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Contest -- Tell Insider Viewpoint About Your Dream Las Vegas Vacation and Win CASH!
(Started on 8/5/07 - ends on 11/2/07)

The following are contest entries, send us your entries today.  Enjoy reading and enjoy entering our contests.
Respectfully, Richard Reed   CEO / Editor    Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas   

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(Please note the following text contest entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.)

The best dream trip is for me to visit Las Vegas and then live there, forever. Many people have this luxury, but not sure they would enjoy it as much as I. Beam me up Scotty, I am ready for the Las Vegas experience. Ronnie Vandi Cincinnati OH

I have lived in NYC for 25 years. I have attended all my schools here and even earned a b.a. degree from a local university in 2003. I have a full time job which pays the bills; however, I have not found anything that has helped define who I am here in an individual way. I had the opportunity to see the "real world" las vegas and reunion episodes-- their experience in las vegas was very influential. They all grew as individuals in a short period. Others before them have encountered life changing experiences as well. Futhermore,i would be extremely honored to win this contest. Visiting Las Vegas would be a dream come true! For my birthday this year, I was considering a celebration in las vegas--but could not afford to. This will also fulfill my dream birthday. Christine Abreu Bronx NY

Vegas is full of fun and I did not get to see it all the last and only time I was there. Ronald Godfrey Woodruff SC

My Vegas dream vacation would be to board a plane from Rochester,NY and fly into Vegas. I would check into my room at the Luxer. In the room their would be rose petals on the bed and Champagne chilling. That evening my husband of 27 years would go out for a romatic dinner and take a ride in a helicopter overlooking the strip and drink champagne. After the heicopter ride I would walk hand in hand with my husband along the strip and play a few slot machines and retire to my hotel room and make passionate love until the wee hours of the morning. This has always been a dream of ours. We never got to take this trip due the fact of my husband and I were in the military and then the children came along. This I hope could be my long awaited honeymoon. Another thing that I would like to do is take a gondela ride at the Venitian, eat dinner at Emerils resturant and see Chris Angel (mind freak. Helen Schauman Rochester NY

My dream vegas vacation is to see the crazy girls show, to be front row in the folies bergere show, then move on into the magic show. The first magic show I would go watch is the world's greatest magic show because I could see the different people performing it. I am a big fan of Celine Dion, I think she is an incredible singer with the most awesome voice. I wouldn't come back home without seeing the Celine Dion A New Day show. It's all about shows and more shows. Mamma Mia would be the next thing on my list. I heard about it all the time, so I got to see this show. It would be great to see all the shows in Vegas but one can only afford a few. What kind of girl would I be if I leave Vegas without seeing the Chippendales show. I could just see myself screaming away when those hot sexy men up dancing the night away in front of me. It will be a dream come true. I could just imagine the excitement of the show, the smile that brough to my face and the happiness that I will get out of it. It will be a night in heaven and a once in a life time experience with the Chippendales. It would be even greater if I was chosen to be in stages with them for just a second would be fine. Life would be so great! The next thing is to party, to party like a rock star! Who would go to Vegas and not get drunk?! Like they say, what happen in Vegas stay in Vegas. I should dance myself away in one of Vegas's famous club and act like I was 18 again. Kaying Yang Madison WI

I have always dreamed about going to Las vegas. To see all the lights and sounds that the city that never sleeps has to offer. To have the chance to see some of the amazing shows that play there and have a chance to even try to win alot of money is a dream of mine. I could never afford to go on my own and to win a contest like this, would be a dream come true. Cathy Long Napanee ON Canada

My husband and I love Las Vegas. We both would love to just take a full month of free nights at various casino hotels, including free food, drink and some gambling perks. Naturally a couple of nights in a jacuzzi suite for some senior love making would be great. Cindy Kocol Algonquin IL

