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Contest -- Tell Insider Viewpoint About Your Dream Las Vegas Vacation and Win CASH!
(Starts March 13, 2011 and ends May 31, 2011)


The following are contest entries, send us your entries today.  Enjoy reading and enjoy entering our contests.
Respectfully, Richard Reed   CEO / Editor    Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas

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(Please note the following text contest entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.)


Its mine and my fiances Antonys dream to go to vegas and get married. We live in such a small village with not much to experience so this would be a once in a lifetime trip for us! We always
talk about what we would do in vegas,we would stay at a wonderful hotel (any of them because they all look so amazing lounge by the pool in the day,visit the car museum,have a huge steak meal and we really want to try out the stratosphere thrill ride-although i should probably have my steak meal after because after going on the ride it would probably end up coming back up hahaha and visit the casinos at night and we would love to go and watch peepshow staring Holly Madison and then we would love to see Penn and Teller. We would have a few days sightseeing before the big day..we would get ready,i would put on my wedding dress (complete with cowboy boots) whilst sipping champagne and then our Cadillac would pick us up and take us to the little white chapel,Elvis would be singing and it would be the best day of our lives and then that night we would take a night time helicopter tour to see all of las vegas and then for our
honeymoon part we would love to go to the grand canyon. There would be so much to see and do and it really would be a dream come true holiday/wedding/honeymoon for us. Something to tell the grandchildren about one day!   Victoria Cooper  Mansfield  UK

My dream vacation to Vegas is me flying from one coast to another. Flying in a plane is one something I've dreamed about since the age 12 when I flew a plane as a 12 year old child. After
fulfilling that accomplishment, I will arrive at a hotel to get a spa treatment. Then on to Emeril's Restaurant to have a dream meal. I figure I will be tired after that, so I will go to see a live brodway show. If I ever get a chance to sleep, when I wake I'll go indoor sky diving to feel the thrill of floating in the air. When I'm done sky diving I will go see the Colosseum at Ceaser's Palace. Finishing my Dream Vacation with a class in some dance school, because dancing is universal. If this sounds crazy then you feel how I feel. "A dream" in the making I hope.   nyree  weekly  grand rapids MI

Going to Vegas is a dream vacation in and my wife need one bad! For my dream vacation i would like to see the shows at any of the hotel cirque du soleil. Eat at all the best
resturants and maybe catch a UFC fight at the Hardrock. Would love to be able to take my wife dancing at TAO. We dont get out much because of kids, so would be nice to enjoy a club with champagne and dancing. Spend our day checking out all the hotels and museums and having lunch at the Venetian. The Freemont Experience would be a great way to finish our nites off.
Maybe even a little gambling. Me and my wife never got a honeymoon when we were married and seeing the Grand Canyon while we are out there would be a nice touch. I would like to give my wife the honeymoon she never had and Vegas would be perfect.And to re-new our vows in front of Elvis. I want to experince Vegas the way its meant to be, dinner, dancing and stress free nights. Thanks.  Stephen McFadden  Philadelphia PA

my dream, vacation would be going to Las Vegas Nv. and spending time down on Fremont Street , the casinos, sites.  Douglas Kaesermann   Sheboygan Falls WI

Just turned 21... anything will do on strip.  Jonathon LaFon  Saugus CA

My dream vacation would be me and my husband by the pool with a piña colada, no cell phones, and in the evening a romantic dinner followed by a bubble bath with strawberries and
champagne.   jessica gonzalez  miami FL

The ultimate ideal dream trip to vegas for me would be to basicly to live like a king or queen. With the luxuries of an high class hotel with evrything included like spa treatments, room
service and other. I would like to roll around in vegas in a stretch limo and sit back and enjoy my time. Go on the strip and sight see be able to mesmerized by all the neon lights of the fast 24 hour city. Also it would be so amazing to go to casinos and shortly every minute lose my money, but its definitly cuz it Las vegas, the greatest city on earth. So i would say my ideal vegas dream vacation would to express myslef and fun and live like a queen.  chelsea flowers    las vegas NV

