenomenal shows that are running, but in a short trip I would certainly see the Cirque du Soleil show for its sheer jaw-dropping stunts. I also love magic so I would catch at least one illusionist show. No trip to Vegas would be complete without visiting the Elvis Museum. And of course, I would sample as many of the sumptuous buffets as I could!   Doris Clayton  Hamilton, ON, Canada


Las Vegas!! Just to be there is a Dream Vacation! To go to Las Vegas and receive red carpet treatment would be ideal! There are so many things to do, just a few of them like seeing a great show, being able to bet large once! and having a great massage; never worrying about all the money it cost-- How much of a better dream could you have!! Oh yeah, don't forget about having a wedding!! It would be awesome to renew wedding vows in the marriage capital of the world!! (officiated by Elvis of course!!) Las Vegas is my favorite vacation of all the places I've been. It is my Disneyworld! The last time we came as a family to Vegas the kids were so young they can't remember all the great times. Now that they are teen-agers to come back and ride the coasters and play games on the midway would be the best vacation ever.!  Darla Gallant  Newark, TX


KI want to go to VEGAS! Not only do I love the slots, but I have heard their shows are unbelievable! My Vegas Dream vacation includes getting married (I am a widowed mom and have met the man of my dreams who proposed to me) What better place to do it then Vegas where I can marry my man get spoiled with slots and catch some awesome shows! I think its great that so many places in Vegas allow weddings to be viewed via the net (I met my fiancee 6 years ago on the net) and I have a lot of family that can not afford to attend so that way they can still all take part in the wedding! <CHEERS> Here's to VEGAS!  Kay Dietz  Dover, DE


Have limo pick at airport, have luxury suite at any fab hotel, have some in room meals, have enough money to play slots to my hearts content.  Have a complete tour of Las Vegas, be able to see 1 million dollars in one place, be able to go to any show, be able to stay for 2 weeks.  Carol Flynn  Pilot Mountain, NC


My husband has a dream of going to Las Vegas to the International Rodeo. I think it is in November. I am not into cows or cowboys, but it is his dream. My husband is a disabled firefighter from Nashville, TN. Arby served two times in Viet Nam. The second time he was a POW. I feel he has lost much in life, but he does not regret serving his country. In Nashville, on the fire dept, Arby lost a lung but saved two intercity children. He is my hero. I would like this vacation for him. Thank you, Karen Hull-Caraway  Elloree, SC


My dream Las Vegas vacation begins at the airport where my husband and I will take a direct flight to Las Vegas. When we arrive, we are greeted by one of those "men who hold signs" with our names on that sign. From the airport we would ride in a limo to my favorite hotel, The Venetian. We would first eat lunch at The California Pizza Kitchen in The Mirage because I love that place. Then dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Caesars, and finish the evening with going to a club, either Studio 54 or Rumjungle. We seem to keep missing those places every time we go. The next few nights (4 nights is the perfect stay for Vegas) we would spend dining out and attending shows. I have to see The Blue Man Group every time I go and I love Celine Dion. Celine is "one of a kind." Of course we would gamble a bit in between and win most of the time (hey it's my dream). I'm not looking to win big, just enough to keep us entertained. I've LOVED Vegas ever since our first trip in March, 2000 to get married. Although every trip to Vegas for me is a dream come true, I guess my "extra dream" would consist of always having enough spending money, having my father join us once so he could see Celine Dion perform, staying at The Venetian, and just enjoying every minute and making the most of every second we are there. Thank you.  Lorraine Kyser  Casselberry, FL


My ideal vacation. Staying at the Luxor for at least a week. Taking in the sights and sounds of Fabulous Las Vegas and of course I have to gamble a bit, hoping to win it big but knowing when to stop when I don't. I'd take lots of side trips to Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire-with so many things to do You'd just have to make plans To Visit Las Vegas again. Gambling, take in a few shows-there are lots to choose from, Fremont Street Experience, the rides on top of the Stratosphere -I want to try those, New York, New York's roller coaster-I can be brave, a hot air balloon ride-never done that but I gotta do that. So many things to do with so few days. Yep, I would have to plan for another visit.  Viva Las Vegas!  Pamela Yelverton  Stantonsburg, NC


My dream vacation in Las Vegas would have me picked up by limo at the airport and transported in style to the a suite at the Venetian. The perfect place to relax in a hot tub after a day of excessive gambling, shopping, and eating. Another part of my Las Vegas dream would be to get front row seats to see my favorite country artists. (I travel to Las Vegas every year, but I never seem to be able to get through on the telephone line when the best seats go on sale.) After the show - off to one of the great night spots. Then time for breakfast and start all over again. No need for sleep in Las Vegas - there is too much to do and you don't want to miss any of it. Stephanie MacDonald Sydney, NS, Canada 


My dream vacation would be a suite at the Venetion or Mandalay Bay - so romantic. We would take a limo from the airport to the hotel. After checking in we would head to the pool for a couple of hours of sun before preparing to go out for the evening. Cocktails on the veranda at the Venetian while watching the Mirage volcano would be a great start, dinner at a fab. eatery and a late show of The Blue Man Group would follow. The casinos should be a little less busy by then so it would be a good time to play. The next day would begin with a trip to the spa. After being pampered, perhaps a light lunch then a little more sun by the pool - gotta have that healthy glow! Later that day my husband and I would renew our wedding vows to celebrate our 30th anniversary. The bridge over the canal in the Venetian would be perfect, and of course our family would be present. Then a romantic dinner at the Stratosphere, to watch the sun go down and the lights go up, followed by a romantic evening in our room (sorry no details). The rest of the week would be spent sightseeing and of course gambling, maybe even a side trip to Valley of Fire. With so many shows, casinos and things to do in Las Vegas the week would fly by - but oh what a dream!  Deb Klein  Flora, IL


My Las Vegas Dream vacation would be exactly what you are offering. Someone to do the worrying and planning and me to do the enjoying in fantastic Las Vegas.  Arleen Runge  Thornton, IL


I'm from Puerto Rico, when I visit my family there we always go to the hotel casinos, and have a lot of fun, we don't always win but we have fun. In Orlando where I live we cant go to the casinos because they don't have it. I like to see the Travel Channel to see the beautiful city of Las Vegas, I have seen that documental thousand of times, I have 55 years old and my dream is before I go to heaven to go to Las Vegas, see the lights of the city at night, the beautiful hotels, go to the beauty salon, have a nice dress and go to see Celine Dion show, unfortunately its just only a dream, I cant afford to go there, I was looking when my husband retire go there, but he have a heart attack and two month later he lost his vision, so for me its only a dream, I feel happy looking the Travel Channel, with a special program about Las Vegas, and I forget to tell you part of the dream is eating that special big hotdog when I became tired and hungry walking the streets with my son who is mentally handicapped and autistic and share with me my dreams, he is nineteen....We would see the beautiful water fountains of the Bellagio Hotel, and go to see the shows of the lions, Oh what a beautiful place to visit, I wish this dream become a reality.....Thank you. Norma Aponte  Orlando, FL