Six tickets on Sun Country airlines from Minneapolis with two adjoining rooms at Harrah's. This would be a four night stay in Vegas with my cousins- girls only! leaving on June 10 and returning on June 14th. It would be nice, but not necessary, to have a free taxi ride to downtown. We have been to Vegas once but unable to find our way downtown. All we talk about is how can we afford to go back for the carefree life style we had there and so much fun. A gift certificate to have dinner at Toby Keith's at Harrah's and then don't worry we take care of the rest of our fun. Riding the monorail, gambling at the different casinos, shopping at the fashion mall, shopping at all the casinos is the most fun. Thank you.  Sandra Laskey  Mound MN

My dream vacation starts with a private jet ride from Toronto & return and ends with winning the big one at the tables. In between, staying at the new Wynn Hotel in their Salon Suite, enjoying new and different foods of the world where one does not have to think twice when tipping the waiters. When winning becomes common place, taking a hot air baloon ride to Hoover Dam and riding the waves in a white water raft down the Grand Canyon. And the only way to get back to Las Vegas is driving my new Porsche 911 Carrera S.! Now Thats A Holiday!  Robert Pearen  Ajax, ON Canada

My dream vacation in Las Vegas would be with my boyfriend. He lives in Philadelphia and I live in Albuquerque. We met on the computer about 9 years ago and our first real life meeting was in Las Vegas in November of 2005, so it is a very special place to us. A dream vacation for us would include romantic activities. Riding the gondola, kissing on the "Eiffel Tower", holding hands and walking down the strip, going to a show, watching the water show at the Bellagio, having a candle light dinner together, spending time together in our room, and revisiting some of the places we saw on our first trip. We have wonderful memories of that meeting and would love to make more memories. We don't get to see each other very often and it would be a dream to get to meet up in Las Vegas again. I dream a lot.... both in the day and in my sleep. Please help to make this dream come true. Thank you.  Rebecca Scanlon  Atlanta Georgia NM

My dream would be to win an all expense paid 3 night vacation to a Bellagio deluxe room with free room service, money to gamble with, and fine dining vouchers offered at 3 lovely restaurants there or nearby. A round trip to the Hoover Dam would be super on the 3rd day!  Kathleen McAlister  Bradenton FL

My dream vacation would be: Receiving a phone call stating "Surprise Mrs. Langford, you have won a free vacation to Las Vegas, compliments of the ("5 star"hotel). Upon arriving in Las Vegas, as we are booking into our room, we are told that we have been upgraded to a VIP Suite. After settleing into our fantastic suite, we wander down to the casino. We are met by a representive of the hotel and told that we have been awarded $500.00 each to play as we wish on the casino floor, and all we have to do is ask and food drinks etc. will be supplied. We are also told, that tickets to a super show are waiting for us when we wish to attend! To me this would be a dream vacation, to be treated like a "Queen for the Day"!   Nita Langford  House Springs MO

The best vacation would be a week in vegas the week of nascar. tickets to the whole nascar event. Tracee (my wife) and I getting to meet Jeff Gordon and his family for dinner. that would make her week complete. if she is happy i'm happy. thanks Mark & Tracee barnett  salem OR

Las Vegas has a heavean my dream is a I traveling in a Las Vegas.  Vegas is very beautiful city in the world.  amar gahlot  patiala India

Las Vegas is The most awesome place to visit!  My dream has been fufilled for the last three years of going down there. We get the best of both worlds...Gambling and Nascar racing. Whjatelse can i say...I Love Vegasssss.   Trish wagner  Cranbrook BC Canada

Now that i am disabled survived a heart attach and survived lung cancer also survived quardrouple bypass and an aortic vale replacement akone with minor surgery since this knee operation hernia operation and eye lid surgery and dionosed with COPD i would love to be able to take my wife ona las vegas trip for our 37 anavirsey now im disabled i real cant afood to take her on a las vegas trip.  hopefully i will survive to be able to take her on a las vegas trip.  David DiGregorio  Naples FL