The ultimate Las Vegas vacation would have to include many things for me. First, the hotel would have to provide many little luxuries, like great sheets. When we arrived, we would get a
room upgrade, and maybe some slot play. Tickets to a great show (like The Lion King or Beatles Love) would be a must! We love to eat great food, and Vegas is full of excellent restaurants like Fiamma Trattoria, Stack, and The Voodoo Lounge. Vegas isn't Vegas without plenty of slushy beverages beside the pool, and we would have to hit up a great club like Pure. Finally, a Vegas trip isn't the same without winning! A couple of poker tournaments (and maybe the chance to stop in and watch the pros at work) would cap off a fantastic vacation. Viva Las Vegas!   Carly Skrensk  Atikokan ON Canada

What would it be like to go to the famous sin city in the USA.Actually Ive been to the states years ago had the time of my life.I got drunk went horse back riding.I use to listen to my parents years ago talking about paradise,they heard the word somewhere.You see my parents were cree Indians from northren Canada.never left the country.We didnt have much money being in the rez an all high unemployment. Dad asked me one day son wheres paradise is it in heaven or the states.Thats a good question dad being educated an all.Personally dad I think las vagas is paradise.Before he died several years ago he says son go to Las Vegas and bring me some paradise put it by my grave site so Ill sleep good knowing I have a little bit of paradise beside me.Ok dad I will if I gota walk there someday.  Bud Bird  Saskatoon SK Canada

O.M.G! I really need a vacation.and,my dream would be to hit a huge jackpot and live happily ever after! I am a custodian,and live paycheck to paycheck,and my bones hurt! I would love to
see a show!  Please pick me I never win anything! I would be so excited that I might wet my pants!  Ann Jessen   Fenton MO

My first vacation to Las Vegas felt all wrong, like I practically skimmed through the whole trip. I stayed at a hotel off the strip and ate at cheap, low-quality restaurants. If I had to relive it all over, it would go like this: I'd book a rental car for my vacation, drive down the infamous Las Vegas Strip passing the new City Center which I am dying to check out. I'd book my stay at the fantastic Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. After unpacking and changing in their luxurious suite, we'll travel down to the Casino Level and hit up the Black Jack tables. I Love the excitement of tables games; if I had more guts I'd tackle the Texas Hold'em tables too! After a strenuous day of gambling my money away I'd walk down to the pool and swim off all those
margaritas! A few lapse later and I'd be sore and hungry. I'll enjoy lunch at one of the delicous shoppes in the promonade of the Venetian. After lunch, I'll slap on my sleek Betsy Johnson dancing shoes bought at the Fashion Show Mall, then dance my tookis off at Body English! The next afternoon since I will sleep through the morning, I will get my toes painted at the spa and join my friends for drinks at the Harley Davidson Cafe and take some fun shots and a few pictures on the Harleys. I've been to the Beatles 'Love' show but I would really like to see 'Zumanity'. I heard it's sexy and very visually stimulating so that would be right up my alley. I will never again just skim through a Las Vegas vacation but rather indulge in the hot weather, endless entertainment, and all seven deadly sins.  Valerie Giannotti  Commack NY

this would be a dream for us to visit las vegas because my husband's sister lives out there and her husband remodel's some of the largest casino's for a living, we havn't seen them in a long time and we miss them, we have twin's also that are 10 year's old and have been begging us to go visit their aunt and uncle and tour all the job sites he has done for the casino's,so i hope this does happen for us.  ronda rogers  Canyon TX

Three years ago my friend and I went to Vegas on a spur of the moment trip,, had a wonderful time together and would love to go back again,, we enjoyed the wonderful weather, beautiful
hotels, and fantastic restaurants,,, and couldn't wait to book another again,, but unforunately my husband went on disability and the trip plans went out the window,, no money available to go back,, my friend has been so supportive during this tuff time in my life and I would love to able to take her for a 5 day trip, to sit pool side,,, have a few nice dinners, be able to gamble a bit, see a show or two and just be able to repay her for all that she has done for me this past year.. I keep saying that I am looking for that wonderful cheap trip and that is how I came across this if its meant to be I would love to be able to take my work friend, that I call my sister to a trip that we would have planned on going to if circumstances were different. Everyone needs a vacation and with working two jobs now I could use just a nice trip to a place that I enjoy visiting. Thanks for listening.  Susan Nichols  Fairport NY