Hello I am a housewife with two disable sons.  I love to take them to Vegas.  Jim Gould  Clarion, PA


My dream vacation to Las Vegas includes airfare from Sacramento for my husband and I. Southwest will do! We are then taken by taxi to The Aladdin, New York/New York, Mandalay Bay, Paris, or Bellagio as our primary hotel. We have 2 or 3 nights - all meals included (P.F. Changs, Spice Market Buffet, Paris Buffet, any number of restaurants are on our list!), we check into our oversized room with a great view, then a mini shopping spree at the Aladdin shops and Venetian shops - Caesar's shops and the Fashion Mall are good stops too! Then a show, perhaps Zumanity or Danny Gans. Maybe a towncar or limo could pick us up. Of course I can't forget the gambling - dollar slots sound like fun for a while! Swimming would be a must, spa treatments, a trip to the Hilton to check out the Star Trek experience. Oh, and of course a late night on the town that includes a trip to the Ghost Bar at The Palms! If it involves shopping, eating, gambling, entertainment and all around fun, I'm there! Viva Las Vegas!  Gail Michon  Sacramento, CA


My name is Josephine and I am a single parent with a 13 year old son. My boyfriend is also a single parent with a 14 year old son. It has been my dream and my son's wish that when I get married, it will be the wedding of a lifetime. It has always been my dream to get married in Las Vegas surrounded by the glitter and gold! Therefore, my Las Vegas dream vacation would include an all expense paid wedding experience fit for a king and queen and two princes' (we can't forget the children). First, our platinum wedding rings would be specially ordered and paid for. The gown and tuxedo would be extravagant! The dream would continue with limo service to the airport followed by first class/VIP travel. My specially invited guests would need a discounted package deal in order to enjoy their time with us. Upon arrival, there would be a limo waiting to pick up us up. Hotel accommodations would be at either the Venetian, Bellagio or Mandalay Bay. The luxury suite would be filled with many amenities including a Jaccuzi overlooking the beautiful nightlife of Vegas!! After getting settled, we would be invited along with our guests to a early evening gourmet welcome dinner celebrating the engagement. After the dinner would be the Bachelor and Bachlorette party including night long limo service for the wedding party to celebrate at one of your many shows (ie. Chippendales/Harrahs). The next day would be the moment I've been waiting for. I would have a full package wedding ceremony at your most elegant chapel (maybe on the beach with an oceanfront view). The gourmet reception would be spectacular and unforgettable. The dream would continue with romantic nightly dining. It would include shows to see starline entertainment like Celine.  Josephine Kirkland  New Rochelle, NY


We all need our dreams! I love Las Vegas and this would definitely be at the top of my list for a Dream Vacation in Vegas. A Rolls Royce will greet my two sisters and I at the airport and whisk us off to a Suite at The Bellagio. Upon arrival we will be handed ten black chips each to play as we want and naturally only at The Bellagio.  Our first evening we are treated to dinner at the Prime Steakhouse or the five star Picasso. Our second evening we are invited to attend "O" and afterwards will be given a tour of the back stage. For our third evening "Olives" is our choice for dinner and hopefully the weather will permit sitting outside on the patio so I can enjoy my most favorite sight and sounds in all of Las Vegas - The Fountains of Bellagio. After dinner we will be given a tour of the strip with a narration of all kinds of fun and interesting facts about Las Vegas. Our fourth and final evening will be an elaborate tour of the casino and all its inner workings. Then we will have dinner with the Owner Manager (or someone knowledgeable) where we can ask all kinds of questions. At this point, if we have lost all of our black chips - we will be offered two more black chips each.  Leaving the next morning we are handed a personal invitation to return again next year and on the way to the airport our limo driver hands us first class seats for our trip back to Louisville, Kentucky. Since, I have thirty (30) words left - May we bring one friend or my daughter? Thank You.  Joan Sue Mihalovic  Louisville, KY


Like most people, I too would love to see the casinos and catch a show in Las Vegas. To do all the things that Las Vegas is so well known for. Unlike most people, though, I would love to go to Las Vegas for more personal reasons. I am one of nine children born and raised in Erie Pennsylvania and I see my siblings on a regular basis. That is except my favorite brother who has lived in Las Vegas for many years. He is a Las Vegas Policeman with a wonderful wife whom I have actually only seen in person twice. They have two beautiful daughters that I've also only seen twice and the youngest recently joined her father on the police force. Thus, to me the Perfect Las Vegas dream trip would be to spend time with them. Have them show me their home town so I will get to see more than just the stores and casinos. I love museums and historical sites and out of the way places that most tourists probably never see or even heard of. I would like to get to know the Las Vegas that my brother, Virgil Swartwood, and his family call home. Christine Swartwood  North East, PA


All this lil' old country gal in Tennessee wants to do is go to Vegas with my sweet hubby....and do lots of wild, crazy, totally out-of-character go to a leather bar and drink beer then put on an evening gown and slow dance at an ultra ritzy club. Guess you can tell we are simple folks and have never been there. We would love to gawk open-mouthed at the lights and sights...and romance throughout the nights. And, yes this is silly, but I really would like to hold one of the lion cubs and win a couple thousand dollars at a slot machine. Thanks...and good luck to all who enter !!!  Angela Dowdy  East Ridge, TN


I went. I saw... the most beautiful city... the most beautiful lights... and the most incredibly wonderful people I have ever met! That is my story, and I'm sticking to it!   James Travis  Littleton, CO


As I search the web I start to day dream. I'm in a limo with my best friend by my side. As I look over at this smiling face I can't help feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I'm on my way to marry an amazing man. A man that has given so much to me and my two boys. He has shown us love that I didn't think was possible. He always gives and I finally get to give back by becoming his wife. We arrive at the perfect wedding chapel and exchange vowels. We then return to our honeymoon suite where a candlelight dinner awaits us. On the table there is an invitation to see the city from the air and some gambling cash. We stay 5 nights in this gorgeous fantasy city. We enjoy touring the different casino's, gambling, shows and shopping for the little ones that didn't get to come. This is my dream vacation, to give my best friend his dream wedding and vacation all in one. To let him enjoy this vacation without the stress of trying to find the money to pay for a wedding that he thinks I deserve. As reality sets back in I can't help but smile as I search the web to try and find a way to make this happen for him.  Carolyn Norris   Morrow, AR


My Dream Las Vegas vacation is so awesome, because, I love to party and enjoy all the glory of Las Vegas!! I would be picked up at my home by a Hummer limo and whisked away to the Palms Casino where I would find red carpet treatment at the Ghost Bar, take a tour of the "Real World Penthouse" and given $500.00 to play the slots. The fun would continue with another ride to Caesars to see Celine Dion and have a late dinner with 4 friends, then on to Hard Rock Casino to dance and game some more! The night won't end until 10:00 the next morning!  The ride home will be smooth and even with champagne and caviar........AH HEAVEN ... What a Dream!  Marilyn Bergen  Las Vegas, NV