My Las Vegas dream vacation would include my wife and myself. First we would start out by checking in at the Golden Nugget (our favorite place in Vegas). We would then go to the Stratosphere and ride the roller coaster. I would love to get a helicopter ride over Las Vegas.  We would then head back downtown for a wonderful Fremont Street experience.  The next day we would go on a tour to the Hoover Dam and visit the M&M factory.  I know there is alot more to do on the strip so we'd head that way and do some gambling, site seeing and shopping.  To finish off my dream I would win big on some slot machine!  paul reyes  midland TX

Ideally Vegas would be a wonderful place to spend some quality time and have some fun with my Fiance. We have been together for 5 years and have yet to really get away from it all: work, school, etc. Everytime we plan something it is a hit and miss, so busy with responsibilities and obligations, we Really need a get away! Taking a plane out there, catching a show, going out to dinner, just enjoying her company would be excellent. Before we get married I'd like to just go out in vegas with her and enjoy the atmosphere, we are a young couple in our 20's so we of course like to have fun too. Go out dancing, nice restuarants, any kind of vegas night life that we can get into. Vegas is a cool place, but having a chance to get away from it all with my FIance would be the best gift I could give her!   Antonio McKinney  Rialto CA

My dream Vegas vacation is much like my frequent trips with my husband each year (sometimes twice yearly). We enjoy 'Old Vegas' such as Binions and downtown, Riviera, Sahara, Slots of Fun, etc. We so rarely get to spend time together, whatever we do when we're there is a dream! We sight-see most of the day and visit the newer casinos (and drop some bucks throughout) and shop. We go back to the hotel and take a nap around 5:00 p.m. and get up around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. to find a place to eat and party and gamble the night away. Doesn't sound like much to most folks, but it's what we enjoy! We're not flashy people and enjoy riding the Duece or trolley to people watch and get to our destination. I would like to get a limo from the airport to our hotel on an upcoming trip to surprise my husband. We have been married 23 1/2 years and are just now able to travel together without children.  Teresa Lewis  Seymour MO

Flying First Class on an 8am during the week flight from Seattle to Las Vegas in September, October or March, April or May.(not so hot those months) Checking into a midrange hotel Monte Carlo, Treasure Island or somewhere similar for 4 nights. 1st day -Gamble till 5pm then walk the strip that evening seeing the free shows in and outside of the casinos. Dinner at the Bellagio Buffet w/ a trip through the Gallery and the Gardens with a late trip to the pool. The 2nd day sightseeing early with a stop at the Guggenheim in the Venetian, then mid-afternoon by the pool. Dinner at the Delmonico with Mark Anderson as your host and midrange seats at LeReve, with an outdoor Gondola ride with Laticia as your Gondolier. Some late evening gambling. The 3rd day a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. Dinner at Spago and cheap tickets to see Wayne Brady then a trip to the Eiffel tower. The 4th day early morning sightseeing with some pool time in the afternoon. The Seafood Buffet at the Rio for dinner. Then a trip to the top of the Stratosphere to admire the view over a glass of wine. Then a trip down to Fremont to see the show and walk around. Then back to our hotel for an evening dip in the pool. The last day a tour of Ethel's Chocolates, lunch at Margaritaville catching the plane midafternoon for a First Class flight home.  Kama Reynoldson Fitzgerald  olympia WA

My dream Las Vegas vacation is actually going to occur next month: I am marrying the man of my dreams at The Little Chapel of the Flowers. Thirty of our closest friends will attend the wedding, and lots of friends and family will watch us wed live via the internet.  After the wedding, we're going to do Karaoke at the House of Blues. I love Karaoke, and the idea of being backed up by an actual band is amazing. This will be my first trip to Vegas, and I get to spend it with my soon-to-be husband, amazing friends from throughout my life and some family. This will be an amazing experience for me, and I really believe that it will not only be my dream Vegas vacation but my dream vacation, period.  Julia Keith  Newport News VA