A black town car picks us up, we check in at the Bellagio with a lake view on the highest floor we can get, and then go straight to Carnevino for dinner and drinks. Afterwards we go to see KA
and the party at Studio 54. Then off to the pool to party, and lots of gambling and drinking throughout.  Katie Kohlman   Mason OH

my dream vacation would be a dream because i haven;t had a vacation in 19years and now its taken a toll im despertaley needing rr rest relaxation away from home so does my 14year old son and away from school we;ve had a very sad 7years my mom passed away my dads dead and its just been bills only and frustration money problems im just so in need of a trip to regroup and maybe be able to get a spa treatment and relax in a jacuzzi with room service and great food and shopping but i don;t have money to shop either so if i would win a trip id love to have money to shop dine relax and buy my son clothes and let him swim and have some fun i have a son in tx i haven;t seen for 33years he was kidnapped by his dad and thats took a toll on me and its hard to deal with day in and day out me and my husband haven;t ever had a honeymoon or nothing we couldn;t afford it just a quick marriage and started paying rent and getting bills and cheap apartments we;ve been married 21years in july i no theirs a real good chance i won;t get a free vacation to vegas because others are entering so it would be nice to dream of a free vacation i;ve never had a free vacation to enjoy for a week my family has had plenty of vacations to fla beach mountains but my husband don;t make alot of money where he works the gov gets it all in taxes my friends just came back from vegas their daughter brittany got married out there they showed me pictures and its a nice place for a vacation i told them i wished me and my son could have afforded to go with them but we could;t richard i no you have alot of entries so i hope my letter at least gets read i don;t ever win nothing free so i don;t expect to win this.  sheila carter  gastonia NC

I am a single mom of 2 wonderful daughters for 10yrs now. I have worked very hard, sometimes 3 differnt jobs in one week, to provide their needs as well as their wants. I have 2 amazing
parents that have been there for me and them Always! My mother just lost her mother a few days ago whom she was also there for Every day, day after day, no matter what! Did I mention, she does all this without Ever complaining or thinking of herself first. She is such an amazing woman, there are no words to describe her acuratley. She has earned and Deserves a break for herself. Just to be able to relax and enjoy the shows and the lights and all the excitement of Vegas would do her so much good! And to not have to worry about finances would be the cherry on top! She gives sooo much of herself, I would love to be able to give a little back to her. She truly is the kindest, most gentlest, caring person alive. I am not the only one that feels this way about her either. You can ask anyone she has ever worked with or who has ever spent a few minutes around her and they will tell you the same thing. She is a real blessing and we all could learn alot from her kindness and simple nature. There no one on this earth that could possibly be more deserving of this than her and no better time to let her know how much she is appreciated than now and with this trip!   tammy eason  union city TN

When i think of Las Vegas it is always a dream.  I have been to Las Vegas numerous times and I sincerely feel every time i arrive in the magical city it is like a dream.  The bright lights, the 24 hour action and the never closing bars is a dream come true to me.  Over the years i felt lucky just driving or flying into the city.  My dream vacation is to always have one more trip to las vegas, the city that never sleeps.  As long as i can have one more trip that is the dream i am in search of every day.  Wayne Smith Los Angeles CA