Would it not be wonderful to stay at the Golden Nugget, which is the landmark hotel of Las Vegas. Then to see Wayne Newton in Concert. To be treated as a high roller, knowing that I am just a country girl and then to actual win a jackpot that is at least my yearly salary!  Wow what a dream. Connie Wilson   Riceville, TN 


I was married in Vegas so I would love to go back my dream vacation would be arriving in Vegas and being met by a Limo with champagne chilling on ice and two glasses and it would whisk us away to the Strip and before it dropped us off it would drive around then take us to our hotel room with a great view and a hot tub then we would go in take a hot bath and get ready to see Celine Dion in concert then the next night a helicopter ride down the Strip that would be my perfect trip just going back would be perfect.  Kelli Bauer  Milton, WI  


My dream Las Vegas vacation would first start off with a first class ticket from Santa Maria to Las Vegas. Then a stay at a four star hotel and VIP pass to concerts and clubs. But having fun in the city of lights and wining money is a dream in it self. I have had a hard last year I lost my boyfriend of 6 years , I'm on workers comp due to a car accident and I have been taking care of my 3 year old nephew because his mom is in jail. I believe that a chance to win this trip is a dream and a vacation well due. Thanks for giving me the chance to go.  Rebecca  Scrovano  Santa Maria, CA  


I haven't been to Las Vegas before, which I saw a document in Discovery Channel Travel & Adventure, a place of love, heaven and money. It would be my dream place to go there once in my lifetime, it is largest entertainment in the world, so I heard!!  Camelia Chan  Petaling Jaya, Selangor DE, MY


I would love to win a trip to Las Vegas. I have been there years ago. My husband has never been there and once he has he will want to go again. I have not been there in 15 years. I would love to stay at a place near the Strip where we can swim lounge and dine in luxury. I would love to take in all the Vegas show we could and spend plenty of time at the casinos. Next a trip to Hoover Dam would complete the trip. I hope I win!   Judith Cleaver  Wilmington, DE


First of all, I am currently taking treatment for cancer.  This is the 3rd time that I have had a reoccurrence.  I was forced to quit my job and pursuing my lawyer degree.  I am 53 years of age.  I have not worked for the past 2 years, first batting the dreaded disease Lupus and now this cancer. My husband lost his job of 23+ years last summer and has been holding a full time job with several other part-time jobs.  We are desperately in need of a vacation.  A Las Vegas vacation would truly be the ultimate. I visited Las Vegas a few years ago with my husband and it was truly a beauty-filled vacation.  Of course, we were only able to stay at the Palace Station and then found ourselves walking great distances.  Still, the experience created a lot of lasting memories for me.  Since then, I believe that my dream vacation would be to stay at a hotel on the strip and attend a Celine Dion show.  I know that it would be the most beauty-filled life-time experience.  Being chauffeured around is not a priority.  Since my illnesses, my values have changed and I'm easily pleased. Yolanda Muniz


My Las Vegas Dream vacation would include a 7 night stay in the fabulous Las Vegas. and I would want to make sure I was there on a Wednesday to be sure to go to the Mirage to spend the day with the dolphins. My very very favorite thing to do. It would also include a rental car so I could go and see all the other casinos to gamble and just stare in awe at their beauty. I would love to stay in any of the hotels but my dream would be the Bellagio with tickets to go see the underwater shark exhibit. With enough money to eat any where in the Las Vegas area, can not forget those Westward Ho hot dogs and strawberry shortcake. I can dream of all this because I have heard about it from people who have gotten to be there and enjoy it. Me I don't have enough money to take me and my partner and son there. So really the dream would be just to get to go.  Joyce Miller  Wichita, KS


I believe that my dream vacation would be to go to Las Vegas and to join in the World Poker Tour. I am a 22 year old female from Charlotte North Carolina. I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas, but have never been able to afford it. I watch the World Poker Tour all of the time, and I have played it a couple of times with some friends, but I wish I could play the real thing. I know that I am a lucky person a lot of the time and would love to be able to bring that luck into Vegas to test it. Another reason why I would love to win a vacation to Vegas, is to be able to see all of the unique landmarks. Every time I see Las Vegas on TV or on the internet it just looks so beautiful and I am sure that there are tons of different kinds of people to meet. If I were able to win a dream vacation to Las Vegas, I would probably end up moving there to work. I would love to be a card dealer and I am sure there are tons of opportunities out there, just waiting for me!  Vegas seems like such a magical place to be. Well, I guess to sum everything up, I would love to go there, gamble and just have a good time gambling and meeting new people, also all of the exciting opportunities in sin city are there as well. Gambling is illegal here in North Carolina, so I really never get to have fun in that way. God bless Las Vegas. I am sure that almost everyone who visits there, has an unbelievable experience, I would love to have the same experience as the others..  Bonnie Moore  Charlotte, NC


It's 10:00pm Friday night. My fiancee and I are sitting around our apartment in Pewaukee WI. We are scheduled to be married next April. I turn to her and ask her if she loves me. She says yes. I ask her if she wants to get married. She says yes. I ask her if she wants to leave right now. She says yes. She puts on her wedding dress, I put on my tux. We get in the car and catch the red-eye flight to Las Vegas NV. We catch a limo from the airport to the court house and a chapel. The limo stops so that we can pick-up a toothbrush and some fresh clothes. Then it’s three days of rolling the dice, enjoying the pool, and taking in shows. Ah, Las Vegas, where no one is rich and no one is poor, just lucky or unlucky.  Gregory Gillman  Pewaukee, WI


Fly first class to Las Vegas. Take a limo to the Venetian, Paris, or Bellagio. enter a room with flowers and a view of the strip. Relax in the room's spa. Sample the cities finest restaurants. See several of the great shows. Have fun at the tables and slots. Most of all thank GOD we live in America.  Paul Schubring  Williston, FL  


I would like to be pick up at the airport by the Caesars limo and whisked to their hotel. I would like to be put up in a suite of course. I would like to eat at some of their upscale restaurants and see Celine after a fellow Canadian. It would be nice to see a good show and go back to my suite and sleep in preparation for a few days of gambling and sight-seeing and exploration of everything Vegas.  Charlene Gulston  Scarborough, ON Canada


My dream starts with falling asleep and waking up in Vegas. Each night I stay at a different luxury hotel in the most luxurious suites with the best possible views!   My private pool cabana is opened for me twenty-four hours each day! There is no waiting in lines for restaurants or shows for me. My meals are already prepared when I arrive.   I walk into the show room and that is when the show starts. The best seats in the house are not good enough for me, I am on the stage with the performers, dancers, tigers, or whatever else dances in my head. A privately piloted helicopter is at my disposal at all times, ready to whisk me off to any place I want, no driving in traffic for me! Did I mention it's all free, of course. But then the dream is over but I don't wake up because it's real, what a dream!  William Demmy  Lebanon, PA