My dream LV vacation would be somewhat similar to my last. I would be there with my boyfriend; and it would consist of waking up in our hotel, ordering room service, then walking down the strip during the day (with a little bit of daytime gambling thrown in). At night, a romantic dinnr a deux at one of the amazing hotel restaurants, followed by gambling at the hotel's casino, and then a late night show, followed by a few drinks. Lots of action and quality time with my boyfriend - Amazing!   Emily Riordan  Orange CT

Dear Mr. Reed and the Insider: The best possible Las Vegas vaction imaginable, would most definitely centre around a home game of the ECHL Las Vegas Wranglers. Go Wranglers! You may find this humerous, but being Canadian - the opportunity to view your beautiful city and to have the opportunity to observe the excitement of a hockey game in the desert is the ultimate! The Guggenheim/Hermitage museums are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lose your heart to art! For a small fee -- a lifetime of memories. To see the glittering lights, the Freemont Street Experience, to observe the legendary Binion's poker tables in action, the beautiful Bellagio fountains takes my breath away. Will my husband and I ever have the opportunity to visit your beatiful city? I dream of the excitement and renewing our wedding vows in Las Vegas someday. We have three children currently attending university, and upon completion of their education, we defititely plan to save enough money to visit your Vegas, the city that never sleeps! I will require a subscription to the Insider at that point to ensure the most current and informative tips so we don't miss a thing. Thank you for allowing me a moment to dream. Sincerely, Alice.  Also, I would like to take one moment to express my sincere sadness regarding the heartache of Sept. 11th - a moment in time no one can forget. God bless America.  alice frew  sarnia ON Canada

My boyfriend and I each fly to Las Vegas and meet at the airport, where he presents me with an armful of flowers! Instead of waiting in line for a cab, we have a car waiting to take us to our favorite Vegas hotel, the Las Vegas Hilton. Our room has a beautiful view and feels wonderfully cool as we arrive. We spend our afternoon at the Star Trek Experience and have a late lunch at Quark's restaurant, where we share some fun conversation with our favorite Klingon and Ferengi staff. After some romantic time enjoying our room, my boyfriend tells me there's a surprise waiting outside of the hotel...he's right, it's a big surprise! It's a limo which is taking us to a helicopter ride over the Strip! It's just after dark now, and the lights are amazing from up there. What a blast!  We have dinner at a romantic Asian fusion restaurant where we have a private booth. For our nightcap, we return to Quark's to share one of those mindblowing Warp Core drinks. Even with the two of us sharing, we can only drink half before we are giddy. We walk each other up to our room and spend the rest of the night enjoying the best part of Las Vegas: each other. And that's only Day One. I can't wait for tomorrow in my Dream Vacation!  Sabrina Rood  Plymouth MN

My fiance and I are planning to be married next summer and have limited financial resources. We would love to go to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. A side trip to the Grand Canyon would be a dream for us. Possibly seeing a sunset over the canyon would be quite romantic. The idea of being alone with the person you love on the "strip" under the lights watching the water and light show at the Bellagio hotel would be fantastic and romantic as well. We would also love to go to Freemont Street at night for the light show. I hear it is fantastic. There are so many things to see and do in Las Vegas that we could be busy the entire time we are there. There are so many shows, the amusements, and the themes of the hotels and casinos. I've known people who hav visited Las Vegas and highly recommend it as a vacation spot. Living on the east coast, without much available money, a trip to Las Vegas is possibly a one- time vacation. As a single mom, I don't get to do a lot of fun and exciting adult excursions, especially with my husband - to - be. This honeymoon will be a trip of a lifetime. Something we will remember and cherish all our lives.  Deborah Hoke  York PA

The best Las Vegas vacation for me would be the ultimate Berkeley High School class reunion, class of 1957. We have had reunion dinners in Berkeley at the local hotels every so often, but nothing could measure up to the glitzy Vegas atmosphere where everyone would be on a natural high. What fun that would be. And I must say, most of the people attending the reunions would go crazy for one like this! Need I say more?  Casia Dodson  Pleasant Hill CA