There truly is something for everyone in Vegas, that is for sure. I call it "my happy place" and in my dream vacation it would not consist of lush services or first class flights. My dream would be to have "lady luck" in my pocket at every table or machine that I sat down at, now wouldnt that be something. Of course, I wouldnt want to live in the casino the entire vacation, so upon venturing out into the city, Id like to find out about the "hidden secrets" and hideaways of this "city that never sleeps". I want to go beyond the flashy neon signs and walking and talking billboards and discover the unadvertised and less traveled roads of Vegas. Our eyes our always drawn to the beautiful structures above our heads or to the beautiful array of soaring dancing
waters and the constant flashing of lights, all of which makes me that much more curious as to what I may be missing right under my own two feet. The adventures you could embark upon through underground passageways would be memories unlike anyone else's of Las Vegas and your stories would be originals too. Now that would be a dream vacation for sure.  Leah Faber   temple TX

Upon the death of my husband in 2000 my son and I try to get away every year, just the two of us. For my 70th B-Day this year I would love a trip to see the lights of Vegas.  Jimmie Arnold   Ash Flat AR

i live in vages and i can't get enough of this city, Wow! soo much to do , the shows are fantastic, the dining make your mouth water m good,the casinos take your breath away. all you have to do is walk the strip look to the left , look to the right ,there it is , your heaven ,what place can you go to a summer beach front, or ski down the hillside, orrelax and go fishing. you know i can go on aand on , and i think i wife will sit ann relax at home , and see something about las vegas on tv , and before you can blink an eye thre we go l 'lets go shopping ' she loves that , or we're on the move to a special dining place, frankly i love buffets, the spice of life oh yes not to mention the shows the price is right where can you find a $5 dollar show and enjoy if and you can dress formal and say money is no object, my wife and i lived in california for many years, she loved to visit vegas , and i had it in my mind to move here , it took a move out of oakland to sacramento.( we moved to a new home i got her out of sacramento ,and finally gor to las vegas ,boy we were lucky to find a home within a few weeks and as the days passed she fell in love with vegas , the heat was a bit different from california ,
but that vegas the desert life was here to stay for us. a funny ting happen after we got here , our daughter went crazy for the cith with her husband, also our son got hooked on the city to our surprise. Vegas i can't live without you.  john bodley  north las vegas NV

It is my 30th birthday and my first time going to Vegas. How amazing would it be to have celebrated my milestone in such a place as Vegas. I hear so many good things about it. Sophea Touch  Stockton CA

Well my husband and I have been together for almost 20 years.At one point I left for 3 months thinking we had nothing in common. We decided to try again our daughter is now 18 and ive
been back for 10 years recently we discovered we like exploring casinos! My perfect trip we be with the man i cherish maybe at the belagio (always wanted to see the water feature for real not on tv lol) and top it off by showing my love and marrying him again!   Kristie McAtee  Horseheads NY

i need to take a trip i have lots on my mind i just lost a baby and i need to let loos. i think me and my other haft needs to get a way. and i keep telling hen we need to go but he said we dont have the money to go so i went on the web to find a drem vegas trip . i think we need it.  doreen derego  honokaa HI

my fiance and i are planning to go to Vegas for our honeymoon. a wedding is expensive so to get a free trip to Vegas would be amazing!  Elizabeth Garrioch  Victoria BC Canada

It's been over 20 years since I've been to vegas. Infact I was only 10 years old and we were only there a couple of hours. I have always dreamed of going back. Then I got married, then 3 kids arrived, then I had a stroke. A few small setbacks, almost made me broke. I would love to take my beautiful wife to the top of the eiffel tower lookout for our 10th anniversary. She would love to see the fountains at the Bellagio and I would love to see the twinkle of the Las Vegas strip on a magical sunsetting night. A view from the Paris would start our trip out right. I would love to mess her hair up on the coaster at NY NY and soaring across freemont street on the flightline would also be on the list. I hear the Stratosphere has some gut wrenching rides, maybe she will hurl right before my eyes. Check out lions at MGM, aquariums here and there, watch flamingos strut there stuff and swim with dolphins would be great, I swear. I've never stepped foot on an airplane and my wife really wants me to go. I don't think I'm scared to, I've just never had anywhere to go. Hoover dam to Harrahs in a helicopter might be fun or tanning on the beach in the Mandalay bay sun. Everyones Vegas dream would be to max bet the megamillions machine and hit the jackpot on the first pull, but we all know that's just a fantasy. Hey, that would be a good show to go to as well, fantasy at the gorgeous luxor. Or is that just a fantasy of mine. So many shows and things to see and do, if I don't get this trip, I guess theres always Youtube.   Jason Nyman  Millville UT