Many people dream of free airfare, deluxe accommodations, dream for a perfect Vegas trip would be to twitch my nose like Bewitched and just be there! I would have the ability to twitch my nose and show up at any Casino or restaurant and of course I'd be dressed in the finest threads and people would treat me like a high roller! I'd be invited to Siegfried and Roy's home and meet the tigers up close and personally!   Oh, and did I mention I'd have a date on each arm? Yes, John Travolta and Ricky Martin!   Karen Demmy  Lebanon, PA


7 nights at the Bellagio, unlimited use of a limo, $5000.00 cash, Dinner at Claim Jumpers, The Cheesecake Factory, Lawry's and Todai's, Shopping spree at Forum Shops and Dessert Passage.  Kevin Crowell  Ewa Beach, HI


Honeymoon in Vegas.   Marshall Hector  Horn Lake, MS


It would be my dream to win a trip to Las Vegas to see the amazing sites of this wonderful city. I would like to visit the top casinos and try my hand at gambling. I would like to see some of the amazing shows. Viva Las Vegas!  Donna Hill  Monroe, NC 


My dream is to go to the most fantastic city in the world ( Las Vegas). I want to drive up and down the strip in a convertible Prowler and pull into Caesars Palace, where my penthouse room is. I want champagne sent to my room each morning and, in the evening, go see Celine from my front row seat. I want to go to the best steakhouses every night After supper, I want to play the tables and slots until I can't hold my eyes open and drag my worn out body from casino to casino. I want to take in the downtown area and each casino and watch the sun come up on Fremont Street. I want to play a round of golf and have a big drink while lounging in a hot tub and, when I leave town, I want to see my name on the marquee at MGM saying " good bye Ned, we will miss you". Most of all I would want to share it with my wife. Then I would go back to the real life work place with a lot of stories to tell my co-workers and dream of my next trip back to the most fantastic place on earth. LAS VEGAS!!!  Ned Grassman   Brazoria, TX


My dream come true vacation would consist of paid airfare and lodging at one of your nicest hotels for my husband and dear friends who are located in Leavenworth Kansas. Spending an evening listening to the beautiful voice of Celine Dion would be enchanting. A wonderful dinner with steak and lobster would provide us all the fortitude we would need to pull the arm of those wonderful slot machines, providing we had $500.00 to get warmed up. Two or three days and nights in your lovely city would be incredible as I have never had the opportunity of visiting Las Vegas. The enchantment of the all of the lights and the excitement that is always revealed on television shows in Las Vegas has always been alluring and I know that we would have a wonderful memory to cherish if this dream came true.  Nancy Moschini   Houston, TX


McCarren Airport, Sunshine, Heat, "The Strip" Monte Carlo, Luxor, Bellagio, Harrah's, The Mirage, The Aladdin, Paris, NYNY, "The Nugget", Emeril's, The Commander's Palace, Wolfgang Puck, $.99 Shrimp Cocktails, $.75 Margaritas, NASCAR Cafe, Harley Davidson Cafe, Liberace, Elvis, Dancing Fountains, Volcanoes, Fremont Street, Limousines, Shelby Cobras, Ferrari's, Celine Dion, Tom Jones, Lance Burton, "The Rat Pack", Sigfried and Roy, the Mountains, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Area 51........hey there's enough for this to last a lifetime!!!   Christine Jones   Akron, OH


Because I love the city and want to visit all the places that I can not visit on a limited budget.  Looking forward to winning a dream vacation that I can do everything I have ever wanted to do.  Rochelle Weinstein  Ballwin, MO 


My dream Las Vegas to go to Bally's, relax by the pool, go to the magic shop downstairs, play black jack and slot machines, have an enjoyable time with my husband. I'd love to see Celine Dion in concert, and have fun in the casinos. It's my husband's 40th birthday in December......and I'd LOVE to take him to Las Vegas to celebrate!!!!!!  Bonnie Suchart  Houston, TX


I have not been to Las Vegas for over 12 years. I would like to be able to take my closest friend for a memorable vacation. I would love to be able to see the many new attractions, lights, and spend a romantic vacation in Las Vegas.  To be able to relax and enjoy the many wonders of Las Vegas, the night life, and have that possible one chance to hit it big on one of the slot machines. I have wanted to be able to make a return visit to Las Vegas, but due to my financial obligations have not been able to do so.  James Iman  St. Louis, MO


Though I have never been to Vegas. The pictures and movies I have seen intrigued me very much. I would love to shop in Las Vegas for my fiance's wedding gown and wedding ring, and other apparel to accessorize for our wedding in June, 2004. I know that Las Vegas is on the cutting edge of new trends in fashion. We want our special day to be totally unique, and we feel a trip to Las Vegas would offer us the opportunity we need to make this special occasion come to life. We want class and elegance to be the cornerstone of our wedding. Shopping in Las Vegas for the things we will need on our special day will give us the special flare that only LAS VEGAS can offer! Please choose us to help make our dreams become a reality. Not only do we want to shop for our upcoming wedding, but we also cannot wait to try our hand at some of the casinos. We both love to gamble, and would like the opportunity to try our luck in the gambling Mecca of the world. Who knows ! may by lady luck will shine on us and the entire wedding may be paid for. We hope to hear from you soon, and see your beautiful city. Until then we will keep our fingers crossed. Thank you for your consideration.  Sincerely,  Jeff & Angela Caskie  Greensboro, NC


True story, my name is John Pyles, I met a girl (Stephanie Johnson) while in College at Kent State. We were to be together, but she moved north of Las Vegas, her parents separated, we lost contact for 4 years, and she got a hold of me 2 months ago. I don't have enough money or vacation time to see her yet, but soon I will find time and such to go visit her, we talk constantly on the phone, and I want to be with her badly, if even not for the money, the story is quite interesting. We are currently both working to get me transferred to be with her in Las Vegas for good. God Bless.  John Pyles  Malvern, OH


This entry is strictly based on a "dream vacation". It does not include a tale of woes - everyone has "woes", whether it be financial, illness, or just life tragedies. This is a "dream"...everyone has dreams....some of us believe in them! My dream vacation begins with my husband and I (we found each other late in our 50' wonder I believe in dreams) holding each other's hand, grinning from ear to ear as we board the plane for our trip to Las Vegas. Upon arrival, we are met at the airport by a driver from the Tropicana. Although there are so many new hotels as shown on the Discovery Channel, I believe the Tropicana is one of the oldest hotels in Vegas...what a great way to enjoy Vegas - in one of the "originals" - this would also most likely mean less crowds - more relaxed. We are provided a room with a view of the strip so we can enjoy the dream come true feeling. We are treated to nice meals and are given the opportunity to not just see a show but to go back stage and meet some of the entertainers, to talk to some of these talented people. We would also be toured around the Las Vegas area...get away from the casinos and enjoy some of the wonderful views that the area has to offer. We would be driven to the Speedway to get the feeling of being at a NASCAR race....we would be taken to the wax museum at Venetian and feel like we were among the famous people of the world. We would ride a gondola and listen to our hearts beat rapidly with excitement of just being there. Our trip would end with those same grins on our faces.  Sharon Coates  Fairhaven, MA