Spending our 10 year wedding anniversary at Harrah's Resort and Casino would be the perfect Las Vegas vacation for my wife and me. Sure, there are larger more luxurious hotels, but Harrah's, in our opinion, offers a classic Vegas experience. Our plane would arrive at dusk as we enjoy watching the lights take over the desert. In the limo on the way to our hotel we simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the greater Las Vegas area anticipating a week of relaxation and entertainment. Once we get checked in at Harrah's it's off to Toby Kieth's Bar and Grill for a bite to eat and then a martini at the Piano Bar while the battling twin sisters play the keyboards and the crowd. The perfect Vegas vacation would not be complete without taking in a show at The Improv as we love stand up comedy and Harrah's has the best in town! Next, we would spend a night gambling at the Vegas Club and the Gateway because downtown is good old fashioned Las Vegas and the service is genuine and excellent. Good people. Finally, on the night of our anniversary we would go to Terrible's Casino for dinner, it's off the strip but we love the menu and the service is fabulous. After dinner we would head back to the strip and walk hand in hand while enjoying the beauty of the Mirage's volcano, Treasure Island's Pirate show, and all the wonderful fountains. We are currently saving up for our anniversary trip and hopefully we'll get to enjoy our perfect Las Vegas anniversary vacation! We like to say- "What happens in Vegas can't happen unless you go." We truly love Las Vegas as she caters to all people. Luck to you. 
Dave & K. Wilson  Kennewick WA

My mom and I have been to vegas 3 times we went to see david copperfield, went to freemont street walked all over all the casinos and we had a wonderful time. well my mom got sick this past year and had a seizure and she does not remember all the fun and great times we had while we were there she does not remember shaking david copperfields hand. She was hospitalized about a month and my only prayer is that one day the memory of the special time we shared will come back to her. If i had to do it all again i would want her to remember all the fun and fond memories that we shared. I will always cherish these memories but i sincerely regret that she may never remember any of our wonderful times. Perhaps one day we can return to vegas and create some of the wonderful memories she and i shared that i hold fondly however she can not recall.  sheila bellinger  washington PA

My dream is to win a million dollars at each casino and put some money in the bank and built my restaurants and other places. My first place I would built would be a dinner theater where they have plays and second would a dinner movie theater, third would be a bowing allely restaurant. Other things I would buy and I would give money to my family and Church, The Atrium and Just People Office. I will built a sports arena and a Just People Areana and a Kids Areana. There will be five bars in the area 0n my property. I will buy the drinks but I won't drink on my property. I will put 3Churces on the property and built my ow Church for study relions and the Bible and listen to sermon and watching movies of religiuos figures. Then one more Church on the property will be the Puritians Church. Then I will built a hotel and mansion,Some dormatories, apartments, condos and townhouses and fraternity houses and sorrity houses and camp cabins and borden houses right before the property. All games will be alowed on the property. Then if I have money left put a mall and a oulet mall connected together with discount store and department stores and grocery stores and I will also built two olmpics fields four gymnasiums one is gonna be my own use of certain people can use it and the is gonna be for kids only, the other is gonna be for ladies only and the other is gonna be for men only. Might another later on but first I got add my monorail, Subway, train, people movers, water taxis, trolleys and street cars and regular carson cable roads and 10 safety town houses and another safety town house.  Robert Piacquad  Roswell GA

My dream would be to stay @ the bellagio hotel with a water show view, & have lots of moeny to spend so my girlfriend & I can eat at the finest restaurant & get treated at the spa & party @ planet hollywood hotel.  william najera  San Francisco CA

My dream would be to come out to Vegas with my best friend and wife for our 50th Wedding anniversary. Staying on the strip and going from morning to night to all the casinos on the strip until the money runs out and we have to go back home to Ohio. What memories that would be for and Old couple to brag about.  John & Beverly Makcen  Willowick OH



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