To start I would be flown in first class then check in to a 5 star hotel in a suite with a panoramic view. Then I would recieve limo transportation to and from any destination on the strip. Dining would include priority line passes and exclusive fine dining comps at the higher end resturaunts. A spa and massage package at a private retreat for two people. Front row seats to all shows vegas has to offer. A complimentary shopping spree at the fashion mall on the strip. If children are included a pass to all attractions where kids can enjoy the excitement that vegas has to offer for families. To have a guide that is available 24 hours a day for touring and assitance in scheduling the itinerary for daily outings. This would be a dream vacation in which most hard working americans would not ever be able to afford.  christopher abasta  Corona CA

this would really be for my girlfriend.she has been through alot in past few months.she had to have 3 heart surgerys in dec.she has always lived in same place in mississippi.never been
anywhere.she goes to tunica ms,to casinos and would be a great suprise for her to go to vegas!!.this past week a ef-5 tornado just ripped through smithville,ms devestaing the town.she lives 6.1 miles from this and knew people there.she owns a thrift store and donated clothes to the cause.She is such a good hearted person that deserves a break! she is kind and puts others before herself.she was volunteer when katrina hit a few years back.get the concept.she does ,she does,she does,with all she's done and her recent heart surgeries in dec,she deserves,she deserves,she deserves.I am going to marry this wonderful woman in june!. she is a mother of 3 the way her favorite singer is celion deon,hint,hint! she is 46 years old her birthday is in june! so in closing my ideal vacation is for her,to get out of here and see something new, put a smile on her face and let something good happen for her! thanks for your time,   steven  white  tremont MS

My dream trip would be to stay in a luxurious hotel see Celine Dion or Elton John both are first class, have a spa treatment, I've never had one. My husband and I go usually once a year we love it but generally it is in a smaller hotel and none of the fine dining, I would just like to go first class also I would like to take my 14 year old granddaughter to show her everything Vegas has to offer she has heard about so much from me everytime I come home. I love the city, and to top it off if there was a meet the star of the show thing it would make me over the moon. Nothing would make me happier than to just win a trip this year as I don't think I will be able to go. My mother died last week and a lot of my money went for expenses, so this year will probably be out of range this year.   Jan Brown  Charlestown MA

Since my husband and I married in 2010, we have yet to have a homeymoon. I have never been to Vegas, much less out of Missouri. My husband is my rock and he works about 60hrs a week, and has not taken a vacation in the 5yrs I have known him. We have talked many times about how much fun will have when we finally get to vacation in Vegas. We plan on spending alot of time pool side, with some fruity mixed drinks. Eat as much as we want, and gamble what money we can. At this point I can only wish we win this trip, a girl can dream can't she.   Crystal Cunningham  Columbia MO

Vegas!  I have recently moved to Laguna Beach after a four year break up as I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me with my best friend, they are now dating two days after we
broke up. I'm here now, and don't know many people but Vegas is my dream!  I will be turning 21 on the 29th of May 2011, and I wish to be crazy in Vegas! I have specifically bought shocking pink stilettos and a lumo pink wig with a cute fringe to wear. Myself and a friend (girls only night) will see a show, let the drinks flow, be gambling and partying with every single person in Vegas- whoever we pass by! No one is a stranger this weekend! Of course we'll take a lot of photos! The weekend will not be a weekend of ever sleeping, if we're not partying up a storm in one of the clubs, or gambling crazy in the casino, you'kk find us ordering more
drinks by the pool!! or cruising the streets looking for a good party!  Motto: never say no! Enjoy the weekend, because it'll be one to remember forever on my 21st birthday!   Jessica Shimmin   Aliso Viejo CA