Me and my boyfriend really wish to be married and my dream wedding is in Las Vegas. I want to get married in a chapel and visit casinos. I think Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful places in the world and even if I don't win a trip I know someday I will visit Las Vegas. My life has not been easy and is just now getting better but to be able to live out my dream of getting married in Las Vegas would make my life a whole lot better. Thank you.  Crystal Garrou  Saint-Nicéphore, PQ,  Canada


Do you have a sister that would do any thing for you or for any one else ? i do and want to say.  Thanks for all the things she has done it will be her 50th birthday soon so she loves to go to Las Vegas why not have your 50th birthday out to Las Vegas where she can have fun and have the things done to her and not having her do for others !!!  At least she can have a good time for her self and enjoy and not have to do things for others I would like to see my sister have fun for her self and not forget her 50th birthday And see this way this would be her day About 4 years ago she put on her parents 50th Anniversary and her in-laws 50th anniversary out to Las Vegas this way it would be her day and her day only if anyone should enjoy it would be her just to tell people that being kind t o others can be a good pay back.  Karen Bell  Janesville, WI


My idea of a perfect Las Vegas vacation...I hardly know where to start. Although I have never been there, it has been the secret passion and love of mine for many years. Someday I WILL see the city in which I am so in love. Hopefully soon with your help & luck!  So to start the vacation I would get a late flight so that even before landing in that exciting city my husband and I could take in all the beautiful lights that light up the desert sky. I can only imagine the excitement of getting off the airplane and walking out into the hot Las Vegas night.  Secondly, I would want to go sightseeing! We could take in the gorgeous scenery by car, the magnificent casinos by foot (maybe even win a jackpot or two) and the majesty of the mountains by helicopter. And of course with all the fine restaurants we would make reservations for an extremely romantic dinner, perhaps the Top of the World at the Stratosphere, and share a bottle of wine.  And for the grand finale we would renew our wedding vows after 26 years of marriage. We have always talked of doing so since we were so young when we got hitched and money was tight. This would be the perfect way to finally have a fantasy wedding and be able to reaffirm how we feel about each other.  So that is it, Insider Viewpoint and if you too are true romantics at heart you will understand why we would really like to have this Dream Las Vegas Vacation. It may not be as action packed as skydiving or mountain or rock climbing but would be more exhilarating than all those things to both my husband and I.  Debra Utech  Sioux City, IA


Las Vegas, my favorite city in the world. Where else can you visit Venice, Cairo, ancient Rome, Paris, Morocco and the South Seas in the same day?  My dream vacation would begin with first class seats for my wife and myself aboard an Alaska Airlines MD80. Arriving at McCarran, we see a gentleman in a tux holding up a sign at baggage claim. It has our names on it! He collects our luggage and loads it in the limo. Soon we are off, traveling up Las Vegas Boulevard to our suite atop the fabulous Mirage. A little freshening up and it's off to the pool, where we spend our days, lounging in the warm desert sunshine. Our nights are filled with romantic dinners at places up and down the strip. Kokomo's comes to mind. Of course, gaming is always part of any Las Vegas vacation so we indeed indulge in plenty of the casino action, only this time I win. I win and win BIG! I bring home all the money I've ever left in that town and millions more!  Hey, this is a DREAM vacation, remember?... Timothy O'Reilly  Portland, OR


My ideal vacation would be a free round trip airline for 2 (for my 10 yr. old son and I) with a free stay in a hotel for 1 week if possible in Las Vegas ( and it doesn't have to be a fancy hotel either) we just be happy to be there because my 15 yr. old daughter lives there with my ex-inlaws and we would love to go and visit them for one week. I would love for him to be able to visit with his sister and go places with her. I really would like this vacation for him more so than for me.  Karla Snyder  Brick, NJ


On the 22nd of August my father is taking my sister, her husband, wife and I to the U.S. to celebrate his 60th birthday. We will be spending a week in Las Vegas. My dream vacation in Las Vegas would be for him to have the greatest time of his life. For him this would mean to go see a good magic show, maybe David Copperfield or someone of the sort. He will definitely enjoy all the excellent dining options Vegas has to offer. During the daytimes he would love to relax, do some shopping and touring around the city. Of course let us not forget the possibility of winning a little money at the casinos to help him pay for the trip. I know that for him, the most important thing is that we all have a good time. I myself basically share the same wishes as him, maybe even add in some sort of sporting event. Most important is that I hope that we will not be disappointed as I am sure we won't be because as they say "Vegas is the most exciting city in the World". This is really important for me because I know how long he has been planning this trip and how much energy has gone into the planning. For me, succeeding in all that is mentioned above would be PERFECT!  Aaron Faktor  Herzliya, Israel


The essence of Vegas is the live performances at the hotels. If you subtract the live shows from Vegas then what makes the place any different than other vacation spots? The shows are what make Las Vegas the most unique tourist attraction out west and even in the U.S. Therefore, my dream trip would consist of going behind the scenes of 5 top shows in Vegas. I would watch the practice sessions, meet the performers, and receive the best seats in the house. Lets not forget photos of me and the performers. I would select 3 of my best friends to go along with me. This would be without a doubt a Las Vegas Dream.   D. R. Riser  Brea, CA


I don't know how to write this but I will try. my name is Debra and my husband name is Jim three years ago he was hit by a train. he has always wanted to take me to Vegas but now we cant afford it. I would really like for him to see it now that he has the time and cant work anymore. we are not much of gamblers but would like to see some shows and just to see Las Vegas and all the excitement there. It would give him a good boost I am not sure this is what you are looking for but here it is thank you.  Debra Corp  Thornton, CO


Fly me first class and pick me up in a Limo. Take me to a nice casino and hand me gaming money CASH. From there it is all good. If I win I go to a nice dinner or the spa, if I lose it's 9.99 prime rib and a early bedtime. Please pick me, it will be a dream come true. Judi Ketchum  Willoughby, OH