My ideal Vegas trip would have to be a VIP trip to see the show Phantom of the Opera. I would alos Love to see and be a part of the Dolphin show at the Mirage. Be treated like royalty! Stay
in a presidential suite and have people wait on me hand in foot! I would love to see Garth Brooks in concert, and have a personal meet n greet with him as well. Also, I would love to be able to visit the high roller rooms. To end the evening, I would love to just relax by the pool side having
endless drinks and play poker or blackjack at a swim up bar!   Jaime Wissinger  Tucson AZ

My favorite Las Vegas adventure would start at Aria for a week. Sit by the pool and go on a helicopter ride to Grand Canynon for sunset. Next day go on a $5000.00 shopping spree to Premium outlets and meet Cher for dinner @ Hardrock Hotel. Take a midnight stroll
down the strip and pass out $100 bills to everyone. I would Love To Win   Pick Me Please!  Thank You.  kathy burry  st. albert BC Canada

Just getting to Las Vegas would be a dream come true! Myself and my sister have never been to Las Vegas; nor had our mom who passed away five years ago without ever getting there. The three of us talked sooo often about going to Vegas and how much fun we would have. We swore it was something we'd do before we died. Unforunately, mom never did make it there. However, my sister and I are going to Las Vegas on 3 Jun 11. And although our mother will not be with us there in person, she mostly definitely will be there with us in spirit (especially since we carry her in our hearts everywhere we go). We can only imagine the fun the three of us would have had, but my sister and I intend to do it up right and make mom proud of us. We'll toast a drink to her, throw a dollar in the slots for her, and I'm sure say to one another a thousand times, "Mom would have just loved this". It won't just be a dream that we talked about, it will be something that we did before we died.  Barb Gange  Minot ND

My Vegas *Dream* Vacation starts with the compimentary shuttle bus from the airport that takes me to Ceasars Palace. I have tickets to Celine Dion and Jeff Dunham. The staff at my hotel will tell me where the best buffets are and of course a day trip to Hoover Dam is a must. My bus would be available to take me to Sams Town for a day (bingo and such) and to the Rio when the Mardi Gras show is on. I would hit as many casinos on the strip as my vacation would allow (including one of my faves-the Riviera) and of course I would go see the singing water at
Billagio and do some souvenier shopping at a Las Vegas boutique. My bus would take me to the MGM Grand so I can visit the lions. I would go to the Mirage to see Terry Fator because I loved him the first time. My hotel would tell me where to go for a relaxing spa afternoon. I would most definately have to try the dollar machines and would have to get in on a slot tournament or two. I would spend some quality time at the pool because I love the heat. Of course this trip would happen on the 4th of July because there really is no better place to celebrate! Oh shoot!!
another day dream....(p.s. a little snack while playing slots is the very inexpensive but yummy shrimp cocktail at "Slots o Fun" right next door to Circus Circus....mmmm...and don't forget to get down to Freemont Street another must see for the Light Show  kathy asham  calgary  AB  Canada

i am a mother of 3 wonderful boys ages 12, 6, & 1. my husband & i have not takes a vaction in many years. we would be very excited & greatful to win this contest. thanks. ruth wambua  sugarhill GA

I am a 37 year old single mother. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis 4 years ago, which I can prove. So that caused me to stop working. I feel like Im going insane. Ive
always wanted to go to Vegas but never had the funds and I certainly dont now. Now much of a gambler but Ive just always wanted to see all of the lights before I get really sick and cant walk or go blind. True story.  Kimberly Morrison  Lexington KY

A dream trip about las vegas to me is nothing more than waking up in the city and spending 10 days doing nothing but tourist items.  Tourist items to me is eating at all the nice restaurants, going to all the great entertainment, seeing the sites during the day and of course going to nightclubs and the pool areas to see the most beautiful girls in the world.  I have only been to las vegas eight times, but each one is better than the previous trips. The dream i seek about las vegas is to go to the non sleeping city every month for the rest of my life.  Dennis Gibson Phoenix AZ

i would love to go to Vegas because first it has always been my dream to got there someday in my life.  tanaya owens  jonesboro GA