My idea of a Las Vegas Dream Vacation? You got it! First and for most make arrangements for my folks to watch the kids. (Just having the time alone with my wife would be a dream). Then it would be off to the airport for our flight to Sin City! When we arrived we would be met by a limo where we would sip champagne while we headed off to a very classy hotel. Once in our room we would...Well I will just skip that part, after all it would be the first time we would be alone in a while. Then come evening I would love to see my wife wear a sexy black dress and off we would go the most romantic dinner we could find. After dinner we could simply take in all the sights and sounds that the night had to offer. Of course the next morning head to the pool for some water play and catch some rays. Later take in some sightseeing and of course gaming. Maybe even convince my wife to do some skydiving. Ok, maybe not. Later, after dark, go on a helicopter tour of the Las Vegas strip by night. To sum it up, we would would play, laugh and enjoy every minute that we had in that wonderful city of lights. Now that would be a dream vacation!  Doug Utech  Sioux City, IA


A letter arrives in the mail telling me to pack a few things and be ready for surprises on X date. A limo pulls up to drive me to the local airport where I am whisked off to the city of lights. There another limo awaits with a very handsome 40'ish year old man holding a single red rose. I am told he is "my prince Charming" for the next 3 days. We are treated as grand guests of honor at shows and dinners. Gaming is a delight since I am given 1,000 5 dollar chips to play. Dancing under the stars, floating hand in hand down the Mandalay Bay's drifting river, oo'ing and ah'ing over the fabulous tigers. Finally...its time to go back to reality but I'll carry the memories of a dream come true for the rest of my life. BTW "Prince" and I hit it off wonderfully and maintain a deep friendship. Judy Carpenter   Bellingham, WA


Well I visit Vegas about 3-4 times a year and I try to make every trip a dream vacation. they usually come pretty close. but if I could take it to the next level it would make a real dream vacation. To start with. when I get off the plane and walk through baggage claim I would see someone holding a sign with my name on it. who would escort me to my own private hummer that I would use for my trip. complements of Mirage. I would hit the ground running . up the strip at night to see all the action. pull into the Mirage and have the valet park my hummer right in the front door. check in to my suite facing the strip . freshin up a bit. Hit the poker tables for a few hours. Scoop a lot chips in. time to eat. full comp dinner and no waiting in line. jump in the hummer to hit the town . VIP access to all the hot clubs. finally sleep for a few hours. wakeup ,get a free comp breakfast. hit the tables for a few hours. scoop in some more chips from the poker tables. take the hummer out to the desert for some fun . back to the mirage . poolside relaxing. more poker. more free meals. stop buy the megamillions slots. win the progressive jackpot. call my boss tell him I won't be back to work......EVER. with my winnings from the megamillions, buy a seat into the world series of poker. of carousel win. collect my WSOP bracelet. and hit the strip in my hummer that I just bought. Well I think you get the picture. Hey it said dream vacation, I just tend to dream a little bigger.  thanks.  Dewayne Coker  Little Rock, AR


The dream begins when the plane touches down in the airport in Las Vegas. My wife and I emerge from our first class seats in the airplane to a waiting limo, that whisks us to the Bellagio. Once at the hotel, we simply walk in and someone escorts us to our suite while our meager luggage follows. At the suite, the hotel employee asks if there is anything he can get for us, we tell the employee that we would like to shop privately and would he please clear the stores within the hotel for us to shop at our leisure without the nuisance of people. After our shopping trip (which included purchasing everything for our stay), we walk out to a helipad and into a helicopter for a moonlight cruise over Las Vegas, while we fly over Vegas at night, sipping champagne, we take in all the lights, sounds, and views from above. After which, the helicopter lands onto the Venetian, where we go for dinner, then for an attack on the slot machines till the next morning. Our second begins at 5:00, when we are awakened, then off for a walk to find the best oriental food in Vegas, this becomes easier, when we contact the hotel and have another limo pick us up and take us to the finest oriental cuisine on the west coast. After our dining experience, its back to the slots for more prosperity. Jim Curcio  Wilmington, DE


A private helicopter picks my companion and I up at our homes and whisks us away to Vegas. We take the scenic route so we can enjoy the beautiful view. We get to the "City That Never Sleeps" just as it lights up for the night! There we are greeted by our private chauffeur, that will be at our beckoning call for the duration of our trip, and taken to our room at the best hotel on the Vegas Strip to freshen up!! We then go to dinner at the top of the Rio and enjoy a wonderful view and meal with the fabulous staff there. After that we are pampered for 1-2 weeks with all that Las Vegas has to offer; we go to shows, enjoy fine dining, win at the casino’s, walk the Fremont Street Experience, and go on every roller-coaster!! We marvel at all of the beautiful hotels on the strip specializing in bringing the worlds most beautiful places together into one oasis in the desert!! Best of all…it’s all free and we even have spending money that never runs out! Oh, and we WIN WIN WIN!!! Then we are picked up at our hotel and treated to a spectacular scenic helicopter flight back to reality and dropped off at our front door!! Yea, that’s my Dream Las Vegas Vacation!  Lisa McMullin  Sherwood, OR


My honey and me are whisked away to Las Vegas. We are picked up by a limo at the airport and taken to the great MGM Hotel where we will be staying in the penthouse suite. We are given VIP access to all the hottest clubs and during day, we take in the sites. Spending a day at the greatest water park, Wet 'n Wild, and other days doing various recreational activities at the surrounding hotels. We end our stay the last night at a great magic/comedy show. Then we are taken back to the airport in our limo and off back to reality: Candy Mleczko  Newark, CA


My dream Las Vegas vacation starts with my husband and myself on a early non stop flight from Nashville TN. to Las Vegas. With a smooth flight and passengers who are chatty and fun. We would arrive at the Las Vegas airport on time and find our luggage with no problems. Next a limo driver would whisk us away to the best hotel on the strip, The MGM. We would check into a luxury suite and settle in for the stay. Next we would check out the craps tables where we would win big and tip the dealers. Then its on to dinner at the Studio Cafe for drinks and mouth watering food. Then lets not forget the awesome music at Studio 54 or maybe just snuggle up some place quiet. We would see the lights of Vegas at night and stroll the strip taking in all of its splendor. Vegas has a aura all of its own that no place on earth can recreate. The people or friendly and exciting! The food is perfect and the atmosphere is in bracing. I can feel the sun on my face and here the roar of screams , has a roll of the dice pays off big. AH Las Vegas calls my name and just for the fun of it hey I just might renew my wedding vows, by Elvis of course. We would dress up and take in the show Siegfried and Roy and the next night we would buzz the strip by helicopter. It would be a blast. The kids at grandma's, and my husband and myself in the city of excitement. Just the two of us kicking up our heels and never sleeping. Our flight home with gifts and pictures in tow would be filled with memories I would never forget. What a trip ! Thank you for reading my day dream about Las Vegas. Teresa Burress  Franklin, KY


My dream vacation will include getting picked up from in a limo to the airport to board a plane first class to viva Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, I am greeted with a limo and chauffeured to a grand hotel where I am given a penthouse suite. I spend the rest of the vacation scouting Las Vegas, visiting shows and sipping on beverages. Also I will play some slot machines and win perhaps.  Ethel Labelle  Toronto, ON , Canada