Flying into the McCarran Airport in Vegas and immediately sitting at one of the slot machines in the airport would start my Vegas trip off just right. I would schedule the shows that I wish to see (Cirque du Soleil "O", The Lion King,and Blue Man Group. I would take a walk along the strip and enjoy all the sights, sounds and hype of Las Vegas. I'm sure I'd be considered a "high roller" once I got on the Roller Coaster at New York, New York. I'd take in the beautiful display of water fountains outside the front of the Bellagio Hotel. The dancing of these fountains will simply amaze you. I'd stop in at the Flamingo to see the many Pink Flamingo's that make the court yard their home. A Gondola Ride inside the Venetian Hotel awaits me as I anticipate being serenaded along my ride with Italian music. I'd take a trip down to the old strip in Vegas to see all of the wedding chapels and try my luck at some of the slot machines along the way. Upon my return to my hotel I will see the volcano erupt at the Mirage and feel the warmth of this
eruption. The pirate show outside of Treasure Island is part of my wonderful experience and then of course it's the amazing food that every restaurant seems to offer. The Delmonico Restaurant inside the Venetian, Wolfgang Puck and of course no trip is quite complete without a visit to
the Grand Lux Cafe where you must get an individual sized Banana Cream Pie. mmmm, it's all so good. You don't need to spend a lot of money at Vegas, a lot of the shows that I mentioned are free and it adds to the wonderful experience of Vegas. Pull that handle to the slot machine one more time.  Robyn Savage  Tustin CA

Dream vacation would be staying at any hotel in Vegas and getting re-married to my sweet wife. We were married on 8-21-09 but just went to the justice of the peace and never had a real
honeymoon. This would really be a dream vacation for both of us.  William Watson  Fort Worth  TX

I have been to Las Vegas several times but every time I took a trip it was for family issues so I haven't really had the Las Vegas experience. My ideal trip would have to be of course to stay in a beautiful casino and hotel with all of the room accomadations and of course a awesome view! Get showered and dressed for a nite on the strip! First starting with a little bit of gambling in the lobby casino also enjoying a couple of tasty drinks as I am enjoying myself at the slots and then after maybe after a couple hours of gambling maybe enjoy a show. Out of all the times I have visited Vegas I had always wanted to enjoy a show but never had the pleasure. So I would love to go to a show. I have always herd about the Las Vegas clubs and how some are so exclusive its very had to get into one so maybe getting into an exclusive club would be nice!  As soon as my feet start hurting go back to the room get a nice nites rest. Waking up at around 9 or 10 get ready for a spa day!  Rest and relaxation for a couple of hours. Go sit by the pool for about an hour by then I should be nice and rested and get ready for the night but this time no clubs maybe a concert on the strip something nice and enjoyable. I think there are a couple of artist that do shows at the casinos, a live show would be very nice!! Following the concert maybe some dinner at a nice resturant, then maybe a nice limo ride on the strip enjoying all the
lights and shows that go on the strip. After a nice drive maybe head back to my room for some roomservice, maybe some dessert!  Seasons Ruiz  Tucson AZ

I know that you probably get thousands of love letters to win this trip so here goes one more. The love of my life, John, and I have been through so much that there are not enough characters
to explain. We have three beautiful daughters with our youngest being 7 months old. John and I were married and then got divorced over 5 years ago. We spent about a year apart and realized that we belong together. We were married at the county courthouse the first time and have not been able to get re-married b/c we both want a Vegas wedding. Just us. I have never been to Vegas and honestly I've never really been out of the south! We live in Mobile, AL, and I love living here but I would love to experience Vegas and to marry the most important part of my life. We do not have much, we live with his parents for now, but I am not looking for pitty. I am a happy woman as long as I am with my family. I would just love to be able to suprise John by winning this trip so that we can make our dream of getting re-married again come true! Thank you for this chance!   Vicki Burke  Mobile AL



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