Oh I would, I would if I could; fly in a private plane, begin every morning with a massage, have a speaking part in a TV or movie being shot there, see "O" and Celine, be driven around in a limo, have dinner at the Palms, stay in the high roller suites of the Monte Carlo and the Venetian, play a hand of blackjack at the "high rollers' table" in the Bellagio, and end my stay with a brunch attended by all the casino owners. I would, of course, be swept to the airport for a flight home. From then on, I would believe that dreams do come true!  Nancy Graziano  Los Angeles, CA


Relaxing at a gorgeous pool for the day.  Tasting delicious foods, how I love a buffet!  Staying at a luxurious hotel & getting a massive suite. Betting throughout the evening to escape the Vegas heat!  To tell you about my dream vacation I don't know where to begin, but it certainly would be nice to gamble and for once actually WIN!  Just being in Vegas would be so exciting, seeing the lights, it's all so much fun.  To eat at all kinds of great restaurants, see some great shows, gamble and lay in the sun! My dream vacation would be to stay in the lap of luxury without a worry, no schedules to adhere to, never being in a hurry. My boyfriend & I are dying to get away and DESPERATELY need a trip, It would be a total dream for both of us to walk along the strip!  The very best trip imaginable would be to stay at a luxurious hotel.  Go to shows each and every night, eat out all the time - oh that would be swell.  THANK YOU!  Alana Malin  Toronto, ON, Canada


My dream vacation would be to arrive in Vegas early morning, visit my high school (Valley High School) and tell a certain teacher what an impact she had on my life. At Sunset I want to take my girlfriend of 8 years to the place we met and get married. Then spend a romantic evening on the strip and begin the rest of our life together.  Jack Metcalf  Richfield, MN


My Dream vacation to Vegas would be a weeks worth of fun!!! A white stretch limo (with champagne) to pick me and my honey up at the airport with access to it for my whole vacation. A penthouse room at one of the most elite hotels in Vegas (MGM, Caesars, Mirage, Bellagio, Venetian) for my stay. Also, to have unlimited room service in my suite. A bankroll of at least $25,000 to play with per person. A helicopter ride during the day over the Grand Canyon and a night trip over the strip to see the lights. Go see the EFX show and maybe one of the skin shows along with the ever popular Siegfried and Roy show. To top it off I would like to have access to any concerts that might be playing in the casinos, possibly even back-stage passes! This would be my dream vacation to Las Vegas! The city of entertainment and end-less fun!  Kimberly Edick  Lauderhill, FL


Play slots all morning. Eat wonderful lunch. Play all afternoon. Eat great buffet supper. Watch a show+++play slots. Go to bed in great hotel room. Wake up with more money than I had the Day before.  Ann Clark  Courtice, ON, Canada


With my beautiful wife, son and 19 year old sister-in-law (babysitter), we'll fly to Las Vegas, first class, on a 777 airliner from San Jose. At the Las Vegas airport, we will be chauffeured on a fully furnished Hummer limousine to the Bellagio (Hummer will also return us to airport). At the Bellagio, there will be two adjoining rooms (overlooking the strip and lake area) waiting for us. From the Stratosphere to the Mirage, there are many things we will see. Our roller coaster stops include the New York, New York and Circus Circus. We'll also visit the shark exhibit at the Mandalay Bay. Other stops include the "Pirate Battle" at Treasure Island and the "Volcano" at the Mirage. At night, Oscar De La Hoya will personally call me to see his championship fight at Caesar's Palace. With the kids pretending to be asleep in there room, my wife and I will enjoy the fight alongside Don King (Don will pay for all our snacks). Later on, my wife and I will gamble at the many casinos. We will visit Caesar's Palace to bet on a few upcoming NFL games, boxing and enjoy a few suds. By day, Las Vegas is one of the most spectacular and exciting places in the world! At night, Las Vegas's milieu transforms into an exciting array of lights, romance and wonder! From the excitement of gambling on the slot machines, placing bets on sports events to taking a midnight stroll in the romantic ambiance of Bellagio's astounding fountains, Las Vegas has much to offer! Las Vegas also has a collection of great restaurants and buffets. Las Vegas is a scene I soon hope to enjoy!  Daniel Aguirre  Salinas, CA


My dream Vegas vacation would be to have 5 friends and myself fly first class and be taken to Caesars by limousine and be treated there as if we were queens for 3 nights. I would want our wait staff to be half naked muscular men. At every nightclub we would go to, we would have a reserved section. Our limo would take us on tours to the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and the local Reservation. On the fourth day we would fly back to DC, first class nonstop!  Lynnette Young  Takoma Park, MD


My love affair with Vegas began when parents began traveling to Las Vegas in the early 70's and would come home and tell me tales of their adventures. Following my graduation from college in 1979, I moved to Las Vegas and lived there for the next seven years. My parents continued to make Las Vegas their vacation destination of choice and after retiring, they would often spend 2 weeks per year as low-rollers enjoying all Las Vegas had to offer. My mother's stroke and my father's own health problems left them too ill to go to Vegas since 1995. My father passed away this past February 20 days short of their 50th wedding anniversary. My dream vacation is to take my mother to Vegas and let her experience the place which created so many happy memories for her. Rich Krause  Stillman Valley, IL


Last year i had entered a contest to Las Vegas. The contest was about winning a trip there and seeing a rolling stones concert at the MGM Grand. Unbelievibly I had won that concert last November. It was a dream come true. I have never been to Las Vegas or have I never flown before.  It was the greatest experience of my life, Las Vegas is the most beautiful place I have ever been to in my life. I spent most of my time at the MGM Grand .Of course I gambled a little, and I also saw a concert. What a great time I had. My boyfriend and I rented a Harley Davidson while we were out there and took a trip to the Hoover Dam. The desert is breathtaking. When we came back We rode thru the city at night and enjoyed the lights and went to Fremont Street. My whole trip was fantastic. Unfortunately I can only dream of going there again because I could never afford such a wonderful vacation. But I will always remember the beautiful city of Las Vegas.  Kimberley Smith  Ticonderoga, NY


My dream Las Vegas vacation would be for my 20th wedding anniversary which is August 20th. My husband and I have one son in college, and a daughter entering in 2 years, so we both work night and day trying to make their lives easier than ours were. My husband and I can't afford anything for our 20th anniversary, so I dream of what we could do for us, which is something I only dream of these days, but it's fun to dream. We would arrive in Vegas to our Suite in Paris hotel, with a breath taking view of the fountains at Bellagio. His back always hurts, so the first thing would be a massage. Then dinner at the top of the Stratosphere. Here, we will be dressed in beautiful clothing, sip champagne and eat to our heart's content, while taking in the view. Our next stop would be to see Don Rickles, as I always tease my husband that his dry sense of humor is just like his and we've always wanted to see him. Then to Flamingo, our favorite gambling spot to play the night away, laughing together and telling people about our kids, our lives as we enjoy just being together which is rare for us.  Then, holding hands, we arrive back at our suite to take in the fountain show again and listen to the music. He takes me into his arms like he did 20 years ago, and tells me I am still the woman of his dreams and kisses me. I tell him he is still the man of mine, and then he goes to pull down the covers of the bed to find thousands of dollars spread all over. His worries and stress are relieved. I dream of this vacation often!  Melanie McGee  Shelbyville, KY


To begin; I came to Las Vegas in Dec of 2002 and I got married!! Never in my life had I been on a plane nor did I want too!  My husband and I brought my children just so they could be part of the wedded bliss. I have to say my experience was awful, never been there...didn't know what to do...just horrible!  Every step I had taken everyone wanted to know what now ...where do we go ...where do we eat!  I just want to see Las Vegas with my husband. I am not great with words I would just love to have this opportunity to have a honeymoon I never had with the most wonderful man I met at the age of 37!  Terri North  Springfield, MO


My dream (come true!) holidaying at the Las Vegas.  The excitement began the movement we arrived in the land of casinos and neon lights. I take my family out to the Imperial Palace for the classic car collection. Roller coaster rides at Nevada and Sahara come next. Shuttle buses gives us the pulse of the people. A visit to the Bellagio quench wife’s thirst for fine arts as also the Venetian wax museum. Snacks at Harley Davidson café energizes us.  We enjoy the Omnimax theatre. My children get into adventurous sprit at the Treasure Island, Excalibur’s moat and Guinness Book of World Records Museum. They will have a lot of tales to tell their schools chums back in India. Paddling on the Mead lake and snaps at the only pyramid shaped hotel Luxor make the day. Our wonderstruck eyes see the largest Coke bottle at the MGM Grand. Complimentary monorail at the MGM Grand and Bally’s seems wonderful. Jostling events supplement the reconnaissance dinner show . Excalibur’s magic motion machines mesmerize us. Our repeat marriage at a Chapel reminds of romantic courtships. A walk along Frermont street facilitates the ultimate chilling out. Seeing the bartender’s juggle flaming drinks is fascinating at the Rio. After siesta we amble to the Bookstar. Relishing coffee at the Starbucks and shaking our legs at Sam’s town followed by munching chocolates at the Show Boat bowling alley are superb. Gorgeous golf courses are sighted. Dawn sees us at Boulder city and Hoover dam. Kids enthuse at the Red Rock canyon. At the Mt. Charleston recreation area I pen my travelogue entitled " Children friendly fun at Las Vegas in the Adult’s world.  Dr. T.V. Karthikeyan Huderabad India  


My husband and I have been making annual treks to Las Vegas (with two other couples) for the past ten years (often twice a year). Our children have not only listened to exaggerated stories of our adventures but have also visited Vegas on several occasions with us. As they are all now reaching and exceeding the age of 21, our kids want to visit Vegas as a family group to experience first hand the gambling adventures we have enjoyed. We are now planning not only a November 2003 adult trip but are also planning a 2004 'multi-family' trek with adult children in tow and hopefully begin a multi generational adventure that we can all plan and look forward to each year. This would be a 'Dream Vacation' for all of us.  Heather Miller  Banff, AB, Canada  


The Dream Vegas Vacation would begin at home with Limo Service to the airport, First Class roundtrip air travel for four with champagne and a crash course in CRAPS. Arriving in Vegas, we are greeted by Wayne Newton and taken by Limo to our hotel, Caesar's. The deal would be that during the week we are in Vegas, we can stay at a different hotel every two days, with the best accommodations available including spa treatments. Every other night, we would see a show like Celine Dion or Wayne Newton and participate in a particular number. The other nights we would gamble and I would win the Jack Pot. During the day, we would take trips to local landmarks or do certain activities such as helicopter rides or golf. And needless to say, our meals would be extravagant and delicious. The best part of the trip would be to get hitched by Elvis at the top of Paris' Eiffel Tower. All of this for FREE!  Chris Piotrowski  Naperville, IL


The "Ultimate Las Vegas Dream Vacation can only best be summed up by the words I lived by in the past for Mardi Gras..........."What Happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas!"  Ben Rogers  Arden, NC


Ideal dream Las Vegas vacation - just a dream for me!  To be treated like I have never have been before in my life!! To have a BEAUTIFUL ROOM, to have anything that I might want (within reason) to be available. Little things, food, flowers, etc. To be able to play some slot machines in Las Vegas with some money that I did not have to worry about, what it might take from to have some fun. To show my 85yr.old Mom a GREAT TIME!! She deserves it more than I do.  THANK YOU!  Linda F. VanBrunt  Riverton, WY


My dream vacation would be spending time with the man I love as we stroll the strip together. Just being with him in such an exciting and beautiful place would be a dream come true. To be able to hear Celine Dion together and get caught up in the words to her music would be like she was looking into my soul. We will be in Vegas in October and although we can't afford to see the shows, just being a part of the Vegas adventure with the one I love is more than I could imagine. I would be able to look into his eyes and see the lights from the strip sparkling in all their glory. It would be nice if we could do this and have all expenses paid but I am a person who deals in reality. Sometimes it's not where you are but who you are with.  Debra Smith  Reading, PA


I have 4 children. My dream Las Vegas vacation would be for them to send their parents to Vegas for a week long stay for their upcoming 25th anniversary. They would book us into a hotel like Caesar's or the Venetian or Bellagio. Included in this vacation would be tickets to shows like Celine Dion, a gondola ride in the Venetian, a trip to the grand canyon, dinners in some of the exquisite restaurants that Vegas has, spending money so that we may try to come back with more than we go with. the best part would be that it would only be for the two of us so that we could enjoy being with each other. Oh yes, I forgot to say that they arrange for us to renew our marriage vows while we are there, after all 25 years with the same wonderful woman is fantastic and deserves to be celebrated. Michael Moschella  Whitman, MA


I think a dream vacation would be to go with my family... my three grown children and their spouses, also my mother in law. My children have never been to Las Vegas and it would be so much fun to see their excitement to see Vegas for the first time. Also my Mother in Law LOVES VEGAS, she has been there 3-4 times and since last Christmas she has wanted to go again. She was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and has been under going chemo and radiation treatments since March. She will have to under go treatments until Oct or Nov. She has been thru a lot and it would a fun thing for her to go one more time. Our family is close and I think it would be very exciting to go as a family and share this first time for our kids and their spouses and the last time for Grandma. It would be the trip of a lifetime for all.  Debbie Pierce  Fairbanks, AK


I want to visit Vegas drop my dollar and win big, on the first try, then the whole week have luck every were I go and gamble even winning free shows and being treated like a king, the whole week, including making new friends and even winning a new car before I leave, which I would drive home.  Jeffrey Savage  Mt. Perry, OH


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